Sakara Metabolism Super Powder Review: Does It Really Work?

Sakara Metabolism Super Powder Review: Does It Really Work?

Last Updated on June, 2023

At the end of last December, I opened my Christmas presents. That’s where I found one of my closest friends gave me Sakara’s metabolism powder. I was always a big fan of the Sakara life podcast; she knew it. 

For the first time, I was about to use Sakara’s product. I was excited! I did all my research on Sakara metabolism powder (all credit goes to the internet). 

I learned this supplement would help me boost my gut health, enhance my energy levels, etc. But, once I tried this supplement, the result was quite different from what Sakara claims

In this Sakara metabolism super powder review, I’ll share everything honest about this metabolism powder. 

So, let the journey begin! 

What is Sakara Metabolism Super Powder? 

The Sakara metabolism super powder is a plant-based metabolism fastening supplement that prevents slowing down metabolism with time. 

As we all know, metabolism is a sensitive process that can quickly get slower because of growing age, stress, or diet. The supplement claims that it helps stop metabolism from slowing down by keeping it active. 

This supplement is easy to use and can be added to smoothies, coffee, and other beverages. The supplement is available in toothsome chocolate flavor with coconut sugar essence. 

Who is the Creator of Sakara Metabolism Super Powder? 

Sakara is the creator of the metabolism super powder. 

Sakara is a New-York based nutrition company. Sakara is mainly known for making 100% plant-based supplements and meals. Sakara’s healthy bars and meal plans are widely known in the fitness industry. 

Another fact that you can see on Sakara’s products is that they don’t focus on calorie or carb counting. Instead, they focus more on greens and nutrition-dense food.

How Does Sakara Metabolism Super Powder Work? 

Sakara Metabolism powder focuses on the causes of metabolism slowing down. Now it can be more sugar cravings, over-eating, age, etc. 

The metabolism powder is made with natural ingredients that boost metabolic health. All the ingredients activate your metabolism and help with losing weight faster. 

On the other hand, the sakara metabolism super powder has a rich chocolatey taste which promotes appetite reduction and keeps you full for a few hours. That’s why many use it in a calorie deficit diet. 

How to Figure Out if Your Metabolism is Slowing? 

Besides aging, metabolism can get slower for many causes. But, you can boost your metabolism once you realize if your metabolism is slowing down or not. 

Many people don’t even realize their metabolism is slowing down. That’s why they keep gaining weight and get metabolic syndromes. So, here are a few common symptoms of metabolism slowing down:

  • Constantly feeling tired (primarily headaches) 
  • Face difficulty with focusing
  • Dry or cold skin, weak hair, and nails
  • Hormonal changes 
  • Too much stress (sometimes depression)
  • A healthy diet doesn’t work
  • Difficulty with digestion (like food intolerance)
  • Easy weight gain 
  • Weight loss difficulty
  • Sick more often
  • Constipation 

So, these are the most common symptoms of gaining weight. If you have a few of these symptoms, your metabolism is slowing down.

Check out our article on the best metabolism boosting foods and recipes if your metabolism is slowing down.

What Does Sakara Metabolism Powder Claim?

On the official website of Sakara, the metabolism powder claims multiple health benefits. Those are: 

  • Improves lipid metabolism 
  • Prevent sugar craving 
  • Improves blood sugar level 
  • Eliminate bloating 
  • Burns excess body fat 
  • Promote healthy gut 
  • Optimal digestion 

The Sakara’s metabolism super powder also can be used as an alternative to cacao as it has a rich chocolatey taste. 

Sakara Metabolism Super Powder Ingredients

So, here is the secret of Sakara metabolism super powder, its natural ingredients. These are some of the most common ingredients of natural supplements. So, let’s figure out the benefits of these key ingredients. 

Horsetail Extract

Horsetail extract, aka celery seed, is one of the vital ingredients of Sakara metabolism super powder. This herb is packed with antioxidants, and it improves your bone health. 

Also, it helps you to get your beautiful hair and nails back (that you lost because of your body’s metabolic rate drop).

The celery seed also helps with the common cold, bloating prevention and natural diuretic. 


L-glutamine is an ancient herb. The ingredient is primarily seen in natural weight loss and muscle gaining supplements. It is full of amino acid, antioxidants, and anti-inflammation particles. It focuses on building blocks for proteins. (1)

It cleanses toxins from our body, makes your gut barrier stronger, decreases blood inflammation, and prevents IBS syndromes like bloating, stomach cramping, constipation, etc. 

