Steve Weatherford Metabolic Reset Review: Legit Or A Scam?

Steve Weatherford Metabolic Reset Review: 30 Day Diet Program

Last Updated on July, 2024

With 15 pounds overweight, I was super depressed and I badly wanted to get rid of this extra baggage. 

I was looking for something promising and something that shows results faster. That’s where I found out about Steve Weatherford’s metabolic reset program. 

The program says, you can lose up to 25 pounds within 30 days if you follow this program. Without wasting a second, I instantly purchased the subscription and tried it for a month. 

Now, does it really work? Or is it just another SCAM in the fitness industry? Is it preferable for beginners? 

So, here is the complete Steve Weatherford Metabolic Reset Review based on extensive research and my personal experience as well. 

In this article, you will learn everything about the metabolic reset. 

So, let’s get started!

What is the 30 Day Metabolic Reset Diet?

Metabolic Reset Review

Metabolic Reset is a fitness program with a complete roadmap on how you can lose weight in 30 days. It’s complete with a meal plan, grocery list, recipe, exercises and so on. 

As we all know, our metabolic system helps our body convert food into energy by burning calories. With improved metabolism, then your body will burn calories faster. (1)

That’s why having good meals and exercising correctly can help you lose fat.

That’s what this program is all about.

The program claims, after 30 days, you will have:

  • An improved metabolic rate
  • Your ideal body weight
  • A fit body
  • Settled gut

And so on.

Can You Lose Weight by Following It?

Well, yes! If you follow the reset diet plan and follow the fitness routine, then you will achieve:

  • A boosted metabolic system
  • Better body
  • Ideal body weight

Who is the Creator of This Program?

The creator of this program is Steve Weatherford (Yes, you guessed it right).

Who is Steve Weatherford?

Steve Weatherford

If you are a football fan (like me) then you should already know who Steve Weatherford is! He is one of the fittest players of the New York Giants and NFL as well. (2)

Steve Weatherford is also known as one of the most popular New York Giants punter of the history. 

Even if you google who is the fittest player of the NFL, Steve’s name will pop in. 

Now, After his retirement, he started a new career as a fitness coach. 

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What Does This Metabolic Reset Diet Program Offer (including bonuses)?

This intense fitness focus program offers:

30 days plan

The program is complete with a nutrition guide, meal plans, workout plans and fitness tips. It’s a comprehensive roadmap that you have to follow to achieve your goals.

See Steve Weatherford in action:

Calorie Deficit based diet plan

Steve Weatherford designed his 30 days diet plan with calorie deficit diet plan. 

If you keep consuming fewer calorie intakes, your stubborn body fat will start burning, and you’ll lose weight. We know this as the calorie deficit. It’s incredibly effective for weight loss. (3)

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Based on your information, Steve’s nutritionist will give you a personalized nutrition & meal plan and supplement list.

Additional Supplements recommendation

Weatherford recommends you take other supplements like fat burners, fish oil, and healthy meals to see faster results.

Workout Plan

Steve Weatherford Metabolic Reset fact

Weatherford suggests exercise plans like cardio sessions, his own HIIT circuit, etc. he also suggests exercise (like afternoon weight training sessions).

Bonus: Hulk Juice and Fitness Tips

For effective results, Steve recommends you to follow tips like:

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Avoiding alcohol, etc
  • Taking enough rest
  • Eating three times regularly

And so on.

Also, he recommends people to have hulk juice, which is made with fruits and veggies. It’s nutritious and full of natural sugar.

Check how Steve Weatherford is making the hulk juice:

Does This Intense Metabolic Reset Program Work?

Well, Weatherford hasn’t discovered this diet plan. Instead, it’s more like a mixture of cardio, HIIT, carb cycling and metabolic confusion.

However, the program has been designed properly. That’s why you’ll surely lose weight after following this program.

Things You Should Know About This Metabolic Reset Diet Program

Steve Weatherford Metabolic Reset fact

No doubt, Steve Weatherford made a fantastic program.

Still, before following this program, there are a few things you should know. In this section, you will learn about all those things.

Can You Follow This Program?

Well, I found this program very hard and it requires gym membership as well. However, if you think you can follow it then here are a few things you should consider: 

  • Plenty of time
  • Enough money
  • Able to workout every day
  • Gym membership 
  • Have a sustainable lifestyle
  • A fit and healthy body

Then yes, you can follow this program.

Will it Improve Your Gut Health?

Yes, following the 30 day metabolic reset is suitable for your gut. (4)


While following this diet, you will:

  • Follow a healthy meal plan
  • Take nutritious supplements
  • Workout daily
  • Avoid sugar
  • Sleep properly

This way, you will improve your gut health.

How Can It Help You With Fat and Undigested Foods?

While following this program, you will be following a healthy lifestyle. So, yes, it will help you with fat loss and undigested food.

How Much Does the Metabolic Reset Program Cost?

Meal plan

It’s $49 a month! I found it so expensive. But, then again, there are costs of supplements, grocery, gym access and so on.

However, you can also get it in pdf format from Steve’s store. That will cost you around $67. I found it one of the most expensive PDF guides after Tammy Hembrow’s pdf guide.

Is there any return policy?

