V1 Pre Workout Review (2023 Upd.) Is It Good Enough?

V1 Pre Workout Review (2023 Upd.) Is it Good Enough?

Last Updated on January, 2023

There’s a new product in the market and it’s making some serious waves in the pre-workout game. A lot of fitness enthusiasts and influencers have recently opted for V1 pre-workout. 

With all the hype surrounding this product, we figured we’d check out what all the hype is about ourselves. We took the courtesy of doing some research and figuring out why V1 Pre-Workout has become popular recently.

Today, we’ll walk you through the main features of this supplement in our V1 Pre-Workout review. Please continue reading below to learn more about this product, including whether or not it’s good enough for you to spend money on.

V1 Nutra Company Background

Before learning more about a product, it’s essential to be familiar with the company that offers it. That’s why we’ll first cover some details about V1 Nutra, the brand behind this supplement.

V1 Nutra is a USA-based brand with headquarters in New Jersey, Texas, Ohio, and a few other states. It was founded by Konlan Paul, who is excellent at strength, speed, and agility training. He’s also an expert in nutritional guidelines and workout supplements.

With all his knowledge and experience, he became the owner of V1 Nutra, his very own company. It offers many different products, including various supplements and accessories that you can use for several specific purposes.

The most popular item in their range is their V1 Pre-Workout supplement, our primary focus today. So, without further ado, let’s get started with this review for this product and see how it might be able to help you.

About V1 Pre-Workout

Simply put, the V1 Pre-Workout is a dietary supplement. It’s one of the many products offered by V1 Nutra and arguably the most popular one. The supplement focuses on 3 of the main things any pre-workout should help with; improving your focus, pumping you up, and giving you that extra energy for exercise.

It’s designed for the needs of all types of people. Each serving can be customized so that it suits you better. For example, you can have just a single scoop serving for casual energy. Others can have one and a half scoops, which gives more significant effects.

v1 pre-workout product

Those dedicated to workouts at an extreme level and who want to go to new heights can have two scoops for ultimate focus, energy, and endurance. The formula helps any gym-goer achieve their goals every single day.

Speaking of the formula, let’s take a closer look at the ingredients inside to help you see how V1 Pre-Workout can accomplish what it’s meant to do:

The Ingredients of V1 Pre-Workout in Detail

The V1 Pre-Workout isn’t a proprietary blend. All the ingredients, along with their exact amounts, are given. Here’s what each of these listed ingredients are and what they have to offer.


The first ingredient, one of the most important ones, is something everyone is familiar with. That’s because caffeine is one of the most popular stimulants on the planet, and millions of people consume it daily.

It’s the main ingredient in many pre-workout supplements, including V1. That’s because of its effects on both our body and our mind. It enhances focus while also making you much more active than before.

It betters your mood, attention span, stamina, and activeness and increases energy. All of these boosts help you do a lot more during each workout.

Amount per serving: 200mg

Huperzia Serrata

Also known as Huperzine A, this ingredient is a compound that’s found in certain plants. It’s usually found in China and promises to have very positive mental effects on humans.

Regular consumption of this ingredient has shown to offer many benefits, especially for those with memory inadequacy issues. It’s excellent for improving memory function.

Amount per serving: 200mcg

Huperzine A plant

Beta Alanine

Amino acids are essential to our daily diet, and many are vital for healthy growth. There are also some non-essential ones, such as beta-alanine. Just because these aren’t necessary doesn’t mean they aren’t good for the body.

Beta-alanine is another one of the most common ingredients in pre-workouts because of its ability to produce carnosine. This molecule significantly improves athletic performance and activeness, which anyone would appreciate during a heavy exercise session.

Amount per serving: 3200mg

Agmatine Sulfate

You can only exercise if you feel pumped. Otherwise, it just feels like a chore, and that’s no fun (or helpful) for anybody. It would be best if you were in the zone during a workout, and that’s what Agmatine Sulfate can help you with.

It not only increases NO concentration inside the body but also regulates it. That can pump you up before a workout and keep you focused throughout it, which boosts your performance and helps you achieve your goals.

Amount per serving: 500mg


Citicoline has the simple but helpful purpose of boosting neurotransmitters inside the body. These help keep our nervous system functioning like a well-oiled machine. That’s not all, though.

The human body automatically turns citicoline into various compounds, which are beneficial in their way. These not only help during exercise but also improve your health in general. It has a lot more benefits than regular choline because of this very reason.

Amount per serving: 100mg

nervous system functioning in side the body

Betaine Anhydrous 

Muscles are very obviously a big focus during workouts. This doesn’t mean just focusing on growing them or training them. It also means looking after them and keeping them in shape, so they don’t tear or get damaged while exercising.

