Burn 360 Susan Ohtake’s 21-Day Metabolic Reset Review (2022)

Last Updated on May, 2022

After following many short workout videos on YouTube, I didn’t see any results. I was looking for a legit program to help me lose weight faster without exercising for long. 

One day, my husband recommended Susan Ohtake’s 21-Day metabolic reset diet. After looking at the program details, it felt like this was something I was looking for! After looking for some real-user recommendations and reviews online, I couldn’t find any. 

So, based on my gut feeling, I purchased the program and tried it as well. 

In this Susan Ohtake’s 21-day metabolic reset review, I will share everything about the program and my experience as well. This is the only in-depth review of the program by a real-life user available all over the internet. 

So, if you are considering the program, go through the article first, or you have to regret it later on!

What is Susan Ohtake’s 21-Day Metabolic Reset? 

21 Day Metabolic Reset review

Susan Ohtake’s 21-day metabolic reset is a digital program that offers a smart workout from anywhere within the shortest time possible (20-25 mins)

All the exercises are based on HIRIT. Wait, does HIRIT look new to you? HIRIT is an updated version of HIIT and it is more appropriate for women. The HIRIT makes this program unique and indeed it’s more effective than HIIT for women. 

It promotes calorie burning even after exercising as it activates resting metabolism. The 21-day metabolic reset promotes multi-muscle exercises that targets multiple muscle in human body and improves it.

The 21-day metabolic reset works great for 40+ as well. 

What is HIRIT? 

HIRIT, aka High-Intensity Resistance Interval Training, combines multiple cardio exercises with weight. It’s like once you have completed a set of jumping jacks within 5 seconds, you’ll move to squat jumps. 

HIRIT is a high-intensity exercise that keeps your heart rate high, boosts metabolism, builds muscle, and strengthens it. 

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Who is Susan Ohtake? 

Susan Ohtake is an ISSA-certified personal trainer and a 40+ working mom. She is the founder of Burn360, Over 40 Mom, and co-founder of Max Workouts. 

Being a busy working mom, Susan understands how little time working moms have for self-care and me time. That’s why She has created the 21-day metabolic reset program.

She promoted the idea of how a working mom (even over 40) can stay in shape and healthy without investing much time in exercising. 

How Does the 21-Day Metabolic Reset Work? 

The concept of this program is quite simple. It’s switching from hours of cardio into a 25-minutes high-intensity workout. 

The truth is that HIRIT gives you better results than cardio. It is because HIRIT burns more calories, but it’s pretty tough to do than cardio. 

The HIRIT works with 80-95% of your max heart rate (whereas cardio takes 50-80% max). That’s why you cannot do it for as long as cardio (45-90 minutes)

As HIRIT is an anaerobic aka oxygen-deficit workout, it has an after-burn effect that promotes calorie burning when you are on rest. This is how HIRIT boosts metabolism faster as well.

Besides, the program also looks at areas that everyone avoids (but these are the secret to faster progress): 

  • Frequently changing exercises (as the human body reacts faster on changing
  • Exercising at the right intensity 
  • Doing the right exercises
  • Following strength training 
  • Avoiding too much cardio 

Does it Promote Faster Weight Loss?

Weight loss

Yes, it does! 

See, HIRIT is a revised version of HIIT for women. Workouts like HIIT eventually promote faster weight loss (as it burns more calories). 

Considering this fact, the 21-day metabolic reset program can definitely promote faster weight loss. 

What Does the 21-Day Metabolic Reset Include? 