Also, L-glutamine improves your digestive health, immune function, etc. A supplement with L-glutamine primarily prevents bloating and reduces IBS-related symptoms.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre extract is a well-known ayurvedic herb. In ancient times, it helped people treat snakebites, malaria, etc. 

Nowadays, it is used for blood sugar regulation and reduces cravings for sweet foods. However, Gymnema Sylvestre is great for cardiovascular health and lowering cholesterol levels. 

Gymnema Sylvestre promotes weight loss by lessening your craving for sweet foods and keeps the digestive fire going.


Fucoxanthin is naturally found in seaweeds, and it is full of antioxidant properties. It helps with weight loss management, chronic disease prevention, and blood inflammation. 

The fucoxanthin, aka kelp extract, also works as a lipid metabolism booster and maintains blood sugar levels. According to several animal studies, fucoxanthin can boost metabolism, protein, and fat and helps to reduce body fat. 

Black Pepper Fruit Extract

Black pepper fruit extract, aka black pepper piperine, has multiple health benefits. It boosts nutrient absorption, detoxifies our body, and reduces appetite, cholesterol, etc. (2)

The black pepper piperine also improves the overall immune system, brain performance, blood sugar level, and digestive health. Also, it works great as a metabolism booster and promotes weight loss faster. 

However, other ingredients like raw cocoa powder, coconut milk powder, coconut sugar, and Luo Han Guo are used to form metabolism super powder.

Nutrition Facts About Metabolism Super Powder 

So, here is the labeled nutritional value of this metabolism powder. In a short glimpse, the nutrition facts look promising. Existence of enough fiber, protein and other natural ingredients looks promising. 

Then again, calcium, iron, and potassium validate its efficiency too. But, boosting your metabolism isn’t enough. 

Vitamin also plays a vital role when it comes to boosting metabolism. And the absence of all types of vitamins questions its quality. 

Also, the study says, to stay healthy, we should consume a daily value of 7% of saturated fat. In contrast, the super powder contains a daily value of 20% saturated fat, which is higher.

 I don’t think any other healthy metabolism drink has this much-saturated fat. 

Does This Metabolism Super Powder Promote Faster Weight Loss? 

Well, I don’t think so! 

Looking at its nutritional value and claims, it seems like it can help you slightly with weight loss. 

It reduces appetite and overeating, so it can help you when you are on a calorie deficit diet. But, I don’t think this metabolism powder is capable of faster weight loss alone. 

How to Use This Metabolism Powder? 

Using this metabolism super powder is relatively easy. You can have it with water, smoothies, coffee, milk, and other hot beverages like hot chocolate. 

Also, you can use this metabolism powder as an alternative to cacao in other foods like brownies, cookies, hot chocolate, etc. 

It’s hassle-free, just mix it and have it! 

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How Much Does the Metabolism Powder Cost? 

The Sakara metabolism powder is available on Sakara’s official website and on Amazon in three options. Which are: 

  • 10 Single Serving Sachets- $45 ($4.5 per sachets
  • 30-Serving Pouch – $90 ($3 per sachets
  • 30-Serving Pouch (monthly subscription) – $80 ($2.67 per sachets)

The subscription package comes with free delivery, and it’s only available on Sakara’s official website. 

Sakara Metabolism Super Powder Review: My Experience

As you already know, I got one packet of metabolism super powders (30 day supply) as a gift from my friend on Christmas. I was so excited to try this! 

While learning about the metabolism powder, I realized I had to consume it for 14-20 days to see any results. 

Bang on! I have a 30-day supply. But once I opened the packaging, that’s where the disappointment started! 

So, I’ll share my experience on every aspect of this metabolism super powder. So, let’s get into it! 

Packaging: To be honest, the first impression of the packaging sucks. A 90 dollar supplement in a non-reusable packet! It’s highly disappointing. Also, the packaging is so poor that I dropped a few pieces of powder while opening it. Overall, I am really disappointed with the packaging

Taste: I had it with almond milk on the morning of the first day. After the first sip, I spitted all of it. I cannot digest its bitter taste. Somehow, I finished the drink. After that, I couldn’t have anything for the next 4 hours. However, if you are a cacao lover, then you may enjoy it. 

