Trouble Spot Nutrition Review: Is It Legit Or A Big Scam?

Trouble Spot Nutrition Review: Is it Legit Or a Big Scam?

Last Updated on January, 2023

Many diets help with weight loss and fat loss, like keto diet. But, when it comes to losing fats from fat-accumulation areas, there is nothing much you can do about it. 

But, now you can do this with the help of trouble spot nutrition! 

Trouble spot nutrition is a program that assures you can lose excessive fats from areas like the thigh, belly, etc. 

Now, the question arises, does this program really work? 

In this article, I will share everything you should learn about trouble spot nutrition review. 

So, Keep Reading! 

What is the Trouble Spot Nutrition?

The trouble spot nutrition is a three-phase nutrition system that focuses on areas where most of your body fat accumulates. 

Trouble spot nutrition is a great program when fat burning is your priority. Besides fat loss, it also focuses on hormone imbalances and blood inflammation reduction. 

The trouble spot primarily focuses on your trouble spots, where you accumulate more fats. Trouble spot nutrition program primarily provide you with all the answers of whys and hows. 

That’s why you will have enough knowledge about how the weight gain process works, how to lose weight, and so on. 

The guide contains essential diet plans and workout plans as well. For many people, it was a way out to a healthy life afterward (forever).

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Who is Behind This Program? 

Bruce and Janet Krahn

Bruce and Janet Krahn, the couple, are this program’s creators. Bruce is a certified fitness trainer with years of experience, whereas Janet Krahn is an accredited nutritionist. 

In the Canadian fitness industry, they are pretty popular and well-known. Bruce has invested most of his life in this fitness, nutrition, and weight loss industry. He understands what really triggers weight gain physically and mentally. 

Both of them have practiced thousands of hours together and helped many get back into shape. 

What is the Purpose of This Program? 

Janet herself is a patient of autoimmune disease. Her cortisol level rises, and her blood inflammation increases. Being a certified (and experienced) nutritionist, she knows what it requires to treat such a condition. 

That’s why, with all her knowledge about nutrition science and experience, she designed the meal plans and workout plan with the help of her husband. Jane assures this program will help with- 

  • Reduce blood inflammation 
  • Balances cortisol level 
  • Fix hormonal imbalances 
  • Faster fat loss

What Does the Trouble Spot Nutrition Program Include?

The fitness program includes the leading guide and some bonuses as well. The program includes: 

  • Trouble Spot nutrition manual: Here, you will get the details of the two phases and a fundamental guide on weight and fat loss. It’s a two parted guide that helps you to understand how to lose weight and how to stop gaining weight as well. 
  • Bonus#1 Estrogen balancing meal plan: The guide has a meal plan for people suffering from estrogen hormone imbalance. Also, those who gain fat around the hip area or have a pear body shape can follow this meal plan.
  • Bonus#2 Thyroid balancing meal plan: Thyroid is quite common in women. Thyroid hormone causes depression, irregular heart rhythm. Women with thyroid hormone mostly have a box face shape and thick waist. This meal plan helps you to treat thyroid-related diseases by promoting thyroid hormones. 
  • Body#3 Testosterone balancing meal plan: Testosterone is the key to masculinity. Lower testosterone level causes excessive fat storage, memory loss, muscle loss even lower sex drive too. However, this meal plan is packed with foods that increase testosterone levels in the human body. 
  • Body#4 Trouble spot activation workout: There is no alternative to exercising for faster weight loss. That’s why Bruce added a few exercises that take less time but speed up your metabolism from your home (no equipment required). It boosts the adrenaline hormone, which helps with faster weight loss. 

Does This Program Help to Eliminate Excess Weight Naturally?

Weight Loss Result Before & After

Like a natural weight loss supplement, you are wrong if you think this program won’t help you lose! 

The trouble spot training isn’t just a fat loss diet; instead, it’s a lifestyle. All the diets and workouts will help you get into a healthy lifestyle instead of burning stubborn fat. 

The program offers multiple meal plans and a workout as well. So, yes, this program will help you with faster weight loss and burn stubborn fat in an efficient manner. 

Pros and Cons of Trouble Spot Nutrition

Just like everything else, trouble spot nutrition has both pros and cons. Make sure you give it a quick skim. 