This is something that Betaine Anhydrous can help with. It’s a common ingredient in both pre-workouts and muscle recovery formulas too. It regulates fluid levels inside cells and helps them with hydration

It’s shown many benefits during workouts, such as boosted performances and muscle strength. On top of that, it is a great way to recover quicker after exercise, letting you go the extra mile without worrying about being wholly drained or in too much pain to do anything else.

Amount per serving: 2500mg


Physical strength isn’t the only thing that matters. ​​​​​Alpha-GPC is an ingredient in V1 pre-workout supplements that emphasizes this. It’s responsible for producing a chemical called acetylcholine which boosts brain and memory functions.

It can keep you focused for longer while helping you be more attentive. It also helps with athletic performance, which is a big boost while working out.

Amount per serving: 300mg

a human taking out pills from the bottle


Not all the ingredients on this list are beneficial. There are also some with potentially harmful side effects, such as L-Norvaline. It’s a common ingredient in pre-workouts because it pumps you up, but the drawbacks that it might have aren’t exactly worth it.

Many claim this ingredient is harmful to the brain if consumed too often. Some go so far as to say it might cause permanent brain damage. There aren’t any concrete studies that support these claims, but it’s still worrisome. So, be cautious about it and consult a doctor if you have medical issues before making rash decisions.

Amount per serving: 200mg

L-Citrulline Malate

Citrulline is arguably the best ingredient in V1’s arsenal. It can help anyone who wants to work out because of its highly positive effects on the body. These effects directly result in better performances during exercise.

To be more specific, L-Citrulline Malate improves the body’s ability to withstand certain conditions longer. For example, regular consumption of this ingredient will improve your performance during aerobic and anaerobic activities.

In more precise terms, you’ll find exercising more effortless and more effective. You won’t run out of breath as quickly, feel much more energized, and notice more significant results thanks to L-Citrulline Malate. That’s why this ingredient is one of the main selling points of the V1 Pre-Workout.

Amount per serving: 9000mg

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Benefits of V1 Pre-Workout

a man having v1 pre-workout

Here’s a summary of all the positive things that V1 Pre-Workout can offer:

  • Enhanced energy, focus, commitment, and endurance during exercise. Everything you could want from one of these supplements.
  • Unlike many other pre-workout supplements, which include a proprietary blend of ingredients, V1 comes with a detailed ingredient list with exact values. You know precisely what you’re paying for and how it can help you.
  • Every serving of this supplement helps in optimal ways. You’ll feel the positive effects each time during your workouts. It’s formulated by nutritional experts who’ve created a nice blend of ingredients to give the ideal boost.
  • Highly customizable servings. You can use between 1-2 scoops to get the same experience you want daily. For example, you can have a single scoop for slower, calmer days, whereas you can have 2 for those extreme, rough days where you want to push yourself to the limit.
  • It comes in 4 very nice flavors. Dark berry, citrus passion, mango peach rings, and lemon-lime are all great options that offer plenty of variety for you to choose from so that it doesn’t feel like you’re having the same thing again and again.
  • Added benefits of all the ingredients which we’ve already discussed in detail above!

Side Effects of V1 Pre-Workout

Side Effects of V1 Pre-Workout

Not everything about the formula is positive. There are certain downsides you’ll have to deal with too. Here’s what they are:

  • Too much caffeine can cause discomfort in the body, insomnia, and a lot of shakiness. Make sure to regulate your intake to avoid this.
  • L-Norvaline is very controversial because many claim it can cause brain damage. There aren’t any concrete studies that prove it’s completely safe or that it’s completely unsafe, so consume it with the advice of a doctor.
  • Consuming too much beta alanine can cause a sensation called paraesthesia. This refers to the phenomenon of tingling and twitching, which can be quite annoying.
  • Agmatine Sulfate is capable of causing diarrhea and other issues related to upset stomachs. It’s also a potential cause of nausea if consumed too often.

V1’s Cost, Return Policy, and Money-Back Guarantee

Considering all of its benefits and variety, V1 Pre-Workout isn’t exactly the most expensive option in the world. It’s available at just $49.99 per container. Each container carrying 30 servings amounts to just under $1.66 per serving

The refund policy isn’t exactly the most accessible, though. You only get to refund the product if it came damaged or if you haven’t already opened/used it. In any other case, getting a refund will be extremely difficult.

There isn’t any money-back guarantee given on the website. So, while there are many benefits and a generally affordable price, it’s still a huge risk. Unless you have the budget to spare and are confident in trying something new, you might want to steer clear of V1 Pre-Workout because of its refund policy, which makes your investment risky.

The product isn’t available on any trustable third party websites and can only be bought from the company’s own website.

Customer Testimonials for V1 Pre-Workout

Hearing about other people’s experience with a certain product is always helpful. It helps you make a decision and gives you a better understanding whether or not the hype is real.

Let’s take a look at some of the customer reviews for V1 Pre-Workout.