Regular usage experience: I tried it for 21 days. It was a part of my daily routine. I have used it with nut milk, smoothies, brownies, pancakes, etc. Also, there are recipes with this metabolism powder (thanks to Sakara life). But, I didn’t enjoy the bitter taste of it. 

Price: Though I got it as a gift, otherwise, I would never purchase it for $90. I can buy half of my month’s groceries for $90. Why should I spend behind a metabolism powder that doesn’t even work? 

Does The Powder Work? 

From my experience, No, it doesn’t! 

I have tried this for 21 days (every single day)! And, there was no result in my body’s metabolic rate, no muscle growth, no boosts in energy levels, no improvement in gut health, just nothing! 

I don’t know; many other sites claim this supplement has helped them with this and that. But, it’s just damaging when it comes to genuine customer reviews or my personal experience

It can just make your food bitter. So, does the metabolism powder work

No, it doesn’t, and it never will! 

Do I Recommend it? 

not recommended tag

No, I don’t recommend this. 

First of all, it doesn’t work, and it doesn’t taste good as well. I had a lot of respect for Sakara life and its contribution to the fitness industry. 

But it’s just that their metabolism powder doesn’t work (at least not for me). 

I am not whining about its efficiency, and it just doesn’t work! I cannot even recommend it as an alternative to cocoa powder. 1 kg of cocoa powder costs around $30, whereas 600 grams of metabolism powder costs $90. 

Are There Any Sakara Metabolism Powder Side Effects? 

When it comes to side effects, the product isn’t FDA approved. Then again, if you are allergic to coconut, it’s not for you.

However, if you have any medical condition, taking medications, or are pregnant/breastfeeding, it’s better to consult with your doctor first. 

I didn’t find any side effects, but some users have faced stomach upsets after using it for the first time.

Pros and Cons of Sakara Metabolism Super Powder 


Made with 100% natural ingredients 
Easy to use 
Packed with essential nutrients, antioxidants, fibers, and minerals 
Good protein source 
100% plant-based, so vegan-friendly


It doesn’t contain many essential metabolism-boosting elements
Bitter taste
High in saturated fat
Only available in one flavor

What Does the Other User Say About Sakara Metabolism Super Powder?

While looking for recent customer reviewers, I found all these. And, I agree with almost all these. In most of these comments, I found the main complaint is about its taste and price. 

Taste: It’s bitter taste like cacao isn’t everyone’s favorite. However, if you like the taste of cacao, then the possibilities are you’ll like it too.

Price: It’s overpriced, no doubt about this. $90 for a month’s supply is way more for this. Even the most popular supplements don’t cost as much as they do! 

Packaging: From my personal experience and other Sakara metabolism powder reviews, many complained about the packaging. To be honest, the non-reusable packaging isn’t attractive and durable at all. 

Result: The result it provides is next to nothing. Most of the users have seen slighter improvement or no improvement in their weight loss performance. 

Best Bet: Metabolic Renewal

Many supplements like Sakara metabolism powder in the market make high promises but aren’t even worth trying. 

You see, if you want to lose weight and live a healthy life, you have to break all your unhealthy habits and create healthy habits.

That’s how you’ll sneak into a healthy lifestyle.

And that’s where Metabolic Renewal comes in!

Designed by Dr. Jade Teta, this is an online workout and diet plan that everyone who needs to lose weight should follow for 12-weeks. 

Metabolic Renewal

Metabolic Renewal focuses on optimizing your metabolism and balancing your hormones with a set of HIIT workouts, non-exercise associated thermogenesis (NEAT) along with countless tips to reduce strain and balance your hormones.

Weight loss isn’t the only thing you’ll experience with this program, with everything provided, you can also get a boost in physical and mental health. With that it’ll enhance your muscles too. 

Metabolic Renewal overall is a great program to achieve your fitness goals. It offers way more than what it costs, you just need to see them yourself. 

And speaking of costs, the program comes in at just $67. I was in awe when I looked at the price for the first time. What’s more neat than that is the 90-day money back guarantee it provides. You can simply return if it doesn’t work for you. 


Sakara is a well-established nutrition brand, and I cannot deny that! But it’s overpriced, and their metabolism powder doesn’t work!

Many out there purchased it and now regret wasting their time. Even from my personal experience, I don’t think a supplement powder like this can help you with boosting your metabolism. 

If you really want to achieve a tempting body and live a healthy life, try Metabolic Renewal. This program has helped thousands of people with weight loss and adapting to a healthy lifestyle.


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