Can You Take Pre Workout While Pregnant? Is It Really Safe?

Can You Take Pre Workout While Pregnant? Is it Really safe?

Last Updated on October, 2023

Although a pre-workout can boost your workout, it can be harmful for you and the baby.

As a mommy-to-be, you should be careful about what you consume. So, can you take pre-workout while pregnant?

Not to worry! This article will help you learn everything about it.

Keep reading to learn about the ingredients that can harm your baby and the pregnancy-safe pre-workouts.

Can You Consume Pre-Workout During Your Pregnancy?

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Well, it depends on the ingredients in your pre-workout supplement.

Here’s the truth!

Every pre-workout on the market is not safe for pregnant women. Also, many supplements can be dangerous for your baby’s health. (1)

Besides, most people do not recommend taking these supplements during pregnancy. 

But that’s not the point. You can still consume pre-workouts if they are safe to consume during pregnancy.

You love to take your energy-boosting drink even if you are pregnant, right?

But first, pay attention to the ingredients that can harm your baby.

What Ingredients in Pre-Workouts Can Harm Your Baby?

Ingredients in Pre-Workouts that Can Harm a Baby

Pre-workouts contain a mixture of ingredients. Unfortunately, some of these ingredients can be hazardous to your baby.


You can limit these ingredients to prevent the risks.

Ready to find them out? Here we go.

Most supplements contain large doses of Caffeine. It is 4-5 times higher than the amount of Caffeine in your coffee.

Many pregnant women become sensitive to Caffeine during pregnancy. It will take longer to clear it from your body. (2)

The high amount of Caffeine in your pre-workout imposes a considerable risk when pregnant. (3)

So, avoid supplements that contain more than 200 mg of Caffeine.

Moreover, Creatine is also dangerous for your baby. Although Creatine allows muscle growth, doctors do not recommend taking it when pregnant. (4)

Another dangerous ingredient is Dimethylaminoethanol (DMEA). This is teratogenic, which disrupts the growth of your baby. (5)


Do not consume dietary supplements that contain DMEA.

Vinpocetine is also an ingredient that can harm the baby. While this ingredient can give more energy, it is DANGEROUS for pregnant women. (6)

Furthermore, avoid harmful ingredients like Melatonin and St John’s Wort

Also, Yohimbe in your supplement can be hazardous during pregnancy. Yohimbe may cause high blood pressure, which is risky for you and the baby. (7)


Moreover, many pre-workout supplements may contain several toxins. They include metals, pesticides, and chemicals that are harmful during pregnancy.

Always Consult Your Doctor 

a pregnant woman consulting a doctor

You should always talk to your doctor before taking any pre-workout during pregnancy. 

Have your doctor check the ingredients in the supplement. Ask them if the ingredients in the supplement are safe for you.

Every pregnant woman’s needs and issues are not the same. Even if your product does not contain any known harmful ingredient, it may impose risks. 

Sometimes, your doctor may ask you to give up pre-workout supplements. Besides, they may ask you to get the nutrition by eating a well-balanced and healthy diet.

So, always take necessary precautions after you consult your doctor.

What Are Pregnancy-Safe Pre-Workout Supplements?

If your doctor asks you to quit the pre-workout supplement you love, you can choose a safer alternative. 

You should find a low-stimulant or non-stimulant pre-workout that helps you work out while pregnant. But first, ask your doctor to examine the product before trying it. 

Most safe supplements provide you with nutrition while energizing.

Here are some pregnancy-safe pre-workout supplements you can consume.

Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy

Amino Energy

As a mom-to-be, you can consume Amino Energy to improve your work out.

So, let’s take a closer look.

Amino Energy contains a mixture of amino acids that aid in muscle recovery. Also, this dietary supplement includes 100 mg of Caffeine from green tea and coffee.

Of course, this amount of Caffeine is SAFE and HEALTHY for you!

Amino Energy has no sugar and has five calories per serving. Plus, it comes in more than ten yummy flavors.

A single scoop of serving will boost your workout while ensuring your baby’s health.

Bumped Up

Bumped Up is an excellent choice if you plan to take pre-workout supplements during pregnancy.

This supplement claims that it has clean and natural ingredients. These ingredients and nutrients improve muscle recovery and also assist pregnancy.

Bumped Up comes in 3 flavors: Pink Lemonade, Orange Mango, and Strawberry Kiwi.

Also, this supplement contains only 100 mg of Caffeine.


Bumped Up also contains ingredients like L-Citrulline and Beta-Alanine. L-Citrulline increases muscle strength.

Beta-Alanine improves endurance, encouraging you to exercise harder. It will also treat any muscle pain you experience from the training session.

Comforting, right?

This component is an amino acid that gives you great nutrition. Besides, Beta-Alanine is present in foods that are rich in protein.

Cara Loren Pre-Workout Supplement

Another pregnancy-safe supplement is the Cara Loren Pre-Workout Supplement.

It is a low-stimulant supplement!

This supplement contains all-natural Caffeine, which is only 100 mg of Caffeine. It also includes Beta-Alanine, Citrulline, and Arginine.

These ingredients improve blood flow, increasing your energy levels. 

Plus, the Cara Loren supplement has zero calories and comes in 3 delicious and natural flavors. These flavors include Blueberry Pomegranate, Black Cherry, and Passionfruit.

COME ON! Momma-to-be!

Take a pre-workout that is safe, mix things up and enjoy your drink!



In this life stage, you have to ensure your baby’s safety. Some ingredients in your pre-workout can be dangerous for the baby.

Always seek guidance from your doctor before trying them. And, make sure you pick a pregnancy-safe supplement. It will keep you and the baby healthy while boosting your exercise.



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