Susan Ohtake offers multiple gifts with the 21-day metabolic reset program. So, here is everything the program offers: 

  • Susan Ohtake’s 21-Day Metabolic Reset Workout Challenge: The program has everything needed to follow the HIRIT workout. Tips, benefits, sample workout, and client case studies.
  • Bonus #1 Eat 360: Eat 360 is a nutrition plan with delicious meal plans and easy-to-cook recipes. The nutrition plan promotes eating carbs strategically, avoiding hormonal disruption without starving. 
  • Bonus #2 ABS 360: ABS 360 is a workout program, a simple 4-minute workout that builds rock-solid abs from the core. 
  • Bonus #3 RECOVER 360: The recover 360 is a post-workout recovery guide that helps relieve discomfort, prevent injury, and faster recovery. 
  • Bonus #4 5 Minute Fix: The 5-minute fix is an instant workout that can be done within 5 minutes if you are in a rush. 

How Much Does This Program Cost (Including the Refund Policy)?

Susan Ohtake’s 21-Day Metabolic Reset program is available at the official website of Burn360 for $39.95 only. 

It’s an instant access program where you instantly pay and get all the access and bonuses. 

The program also comes with a 90-days money-back guarantee, so you can get all your money back if it doesn’t work for you. 

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Susan Ohtake’s 21-Day Metabolic Reset Review: My Personal Experience

When I was considering metabolic reset, I didn’t find anything on the internet about the program. There were only posts by Susan Ohtake and some influencers (they seemed like paid posts). 

Only based on my gut feeling, I purchased the program and instantly got all the materials. I must say, all the materials looked motivating to me (until I tried it). 

I was really impressed by how she has explained why HIIT is designed for males, and it doesn’t work that much for women. 

So, I took the 21-Day Metabolic Reset challenge and decided to follow her to eat 360 and do abs exercises. 

I was 33 years old, a full-time banker,and I thought I would really make it with the program as women over 40 are already following it. 

It is because each workout session is 20-25 minutes long, and the additional abs workout was only for 4 minutes. 

So, here I will be describing my experience with each element of the product. So, keep reading! 

21-Day Metabolic Reset Challenge

The 21-day metabolic reset is really tough to follow. It’s for 20-25 minutes, but it consumes more energy than 2 hours of cardio! 

In the entire 25 minutes, I hardly rested, and it felt like I was going to vomit or die out of oxygen. Also, it’s so tough to stay on track till the last minute. 

First 7 days, I had a pathetic experience with the challenge. However, I still made it. But I had to take some breaks in between just to catch my breath (it breaks the rule of the challenge, but I had no other options). 

After finishing the workout, I felt exhausted, and it felt like someone wanted to kill me by pressing my throat, and somehow I saved myself. 

Also, I felt it was hazardous to work out with a pair of dumbbells. After a few minutes of the session, I didn’t feel that stable, and at this point, exercising with a dumbbell may cause injury.

Eat 360 Nutrition Program

Eat 360 is an excellent nutrition program. I must say, she has done great work on this. She didn’t promote a calorie deficit or carb deficit diet. 

All the meals don’t look or taste like diet foods; instead, my family really enjoyed having them. However, it takes time to cook all the meals. 

I only have one complaint, there were fewer meal ideas for vegans. I think she should consider updating the guide with more vegan meal ideas. 


ABS360 is a unique program that promotes 4 minutes of special exercises. According to Susan Ohtake, most abs exercises like crunches and twisting aren’t good for the back and are harmful. 

Well, she is an ISSA certified trainer, so maybe she knows it better. However, doing all the exercises for 4 minutes seemed really easy. 

But I doubt how long it’ll take to achieve abs with this. 


I found recover 360 a very basic guide. We cool down after gymming or exercising so we don’t feel muscle pain the following day. 

Just google about cool down and stretching techniques. You’ll learn a lot more than you can learn from the guide. (1)

The 5-Min Fix 

Well, I genuinely liked the 5-min fix diet plan. There were days when I couldn’t follow the 21-day metabolic reset, and on those days, I followed the 5-min fix. It really helped me to stick with building a habit. 

The best part is that you don’t have to sleep with the guilt that you didn’t exercise today. It’s a great bonus as it helps people to get started or stick with the habit of exercising. 

Does it Work? 

Well, Yes, it does! 

