Andrew Huberman Sleep Cocktail (His Supplements Reviewed)

Andrew Huberman Sleep Cocktail (His Supplements Reviewed)

Last Updated on July, 2024

Dr. Andrew Huberman recommends many areas we can work on to optimize our sleep routine. He greatly discusses the sleep optimization process through behavioral tools, nutrition, and supplementation.

Andrew Huberman’s sleep cocktail is an effective, safe, and reliable way to improve sleep patterns for people who have to resort to supplementation tools. 

In this article, you will learn the list of Andrew Huberman Sleep Supplements recommendations, with an insight into each supplement and how it can deliver the quality and relaxing sleep you are looking for.

Quick Summary

Andrew Huberman’s sleep cocktail is an effective, safe and reliable way to promote restful sleep. This involves supplements like magnesium threonate, theanine, apigenin, inositol, GABA and glycine.

Dr. Andrew Huberman recommends sleep optimization through behavioral tools, nutrition and supplementation.

All the supplements discussed are deemed effective and safe when taken in moderate amounts. Certified and compliance standards for these supplements should be checked while purchasing.

Andrew Huberman Sleep Supplements

Andrew Huberman

Combo 01-Routine Sleep Cocktail Cycle

1. Magnesium Threonate

Magnesium Threonate Supplements

Magnesium is an essential mineral in activating over 600 enzymes in the human body to assist various life-sustaining and supporting roles, including metabolism, protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, etc. (1)

Magnesium deficiency is often associated with sleep disorders. Magnesium is involved in ion channel conductivity at a neural transmission cellular level to maintain normal circadian rhythms. (2, 3)

Studies associate magnesium in regulating the excitability of the central nervous system (CNS) through the regulation of neurotransmitters. This regulation improves the production of the melatonin hormone to increase relaxation and ensure restful sleep.

Therefore, magnesium supplementation plays an important role in sleep regulation, contributing to brain health. Individuals lacking dietary magnesium intake will benefit from magnesium supplementation to improve sleep quality.

Magnesium threonate is a form of magnesium (Magnesium L Threonate). Andrew prefers this form but also recommends Magnesium Bisglycinate because it effectively crosses the blood-brain barrier.

However, Magnesium Citrate is also a popular form that contains more elemental magnesium than other forms but only penetrates the bloodstream.

Andrew’s magnesium dosage recommendations are as follows;

  • Andrew mentions 300- 400 mg of elemental threonate and bis-glycinate 30- 60 minutes before bed in this YouTube video.
  • In this YouTube interview, he mentions 200-400 mg of Mg threonate or bis-glycinate.
  • In this tweet, he mentions ~140 mg of Mg Threonate.

The dosages recommended vary between 100- 400mg. So, it only makes sense that the form of magnesium determines the dose. The threonate form works on a lower dosage of around 140 mg, while the bis-glycinate form requires a higher dose of 200 mg or more to effectively help fall asleep.

Andrew’s Magnesium Threonate Dosage: ~140 mg

Examples of brands you can try are;

2. Theanine

Theanine Supplements

Theanine is an amino acid found in black and green tea that works as a sleep aid. It is shown to have calming effects, also known as anxiolytic effects, contributing to improving sleep quality. L theanine promotes relaxation by increasing alpha brain waves to induce deep sleep. (4)

Although they have anxiolytic effects, they come without the side effects of additive risk associated with conventional sleep inducers. Andrew highlights that Theanine can affect the intensity of dreams and, therefore, is unsuitable for individuals with night terrors and sleep walk issues.

Similar to threonate, the doses of Theanine recommended by Andrew vary. In this YouTube video, he mentions 100- 200 mg, and in this YouTube video, he mentions 200- 400 mg of Theanine. The dosage changes depending on body weight and efficiency based on experience.

It is considered a safe dose as long as it is within the 100 mg to 400 mg range. However, beginners can start from a lower dose and gradually increase based on the effect. In this tweet, Andrew also acknowledges that Theanine can over-stimulate a small percentage of people. 

Andrew’s Theanine Dosage: 100- 400 mg

Examples of brands you can try include;

3. Apigenin

Apigenin Sleep Supplements

Apigenin is an active ingredient commonly found in chamomile tea. Like Theanine discussed above, Apigenin also has anxiolytic properties that aid in falling asleep faster. For this reason, chamomile teas have been traditionally used to promote relaxation and encourage better sleep. (5)

This randomized control study showed that oral consumption of chamomile in people with sleep efficiency issues improved sleep quality. 

