Red Mountain Weight Loss Review (2024 Upd.) Is It Worth It?

Red Mountain Weight Loss Review (2024 Upd.) Is it Worth it?

Last Updated on July, 2024

If you want to lose weight faster then there are many ways and services available. And, In the USA, the red mountain weight loss center is quite popular for providing weight loss services. 

The center is widely popular for providing faster weight loss services. And they’ve helped thousands of clients under medical professionals’ supervision. 

And that’s why many people even break their bank to get this service. 

In this article, we’ll figure out whether the red mountain weight loss is worth so much money or not! 

So, let’s begin! 

The Good

The process starts after consulting a certified medical professional from the red mountain weight loss center. Based on your health reports and lifestyle, you’ll get a personalized diet plan, and during the weight loss journey, you’ll stay under the supervision of a medical professional. 

The company also offers more than 20 pounds weight loss assurance a month. 

The Not So Good

The red mountain weight loss is extremely expensive. Even if you stay under the supervision of a certified physician and nutritionist, it will be much lower than the red mountain charge. 

And, after paying so much, there’s no guarantee of weight loss. 

There are many negative reviews of their services. And they do illegal practices like medical HCG and using weight loss boosters without disclosing the ingredients and supplement facts. 

The Bottom Line

The red mountain weight loss isn’t a worth-it weight loss solution. There are many complaints regarding no results after following their programs for months, getting sick from the too low-calorie diet, and unbelievable weight gain after stopping their diet. 

Most of their weight loss services are extremely unhealthy and expensive as well. I think the red mountain weight loss is a no-go for everyone. Instead there are many alternatives available that cost much lower (at least 90%) than red mountain weight loss and actually work. (Click here to checkout the better alternative)

What is the Red Mountain Weight Loss? 

The red mountain weight loss center is where certified medical professionals will help you lose weight. 

The red mountain weight loss offers weight loss programs, one-on-one consultations, medical weight loss boosters, food and vitamin supplement, and other products. All the supplements, medicines are manufactured by red mountain weight loss itself!

With over 17 weight loss centers in Arizona, Texas, and Oklahoma cities, this company has served thousands of people for more than 27 years. 

And it all started with Dr. Suzanne Bentz, the most influential woman, in 1997. 

red mountain logo

How Does the Red Mountain Weight Loss Work? 

The red mountain weight loss follows a very simple method. 

At first, they’ll do all the essential medical checkups and then try to learn about the person’s lifestyle, daily habits, and weight loss difficulties. 

Once all the formalities are done, they’ll go through the medical report and your interview, figure out the root cause and then produce a personalized weight loss plan. 

According to Red Mountain Weight Loss, the personalized plan considers the client’s lifestyle, medical history, caloric needs, and many other factors. 

The red mountain also offers weight loss programs like RM3, RM Lifestyle, and Medical grade HCG.

Red mountain weight loss has a shop where they sell red mountain’s products. From food scales to supplements, you can find everything there.

Should You Eat Any Special Foods?

Well, you may have to. 

The personalized weight loss meal plan may recommend red mountain’s protein drink, protein bar, supplements, miracle noodles, etc. 

Also, depending on your weight loss plan, they may recommend you to avoid some foods, and you’ve to focus on their given meal plan. 

However, red mountain claims that you can stay with regular foods that you used to buy from the grocery shop and cook for yourself. 

some red mountain products

But,they’ll recommend their products during the weight loss journey. 

Even if you don’t have to consume any special food, there will be supplements! 

Everything Red Mountain Weight Loss Offers

Like the name sounds, the red mountain weight loss is completely focused on weight loss. And for that, they offer a variety of programs, supplements, and so on. 

So, here are all the services available at the red mountain weight loss center. 

Medical Weight Loss

So, the medical weight loss by the red mountain has been designed for people with obesity-related medical conditions. 

In this service, you’ll be under the observation and guidance of a bariatric physician (a weight management expert). 

These medical professionals go through all your reports with their expertise and knowledge. They tell you about all types of ups and downs and how you will get over them and recommend medications and programs best for you. 

red mountain medical weight loss

Until you achieve your target weight, you’ll be under their observation, and if anything unusual occurs, you can contact them. 

N.B: Bariatric physicians and Bariatric surgeons aren’t the same things! Bariatric Surgeons pull off highly difficult weight loss surgeries, whereas bariatric physicians treat obesity without surgery. 


After consulting with you, the bariatric physician will recommend one of their program based on your health condition, medical report, and lifestyle. 


The RM3 is the signature program of red mountain weight loss. The RM3 program is the reason why the product got so much hype. And, why shouldn’t it?