There is no return policy available on his programs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Metabolic Reset Diet

Steve Weatherford Metabolic Reset fact3

Here are the advantages of disadvantage user of this program have seen:


Show results faster (within 30 days)
Works excellent for weight loss
Personalized nutrition plan
Boosts your metabolic system
Works best on people who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle


Regain weight faster (if you start living again on just chicken kabobs)
Simple, boring meal plans (for 30 days)
Requires regular exercising 
Other supplements (expensive and not preferable for the long run)
Too much restrictive (very tough to follow if you are not passionate)
May feel unpleasant and dull (after some days)

What Does Other Users Say About This Program?

Steve Weatherford Metabolic Reset User Opinion

You will see very few success stories about this program on social platforms and almost zero failure stories.

It’s because following this program isn’t that easy. In fact, for beginners, lasting till the end is super tough.

However, those success stories are given by people who could last till the 30th day, and it’s difficult to do.

30 Day Metabolic Reset: My Personal Experience

Steve Weatherford Metabolic Reset Personal Experience
I am a big fan of Steve Weatherford (for years). It really upset me after knowing about his retirement.

After a few months, I was scrolling on Instagram and found out Steve had moved to California with his four kids and pregnant wife and became a fitness trainer.

In fact, he launched his own digital program called 30 day metabolic reset.

After moving to California, he says he was looking for a home and started eating outside almost every day. As a result, he gained so much weight.

To get back to his shape, he followed this diet and lost 25.2 pounds in 30 days.

Program material

Workouts (2 hours, every day)

  • Morning Cardio session (Mostly Daily fasted cardio sessions)
  • Afternoon weight training session (mostly gym-based workouts)


  • Calorie deficit and carb cycling and protein intake based meal plan
  • Hulk juice (enriched with natural sugar)
  • Supplements (like vitamin D, fat burners, etc.)

Week 1

So, once I signed up, there were questionnaires with my health-related questions. Once I filled it, I got a personalized nutrition plan for myself.

I bought everything online with a couple coupon codes. Also, I got a good discount on supplements like a fat burner, vitamin D, digestive enzymes, etc. I also got gym access. All of it cost me a good amount of money.

I found 2 hours of exercise was too much for me. I used to come back home with a gym tired body. It feels like my body breaks down.

Also, I didn’t enjoy the bland meals at all. I used to have bland food with hot sauce.

Week 2

Steve Weatherford Metabolic Reset Meme1

I was somehow doing it. However, I was still struggling between healthy eating versus my favorite foods.

However, I was enjoying meals with

  • Chicken sausage
  • Ground turkey meals
  • Lemon juice

And I am avoiding sweet potatoes from the food swaps list.

I also liked hulk juice, and it kept me full for hours. However, I wasn’t satisfied with how little protein I was taking.

However, while doing 1 hour of continuous cardio, I used to feel tired and felt like giving up. It felt like my heart would get out of my body.

Some days, I used to delay fasted cardio, and these are the worst days.

Also, the next day, I don’t feel like doing it. That’s why it’s essential to maintain discipline. (5)

Week 3

Steve Weatherford Metabolic Reset Meme2

I was tired of this boring everyday life. I was eating barely any carbs or protein.

I just couldn’t wait to get my first cheat meal. But, unfortunately, there were no cheat meals in between these 30 days.

On the 17th day of my diet, I was out with my friends. They were having pizza, and I was sitting with a glass of water. And guess what happened next?

I couldn’t resist myself and grabbed a slice of pizza. That day, I felt awful and guilty, and I gave up on the program.

Within these 17 days, I lost around 9.7 pounds, and my body was getting into good shape.

Week 4

I have already given up, so there was no week 4 for me.

Do I Recommend It?

If you are a fit, active, fitness enthusiast (generally healthy individual) who has imbalanced his lifestyle and wants to get everything back on track, then Yes, you can try it.

But if you are someone like me who hasn’t been fitness enthusiastic and just wants to cut some weight and again start living their previous life, then it’s not for you.

Now, the ball is in your court.

Best Alternative of This Program: Metabolic Cooking

Metabolic Cooking Cookbook

After failing with the metabolic reset program, I was frustrated. 

Then one day while looking for a beginner-friendly program, I found metabolic cooking. 

It’s a super affordable cookbook with 250+ recipes that promotes weight loss. All the recipes are family-friendly, delicious and super easy to cook. Also, the grocery list is super helpful. 

It’s been 2 weeks since I started following this program and I have already lost more than 6 pounds

The best part is, the program is on 70% discount and after discount it’s super reasonable. 

If you want to build a healthy eating habit then Metabolic Cooking is the best option for you.


Undoubtedly, Steve Weatherford’s metabolic reset is a sound and result-oriented program. Also, he is one of the best fitness coaches, without any doubt.

It’s just that the metabolic reset program isn’t beginner-friendly.

Instead, I found metabolic cooking to be a lot more beginner-friendly. If you combine exercise while having these meals, you will see better results faster.


Can You Have Coffee While Following The Metabolic Reset Program? 

Yes, you can have black coffee as it has zero calories. However, no sugar or sweetened substances are allowed to take with coffee. 

Can You Have A Cheat Meal While Following The Metabolic Reset Program? 

No, you cannot! While following a metabolic reset program, you cannot have any cheat meals in these 30 days. 

Can You Skip Fasted Cardio For A Day? 

No, you cannot. Steve highly discourages skipping fasted cardio or any meal. Otherwise, it will be considered as compromising with the program. 

better alternative
Metabolic Cooking
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