Performix Super Male T Review (2022 Upd.) Legit Or A Scam?

Performix Super Male T Review (2022 Upd.) Legit or a Scam?

Last Updated on November, 2022

Not all of us are born with perfectly healthy testosterone levels. But that doesn’t mean I have to settle for low testosterone. No, Sir, not in a world with testosterone boosters.

The person who suggested Performix Super T to me wasn’t a personal friend. Since I know for a fact that I should continue using my choice of the Testosterone booster for a time, I decided to REALLY see the product’s true worth.

If you’re planning to buy Super Male T, you probably should NOT miss this reading.

What is Performix Super Male T?

perfomix super male t product

The Super Male T is a version of the test booster in the Super Male lineup.

This supplement is manufactured mainly to boost testosterone levels and sustain high and healthy testosterone levels. 

In addition, a boost in libido, energy, and even muscle mass can be expected.

The product doesn’t consist of coated pills; instead, they’re transparent capsules containing small reddish balls inside.

perfomix super male t supplement product
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How Exactly Does it Help Your T Levels?

Some assume that supplements like Male T contain testosterone; this is false. The role of a test booster is to provide the body with cutting edge ingredients to increase testosterone production. 

That’s why the choice of the test booster more or less determines the success rate.

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My Impression of the Company Behind Super Male T

Checking out for the company whenever I buy any supplement is a neat habit. That hack helps you be reassured. 

Super Male T’s mother company is Performix, a company running since 2014.

They sell all sorts of fitness supplements, including whey proteins, weight loss supplements for men and women, and T boosters. 

The Ingredients Found in Performix Super Male T

Ingredients of Performix Super Male t

Usually, this is the section where I spend most of the time researching. I do not buy anything unless I’m convinced of the purpose of each ingredient. The same theory applies to other supplements as well.

The super male is a multi coating matrix, and it’s a good sign. Except for three primary ingredients, the rest seems to be in a proprietary blend.

So, what does Performix Super Male contain?

Let’s check them out one by one.

Vitamin D3

We all know how exposure of the skin to sunlight produces Vitamin D3.

In Performix Super Male, this vitamin is in the form of cholecalciferol. The product claims to have 1,500 IU with an alleged DV (daily value %) of 375% — that was a good start.

Vitamin D3 is proven by research to boost testosterone levels, and the ingredient is also proven to lose weight as well. These are just two main benefits of vitamin D3.

Vitamin B6

All good test boosters have vitamins readily. The ability of Vitamin B6 to boost free testosterone has been experimentally proven, and Vitamin B6 contributes 8 mg per serving with 375% DV in the form of Pyridoxine HCl. This form of Vitamin B6 is proven to be more effective.


The third major ingredient in Performix Super Male T is Zinc. It exists as a combination of Zx3- Zinc Monomethionine, Zinc Arginate chelate, and Zinc Citrate. 

Zinc in Super Male T is proven to boost testosterone readily, and this is since Zinc is in its purest form. That’s precisely why there’s a whopping 30mg in one serving with 200% DV.

In addition, unlike other supplements, the wise combination of Vitamin B6 and Zinc in this form seems even more effective for testosterone production; it’s also been proven.

As I mentioned, these are the three main ingredients in the Performix Super.

However, the rest of the ingredients in the proprietary blend sure seemed diversified in 759mg. But I wanted to see why exactly they had these other ingredients.

Horny Goat Weed

This is the same plant as Barrenwort. The purpose of the horny goat weed in the 759 mg blends is simple: to boost testosterone levels. 

Its T-boosting ability has been experimentally proven as well. In addition, Horny Goat Weed extract is an aphrodisiac (as well as an erectile dysfunction aid) in traditional Chinese medicine.

Black Pepper

Although it’s a plant, what it really is a fruit extract; Bioperine black pepper (Piper Nigrum) extract. Black pepper contains a unique combination of Zn and Mg (Magnesium). So, this combination skyrockets testosterone production; it’s proven.


Performix Super Male T booster heavily relies on natural ingredients. Including Fenugreek extract in the mix is one good example, and fenugreek extract is clinically proven to boost natural testosterone in the male body. The form of proprietary blends only aids the absorption. 