Andrew also points out that Apigenin is a mild estrogen suppressor; therefore, it is recommended women not consume it.

At the same time, in men, way too low levels of estrogen can also affect brain activity and libido. Due to this reason, apigenin supplementation should be taken with caution.

Andrew’s Apigenin Dose: 50 mg

Examples of brands you can try include;

4. Inositol

Inositol Supplements

Inositol is a naturally occurring type of glucose found in the brain and other tissues. It is similar to vitamin B and plays a key role in signal transduction pathways involving serotonin, a neurotransmitter that can influence sleep patterns. (6)

Inositol occurs in many forms, including the following that are commonly used in supplementation;

  • Myo-Inositol
  • D-chiro- Inositol
  • Inositol hexaphosphate 

In this randomized control study by Amiri et al., 2020 it was concluded that myo-inositol improves quality of sleep and duration.

In this recent Huberman lab Podcast at 1:18:37, Andrew mentions 900 mg of myo-inositol alongside Huberman’s sleep stack, which includes magnesium threonate, Theanine, and Apigenin.

In this video clip, Andrew explains he takes it every other day but does not take it on the nights he takes GABA and glycine (discussed below).

Andrew’s Inositol Dose– 900 mg

Examples of brands you can try include;

Combo 02- Additional Sleep Cocktail During Sleep Difficulty Periods

5. GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid)

GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) Supplements

Andrew also says he takes GABA and glycine in addition to the Huberman sleep stack. Other people can also take it in addition to or in place of Huberman’s sleep cocktail if it does not help them stay asleep. 

GABA is an amino acid that is an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. The GABA neurotransmitters bind to GABA receptors to inhibit neural activity, and this results in a calming effect, leading to more sleep and may also reduce anxiety. (7)

That said, there has always been a question about GABA’s permeability into the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Some researchers go by small amounts, and some say substantial amounts cross the BBB. (8)

However, there is also evidence that it can act on the peripheral nervous system (PNS) through the gut-brain axis.

Andrew also highlights that he wouldn’t recommend taking GABA regularly because GABA works very close to the neurotransmitters that are being induced to make you fall asleep. So, in this at 1:18:01 video, he shares that he takes 100 mg of GABA every third or fourth night.

Note: GABA intake comes with sedative side effects at higher doses. Exercising caution is very important in instances including driving a vehicle and operation of machinery. People already on drugs that interact with the GABAergic system, like sleep medications, including barbiturates and benzodiazepines, have to consult a doctor before including GABA in their sleep cocktail. 

Andrew’s GABA dose: 100 mg

Examples of brands you can try include;

6. Glycine

Glycine Sleep Supplements

Glycine is a non-essential amino acid that works as an inhibitory neurotransmitter. Several studies indicate the association of glycine with promoting sleep quality. (9)

Although the exact action mechanism is unknown, a decline in the core body temperature due to glycine intake may be its effect on sleep. In this video at 1:17:59, Andrew mentions taking 2 g of glycine every third or fourth night, greatly enhancing his sleep latency.

Andrew’s Glycine Dose: 2g

Examples of Glycine supplements you can try include;

Andrew Huberman Sleep Cocktail Summarized

Sleep CocktailDosageNotes
Combo 01- RoutineMagnesium Threonate~140 mgThe daily Andrew Huberman sleep cocktail taken 30- 60 minutes before bed
Theanine100- 400 mg
Apigenin50 mg
Inositol900 mg
Combo 02- As requiredGABA100 mgDuring sleep difficulty periods, this combo is added to the routine combo for 3- 4 nights per week
Glycine2 g

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, most sleep supplements are considered safe and effective based on the evaluation of their ingredients. It is important to check certifications and standards compliance when buying such products.

Andrew Huberman sleeps 8 hours every night, from 10.30 pm to 6.30 am.

End Thoughts

Andrew Huberman’s sleep cocktail is an excellent choice of compounds that give you the ability to improve your sleep quality and promote relaxation without the additive side effects that come with sleeping pills. 

You can initially start with combo 01 and explore a few magnesium threonate combinations by adding threonate or Apigenin. Observe and explore the effects of the combination, and consider adding inositol if you think you need a stronger effect.

This will help you understand the best compounds and doses for your body. If you don’t find combo 01 effective enough, combine combo 02 like Andrew Huberman does every third or fourth night or switch entirely to combo 02 to see the effectiveness.

If you notice a consistent improvement in your sleep latency and duration of sleep cycles, you are headed in the right direction. So you can experiment with these safe compounds rather than turning to prescription drugs.

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