The program claims it can shred off 20+ lbs within a month. And they also claim that their secret patented formula of RM3 will make it possible without causing any health problems. 

So, let’s understand how the RM3 program actually works! 

The program works in three phases. Which are:

RM3 program of red mountain weight loss
  • Phase-1: Weight Loss Window 
  • Phase-2: Transition Month 
  • Phase-3: Lifetime Maintenance

In phase 1, you’ll achieve your target weight by following red mountain’s patented medication, supplement and vitamin, weekly weight loss booster, and diet plan. You may have to cut off taking some groups of foods. 

In phase 2, you’ve to go through an evolution test by the medical professionals of the red mountain, and based on the results, you’ll get a new guidebook with a diet plan, and at this stage, you can add those foods you’ve cut down.

In phase 3, you’ll again go through another evaluation test, and based on that, you’ll get another guidebook and diet plan, and now you have to follow it for the rest of your life to stick with your ideal weight. In this stage, you’ll receive many important tools to help you stick with the result. 

The RM3 is mostly based on regular foods.

To determine whether RM3 is a good option for you or not, there’s a quiz available where you have to answer these questions:

  • Gender 
  • Birth date 
  • How much weight do you want to lose 
  • Your level of exercise
  • The time frame for weight loss
  • What’s prevented you from losing weight 
  • Your contact details 

And based on all these details they’ll share whether this program is good for you or not. They’ll recommend a perfect program if RM3 isn’t good for you. 

RM Lifestyle 

RM lifestyle is for those who are really busy in their daily life or don’t want to change their daily schedule. 

The program claims it can help you lose up to 10 pounds every month while eating regular foods. 

The RM lifestyle works the best when you consume weight loss boosters and other supplements recommended by them. 

Basically, the RM lifestyle is a micronutrient diet, and they’ll provide you with a food measuring scale too. And, it’s more like RM2, the lighter version of RM3. 

RM Lifestyle  program of red mountain weight loss


It is because the RM Lifestyle has two phases which are kind of lighter versions of RM3. 

In the first phase, you’ll consult with a bariatric physician, and after consulting you, the physician will create a personalized weight loss plan for you in the weight loss window guidebook.

In this phase, the doctor may recommend taking weight loss boosters, appetite suppressant, vitamins, and other supplements. 

Once you lose weight and achieve your target weight, it’s time for lifetime maintenance! 

In this phase, you’ll again consult with a physician (probably with the same bariatric you consulted earlier). 

Now, the physician will give you a diet plan and some supplement recommendations (like weekly weight loss booster, vitamins, and other supplements) that you have to take to stay in shape forever. 

Medical Grade HCG

The red mountain offers medical-grade HCG service for those who cannot exercise, have serious conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, or don’t respond well to stimulants. 

For medical grade HCG, a person has to agree to follow a low-calorie diet where a very low amount of carbs will be available and no sugar at all. 

The red mountain weight loss also claims the their HCG is available in multiple forms like liquid, tablet, and sublingual form (applied under the tongue)

Medical Grade HCG  program of red mountain weight loss

The red mountain also claims that, the HCG causes no side effects and it works faster too. 

According to red mountain weight loss, this is a very low-calorie diet (VLCD). To avoid health issues, they use Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, in short HCG, to activate the fat-burning process. 

Besides weight loss, the medical HCG also helps eliminate stubborn fat. And, during the training, you’ll lose 12-20 lbs every month. 

Food and Beverages 

red mountain Food and Beverages

The red mountain weight loss also offers food and beverages. And under this category, you’ll mostly see protein bars, miracle noodles, protein shakes, and drinks. 

The protein shakes, and drinks are sweet but still healthy. Besides being low-calorie, all these shakes and drinks have lean protein as an energy source. 

There are 14 different flavored protein drinks and ten types of protein shake available; all of these are RM3, and RM lifestyle approved. Common flavors like chocolate, vanilla, cafe mocha, strawberry, lemon, and many other flavors are available. 

Options like thick and rich are available too. Each drink has around 15 grams of protein, and the package has almost 28 servings or six packs. 

The protein bars are also great for snacking, which is recommended for RM3 and RM lifestyle. 

Available in 13 flavors, this protein bar provides 15 grams of protein on each bar. A packet contains seven bars. 

Miracle noodles are an ideal alternative to pasta. It’s low-calorie and tasty. Available in 4 flavors, the package contains six pieces of noodles. 

All these food items are a core part of the RM3 and RM lifestyle diet plan. 

Weight Loss Boosters

red mountain Weight Loss Boosters

Weight loss boosters are the most common supplement recommended to red mountain weight loss clients. 