  • Created by the professional experts 
  • The entire program is packed with scientific evidence 
  • Very transparent and easy to follow 
  • It comes with many valuable bonuses 
  • Faster fat burning 
  • It helps burn fat in areas like stubborn belly fat, thighs, hips, and so on
  • Easy to cook meals; no calorie counting required 
  • Healthy lifestyle 
  • Promotes faster weight loss 
  • Doesn’t require any fat-burning supplement
  • Digital copy only! Though it’s an advantage for many of all as it’s accessible from every device

Does This Program Help With Losing Weight Faster? 

Healthy weight loss

In short, Yes, it does! 

As you can see, the program contains diet plans and exercise plans for both men and women. Experts create all the diets and workouts. 

This diet has helped many people with burning stubborn fats and belly fat. It also helps with losing fat and weight. 

As it’s a tried and tested system, it’ll definitely help you to lose fat and sneak into a healthy lifestyle. 

Is the Trouble Spot Nutrition a Scam? 

Not really! However, many cry scams don’t recommend it to others. 

However, these are not real scam alerts. While digging into some real scam alerts, I found the word scam isn’t really applicable here. 

Many of them followed a free program that wasn’t an authentic trouble spot program. However, many have complained that the program is quite oldish and didn’t like the design. 

However, I also found people who didn’t like the program, but instead of giving reviews with title cry, they just got their money back.

How Much Does This Program Cost (Including Refund Policies)? 

Trouble spots nutrition bundle costs around $465 regularly. However, nowadays, it’s available for $15 only at a discount. 

Also, the fat loss program comes with a straight 60 days money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like this program, you can still get a full refund. 

Trouble Spot Nutrition Review: My Experience

Personal Experience

Trouble spot nutrition was quite exciting, and I wanted to look at it. In the beginning, it was $465, and I didn’t have that much money. In between, I tried to get a free download from multiple websites, but those weren’t authentic and risk free. 

After a few years, I found the trouble spot nutrition for less than $15, and I instantly purchased it. 

I always wanted to boost my testosterone level, and that’s why I followed the testosterone-boosting diet. All the meals are easy to cook and delicious instead of boring diet.

Also, the 15-minute workout program was good as well. It was easy to follow, and I could do it wherever I wanted. 

At the beginning of the program, I had to figure out the fat storage. I noted where all the fats were accumulating. 

After that, I had to deactivate HSD and cleanse my body. In this phase 1, I started burning fat and losing weight.

Once you feel burning fat, you have to follow phase 2. In the second phase, my hormonal balance stabilized. In this phase, the fat of my large belly was melting, and there was a hizzy view of my muscles, aka abs. 

The third phase it’s all about boosting my metabolism. Even people with a slow metabolism will start burning fat faster at this phase. 

This three-step metabolic solution has helped me to get rid of troublesome fat. This fitness program has helped me to understand: 

  • Calorie counting isn’t necessary 
  • Most of the excuses are invalid 
  • Anyone can lose weight and achieve their desired body

Trouble Spot Nutrition Review: Am I Satisfied With This Program? 

To be honest, the experience and fat loss were great! My current weight was a lot better than earlier. I was feeling more energetic and making memorable and enjoyable moments. 

But, my candid opinion of this program is that the result wasn’t sustainable. Once I stopped following the program, I gained weight. 

However, it was an excellent program for sneaking into a healthier life!

Do I Recommend This Program? 

Well, it’s complicated! 

If you are looking for a risk-free program, it’s a massive disappointment for permanent results. 

However, I won’t say it’s a terrible program. But, for a permanent result, I just don’t recommend it! 

Better Alternative: Noom

Noom Diet & Weight Loss Program App

When it comes to a permanent weight & fat loss solution, there is no alternative to Noom! Packed with psychological facts and tricks, this paid app can help you with permanent weight loss. 

Noom is a paid app that focuses on breaking habits that cause weight gain and helps you create new habits that keep your health on point! Still being quite new in the fitness industry, noom has helped many to get into a healthy lifestyle. 

In noom, you can get personalized plans, one-to-one consultations and everything for $59 a month. For many it may be a bit expensive but if you try it once, you’ll realize the worth of this gem. 

Besides weight loss, many people have started eating healthy, exercising regularly and so on. If you want a productive lifestyle without making things hard on you, Noom is the best solution that you need. 


Trouble Spot by Bruce and Janet Krahn is an excellent program for faster fat loss. The meal plans and exercises are definitely good. 

However, this program isn’t that good for permanent weight loss. If staying in your healthy weight is your concern, try Noom

You won’t regret it!


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