See, when you are doing such an intense workout, you’ll burn more calories and lose weight. But the problem is, the result doesn’t last for longer. 

Like, I have lost around 8 lbs, but once I stopped exercising, I regained it in a month. 

Do I Recommend it?

not recommended tag

No, I don’t recommend Susan Ohtake’s 21-day metabolic reset. I have a COUPLE OF LEGIT REASONS behind it. Which are- 

  • The workout was highly intensive. In the middle of the workout, it felt like I was torturing myself, and I hated it. 
  • After a few minutes of workout, I didn’t have the best body control. At this state, working out with dumbbells felt risky. 
  • I felt exhausted after the workout, and that affected my professional life. 
  • I regained the weight faster than I lost it. 

These are the legit reasons why I don’t recommend the program. 

What Do Other Customers Say About Susan Ohtake’s 21-Day Metabolic Reset?

While looking for Burn 360 legit or not, I tried to look over all possible platforms. But, I couldn’t find any real-life reviews. Most of the posts available over social media platforms are given by influencers (whom I cannot trust) and Susan herself. 

And I wasn’t alone. There are many out there who face the same problem. 

However, for a new fitness coach and new program, it’s okay to have no reviews. Then again, the program claims it has helped over 30,000 women, but no real-life user review anywhere creates doubt. 

But, If you are looking for success stories, you can find many on the official website of Burn360. 

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Pros and Cons of Susan Ohtake’s 21-Day Metabolic Reset 

I have tried to find quick pros and cons of Susan Ohtake’s metabolic reset all over the internet. But I failed. Because there were no pros and cons available of this program. However, you don’t have to go through all the hassle. 

Here are the pros and cons of this program from a real-life user. 

  • Highly effective program (specially created for women)
  • Focuses on multiple muscles 
  • Takes lesser time 
  • Burn more calories 
  • Boost metabolism 
  • After burning effect 
  • Burn more fat 
  • Women over 40 can follow.
  • It provides better results than regular cardio. 
  • The bonuses are great (a 5-minute workout and eat 360 help a lot on hectic days)
  • Affordable 
  • Very tough to follow (many will give up at the beginning)
  • It makes you numb for a while 
  • Working out at high intensity with dumbbells doesn’t feel safe. 
  • No real-life user review is available online (except on Burn 360 official website)

Best Alternative: Noom

Noom Diet & Weight Loss Program App

Whether it’s HIIT or HIRIT, it’s super tough to follow, and the result doesn’t sustain once you stop following the workout. So, all your hard work for 21 days will go in vain. That’s where many get frustrated and live with lousy health forever. 

But, you don’t have to face all these struggles with Noom. Noom is a paid app that helps to lose weight HEALTHILY. Noom offers 1-1 consultation, customized meal plan, healthy lifestyle education, and progression tracker for $59 a month. 

I like Noom because they provide nutrition-dense diet plans, and the app is based on behavioral science. 

Nowadays, a key reason behind massive weight gain is unhealthy habits. Noom helps you break the shackle of unhealthy habits and create healthy habits. It plays a crucial role in healthy weight loss. 

On the other hand, most of the app and diet plan suggests either a calorie or carb deficit diet, whereas the app entirely focuses on nutrition-dense food. It heals you from the inside and promotes the healthiest weight loss possible. 

So, if you are someone who wants to lose weight more safely and healthily, try noom! 

Final Words 

See, Susan Ohtake is an experienced and well-deserving fitness coach, no doubt about that. But, the 21-day metabolic reset isn’t great for long-term results. 

Also, the program is very tough to follow. It’s more complicated than HIIT, in my opinion. After all these struggles, the result won’t sustain, and it’s the difficult part of this 21-day journey. 

So, if you want to sneak into a healthy lifestyle and never want to gain weight again, consider Noom

You won’t regret it, I bet! 


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  1. https://www.verywellfit.com/stretching-101-2696342
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