V1 Pre-Workout Customer Testimonial 1

A new, but happy customer sharing his thoughts

V1 Pre-Workout Customer Testimonial 2

A satisfied customer that loved the pre-workout pump

V1 Pre-Workout Customer Testimonial 3

Another happy customer letting his thoughts known

The reviews shown above are taken from the company’s website and as you’d expect, there are hundreds of positive reviews on their website. People have shared their thoughts and they’ve liked the product.

My Experience With V1 Pre-Workout

The customer reviews and the benefits mentioned above certainly make this product look effective and reliable. But, the question remains, is V1 Pre-Workout really worth buying? 

I’ll be sharing a few drawbacks that I ran into during my experience with this supplement, and why it might not be as good as people make it seem. 

For starters, we noticed the lack of creatine in the product. It’s an important ingredient in most pre-workouts that really helps with muscle building, so that’s a huge con for those that want help with gains. 

On top of that, there are artificial ingredients included in the mix which can be quite harmful. Lots of fitness enthusiasts don’t like artificial ingredients in their diet, and we don’t either. They’re proven to be seriously bad for the body in the long-term, so keep that in mind before trying V1.

We discussed the advantages of lots of main ingredients above. But, it shouldn’t go unnoticed that some of these ingredients, including L-Norvaline, have certain drawbacks to them. 

Some minor ingredients in this supplement, such as Glycerol Monostearate, Gamma Butyrobetaine, and others are also not quite effective. They offer more cons than pros, making them harmful additions.

While we’re at it, it’s also important to note that beta alanine in excessive amounts can cause some problems. The ingredient leads to tingling and discomfort in the skin.

Furthermore, if you take any heart medication, discuss whether or not this supplement is good for you with your doctor. That’s because beta alanine can cause issues with those that take heart medication.

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A Better Alternative for Your Gains: 4-Gauge Pre-Workout

Suppose the refund/money-back policy from V1 disheartens you, or you don’t want to try out their products for whatever reason. In that case, we have just the alternative for you! 4-Gauge Pre-Workout is a great supplement that can do everything V1 Pre-Workout does, but even better.

It’s loaded with essential vitamins and has many other benefits, making it a great option. If you’re interested, here’s a quick summary of all the main things it offers.

4-Gauge Pre Workout Ingredients

4 Gauge Supplement product

The ingredients in every serving of 4 Gauge Pre-Workout are: Coconut Water Powder, Rhodiola Rosea, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, L-Citrulline DL Malate, L-Theanine, Red Beet Root Extract, Caffeine, Creatine Monohydrate.

What do these ingredients have to offer? Let’s take a quick look at their combined advantages.

Advantages of 4-Gauge

  • Because it has such a high amount of caffeine, 4-Gauge is easily one of the best options for those who want extra energy in their workouts.
  • It’s vegan-friendly, unlike many other supplements of the same category.
  • The mixture of ingredients makes it the perfect pre-workout. It focuses not only on stamina but also endurance, strength, focus, and restoration, which are vital parts of working out.
  • It has a very positive effect on muscle pumps which enhance your exercise routines.
  • 4-Gauge has many advantages for the body, such as improving oxygen and blood flow.

Side Effects of 4-Gauge

A significant positive of this supplement is that it isn’t overloaded with possible side effects like others. Instead, it’s a generally healthy option. The only thing to worry about is any allergens in the ingredient list you have a bad history with, which should go without saying.

As for other side effects, you might want to watch out for the caffeine intake. While it certainly is beneficial, too much caffeine can lead to problems. It can even negatively affect your daily life by making you prone to issues like shaking, jittering, and shivering.

But, there’s nothing to worry about regarding either of these potential side effects. As long as you’re just a little bit careful with daily intake and do your own research, you can easily avoid them.

Price of 4-Gauge

The price of 4-Gauge differs depending on the deal you choose. There are many of them on their website, and the one we recommend the most is their 3-Pack deal.

A bottle of this product costs $45, and it has 20 servings per each of these bottles. That amounts to $2.25 per serving at the standard price of one bottle. The 3-Pack deal, on the other hand, costs $135.

It includes the three bottles you’re paying for and an extra fourth one free of all charges. When you do that math, that translates to 80 servings for just $135. Going further into detail, you’ll get a single serving for just $1.68 with the three-container package.

That’s barely any more expensive than V1 Pre-Workouts while arguably being much better at getting the job done.


That’s a wrap on our V1 Pre-Workout review. Now that you know every important detail about this supplement, make sure to keep what we’ve discussed in mind before making your decision.

We recommend that you consider 4-Gauge as an alternative option since it’s better at many things while offering an identical price. But, that’s a decision only you alone can make.

Just keep our recommendations and research in mind before deciding anything. If you do that before taking the next step, you’ll be more than happy with whatever purchase you make!


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Caffeine and L-Theanine works great providing you long lasting energy
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