This weekly booster has been designed for people who have just hit a weight loss plateau (when weight stops changing) and want to gain more energy or boost their metabolism. 

There are two varieties of weight loss boosters. Which are:

  • Fat Burner Plus Booster 
  • Fat Burner Booster 

As it sounds, the fat burner plus booster offers more than the regular fat burner booster. The fat burner plus offers benefits like detoxifying your body, decreasing stress and anxiety, and so on. 

Whereas fat burner booster solely works for burning fat and promote weight loss faster. 

Besides faster fat burning and weight loss, this weight loss booster also works as a strong dose of appetite suppressant. 

Vitamin and Supplements 

red mountain Vitamin and Supplements 

The red mountain weight loss offers a large number of vitamins and supplements. According to them, the vitamins and supplements are highly pure and effective. 

And these help with fastening the weight loss process healthily. There are supplements available for multiple purposes. 

There are 22 vitamins and supplements for different purposes like reducing food cravings, maintaining optimal health, boosting fat burning, detoxifying, probiotics, and so on! 

Based on your lifestyle and health problems, the medical professional of red mountain will recommend vitamins and supplements. 

How Much Does Red Mountain Weight Loss Cost? 

Well, there is no fixed amount! Since the red mountain weight loss center will decide based on your condition, it’s tough to determine how much it’ll cost. 

But, here is an estimated cost idea for you. 

In the beginning, you’ve to pay a fee of $55 to consult with the medical professional of red mountain weight loss center. 

And the rest will depend on the program you are going to choose and your prescription. 

Based on your health condition, lifestyle, and fitness goal, the doctor will suggest you a program and all the essentials like medicines, supplements, foods and beverages, and accessories. 

So, it’ll cost around $200-$600 during the training). At the first month, it’ll cost around $300-600 and from the next month the cost will come down to $200-500.

However, it’s safe to say that you should stay prepared with at least a thousand bucks if you consider this program. 

Does it Really Work? 

a man thinking

Well, yes! It does! 

There are many people out there who’ve lost weight and got their dream physique, and others who didn’t. 

As you’ve to go through a very low calorie and restrictive diet, there’s a possibility it’ll work for you. But I think only RM3 and RM Lifestyle will work. 

As their medicines aren’t FDA-approved, I cannot guarantee whether they’ll work or do any harm or better. 

Also, HCG isn’t FDA-approved, and almost zero scientific evidence supports its efficiency, so it’s a no go for everyone. Other than that, as you’ll follow a low-calorie diet, so, yes, it may work.

How Much Weight Can You Lose Weight the Red Mountain? 

Well, it completely depends on yourself! 

Yes! If you are too much obese, then you’ll lose a lot of weight at the beginning, whereas if you have just a few more pounds, it’ll work slower on you! 


It’s because when you are overweight, your body has more energy to keep it going, which is why it has to fasten the fat-burning process to get energy. 

However, most of the red mountain weight loss program claims that following their program properly can help you to lose more than 20 lbs a month. 

And many have actually got such results. 

But it varies!

Do I Recommend the Red Mountain Weight Loss Program? 

No, I don’t. 

I don’t recommend this program to anyone for three reasons. Which are: 

  • Too Expensive 
  • Medical Grade Weight Loss Pills And HCG
  • Negative Reviews

First of all, the program is too expensive! I mean, we all have to work a lot to make extra thousands, and spending so much behind weight loss (until it’s something serious) doesn’t look appealing to me. 

no stamp

And, to be honest! This isn’t a strong cause, and I can still deal with expenses. But, how about your health? 

Yes, weight loss pills or solutions are weight loss boosters that harm your health. It can boost your blood pressure and heart rate; in short, it increases the possibility of a heart attack. 

Then again, it causes many other health issues like insomnia, drug dependency, nausea, constipation, and many more! 

According to, these are the side effects of some FDA-approved weight loss pills! Even with all the details available, these solutions may harm our health. 

Now, can you imagine what the scenario would be with a non-FDA-approved proprietary blend weight loss booster? 

Besides, the red mountain weight loss also offers weight loss with HCG. This is something I really don’t like about them. 

A human touching his stomach

First of all, HCG is a hormone that produces progesterone to maintain pregnancy. And the FDA says that HCG has nothing to do with weight loss, and it’s illegal to marketize these services. There is no scientific evidence on it. 

In another report, the FDA shows how bad these diets really can be! 

But, the red mountain weight loss center offers medical HCG for weight loss with physician’s recommendation and it’s completely illegal! 

Last but not least, negative reviews! In every social media and forum, you’ll see people claiming how the red mountain didn’t work for them or made people’s banks empty. 

And for all these reasons, I don’t recommend the red mountain weight loss to anyone. 

I believe everyone can lose weight healthily while eating healthy, exercising daily, and not taking anything unusual. Despite taking time, the result will last longer.

Many programs offer a guideline on healthy weight loss for 90% less than the red mountain weight loss. 

What Do Users Say About the red Mountain Weight Loss? 

red mountain Customer Review 1
red mountain Customer Review 2
red mountain Customer Review 3

Like all these, I can give you thousand more screenshots of how angry the red mountain users are. 

After going through many reviews, I’ve realized that people are really frustrated for all these reasons: 

  • Charging so much money for already known devices 
  • Recommending too low-calorie diet (which is impossible to follow) 
  • Gained weight after stopping following the program 
  • No satisfactory result
  • Side effects like stomach cramping, diarrhea, and headaches 
  • Bad customer service 
  • Rude receptionist and not-so-friendly physicians

So, these are the reasons behind the user’s anger. 

Pros and Cons of the Red Mountain Weight Loss

I know you might have heard about the red mountain weight loss and its results, and if you’ve visited the red mountain, the possibilities are you’ve fallen for their words. 

So, before making any investment in the red mountain weight loss, make sure to go through this section.


Variety of products
Consultation with certified health professionals
Focusing on real foods
Weight loss under medical expert supervision


Super expensive (you may have to spend $500 a month)
Very few weight loss centers
No service online
Too many negative reviews
Based on medical-grade weight loss pills, supplements, and vitamins
Practicing illegal activities like weight loss using HCG
No ingredient disclosure of weight loss booster
Many complaints regarding too much weight gain after completing their program
Too much low-calorie diet (that can be harmful in the long term)
Side effects like headache, nausea, and stomach problems
Rude customer service behavior

Better Alternative: Metabolic Renewal 

Instead of the red mountain weight loss, metabolic renewal is the program that I recommend to everyone. 

Metabolic renewal doesn’t promote faster weight loss like red mountain but it’s 100 times more healthy and safe than red mountain weight loss. 

The best part, the program has been created considering women’s health and barriers and how a woman can lose weight faster. and it’s a complete online program so you can access it from anywhere. 

Metabolic Renewal

The program has been developed following the four pillars: movement, meals, mindset, and exercise. 

And it promotes: 

  • Movements like taking stairs instead of elevators, cooking for yourself, cleaning your house, and so on. When you do all these, you burn more calories. 
  • Meals are important. During the program, you’ll learn how to eat according to your metabolic type and other cycles. 
  • Mindset is really important. Women have different mechanisms than men. And they release cortisol hormones easily, which causes stress, sleep deprivation, and a slower metabolism. The program includes guidelines on reducing stress and cortisol hormone. 
  • For weight loss, exercise is important. And the course offers exercises in 4 phases for 12 weeks (3 months). In each phase, there’ll be a high-quality, detailed video on workouts and many secret tips that you’ll need during the process. 

The program offers a complete solution, and if you follow it properly, you’ll definitely lose weight (as this entire program is backed by science). 

All all these are available for as low as $37 (and that’s $18 lesser than red mountain’s consultation fees). 

The metabolic renewal also offers a 90-day money back guarantee. So, if you don’t like the program then you can get your money back within the first 90-days. 

I have followed this program. And, to be honest, it may look tough in the beginning, but within a week, you’ll be okay with it. After a month, it’ll be part of your lifestyle. 

And I lost 15 lbs following this program. Now I feel more energetic, take on more workload and still manage to take care of my health routine. 

So, if you are considering a program for faster weight loss (and if you have self-discipline), this is the best solution. 

Other programs we’ve reviewed:

Final Words 

The red mountain weight loss may sound legit, but it certainly is not! It can be harmful to your health. Many people think that the physicians’ advice makes it healthy, but it’s not! 

Such a low-calorie diet and living on medicines and supplements can never be a way of losing weight healthily. 

Instead, I would always recommend following metabolic renewal, where you’ll healthily lose weight without breaking your health and your bank account! 


No, you’ve to visit their weight loss center to get all the materials for the program. However, you can make an appointment online. 

The RM3 is a patented weight loss formula by red mountain weight loss. The formula assures you’ll lose more than 20 lbs within a month. 

No, red mountain weight loss isn’t a subscription-based weight loss service. 

Better Alternative
Metabolic Renewal
Meal & Workouts




Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Reasonable price, only $67
Workouts can be done at home and do not require any equipment
The program is made in line with your body and hormonal type
Provides a 90-day money-back guarantee
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of July
Some dinner recipes don’t taste good

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