The above three ingredients are rather significant in amounts and performance in a testosterone booster. Apart from these, there are more ingredients found in Super Male T;

  • Titanium Dioxide
  • L arginine
  • Pharmaceutical glaze
  • Testafuranol (tribulus alatus) extract
  • And much, much more

The Actual Cost of the Super T

Performix Super Male T’s price is $85 on their official website, and this is for 70 capsules. The website also allows you to make it a single-time purchase or make a subscription.

The truth is that there’s no point in consuming just one bottle of the test booster; you need ideal continuation. So, having that subscription method is convenient.

The only problem is whether the Performix Super Male T is worth subscribing to.

Where Can You Buy Super T?

I didn’t see a point in buying the Super Male T from Amazon since their official website sells it directly. However, you can find the product at Vitamin Shoppe as well. 

When it comes to any fitness product, Amazon and Vitamin Shoppe are the two most reliable websites apart from the mother company; this is the rule of thumb you need to remember.

How to Take Performix Super T?

According to the official website, you should consume one serving (i.e., three capsules) before bed with 8–10 ounces of water. 

But, I wondered why they wanted to drink the product exclusively with water. This is because I had used a pre-workout before, and guess what – drinking water along with the pre was mandatory to control the side effects during absorption.

If you want to checkout performix’s pre workout called performix pump, Check it out here!

User Reviews

No company is ever going to list down any of the bad 1 or 2-star reviews. To find the gold, you must search websites like Trustpilot and maybe even Amazon. So, here’s a glimpse of the critical reviews I came across for Super Male T.

Performix Super T user review 1
Performix Super T user review 2
Performix Super T user review 3

So, I genuinely thought I might be on the wrong path after seeing some of these reviews. There’s no way I’m spending 85 bucks for nothing!

The Pros and Cons of Super T

But let’s carefully analyze the pros and cons of Performix Super Male T because we need to balance both sides and see which side weighs the most.


  • Boosts Testosterone Levels

The primary purpose of Performix Super Male T is to boost testosterone. From a theoretical perspective, the ingredients seem to be able to raise free testosterone.

  • Boosts Sexual Performance

The reason why most old male adults lose their libido is that their testosterone level drops. So, Performix Super Male T has ingredients to boost libido as well.

  • Blocks Estrogen 

One of the main other benefits of Super Male T is blocking and maintaining low estrogen levels. This is mainly achieved by the root extract of Eurycoma longifolia in the 759mg blend.

  • Increases Strength By Promoting Lean Muscle Growth

The sole purpose of having ingredients such as furostanolic saponins is to increase the strength of the body, and it has been clinically proven as well.


  • Side effects
  • Questionable reviews
  • Money-back return policy is borderline useless
  • You’re on your own once you buy the product
  • Several irrelevant ingredients
  • Price vs. Efficiency comparison is low
  • Company deals with multiple products

So, is the Performix Super Male T Worth the Buying?

Performix Super t pills

At $85, Performix Super Male T is definitely NOT worth the price. Why do I say that? Let us reevaluate the cons of the product.

Side Effects

There was one common factor in a considerable number of 4-5 star reviews and 1-2 star reviews of Super T; side effects. These were anxiety, high blood pressure, headaches, nausea, and even bloating. 

You should probably not tolerate at least one adverse reaction.

Questionable Reviews

It’s one thing to find one or two 1-2 star reviews. But it’s different when a supplement has several, and even 3-4 star reviews repeatedly hint at the product’s success as a matter of chance.

Money-Back Return Policy is Borderline Useless

It’s a big red flag if a particular product does not have a return policy. But Performix tries to fool the clients by SHOWING a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You CANNOT get your money back if you’ve opened the supplement — so, what’s the point of the return policy, anyway?

You’re on Your Own Once You Buy the Product

Here’s the thing; I wasn’t expecting a fitness trainer from Performix. But some companies maintain communication with clients; this is anything but one of them.

Several Irrelevant Ingredients

I’m all in for proprietary blends that make a difference. Such supplements do make a difference. But you’d see the long list of ingredients if you checked the label. Some of these are fillers, and that’s not fine to consume.

Price vs. Efficiency Comparison is Low

I was NOT going to pay $85 for this much of a low-performing supplement at all. I might have even lost my existing libido; I CANNOT afford that!

Company Deals With Multiple Products

It’s not a problem per se, but the company deals with many fitness products. Most people buy proteins, so I felt I might not get the priority I deserve.

So, here’s how I’d rate the Performix testosterone booster.

My Alternative (And Why That?)

aphro-d supplement

Giving up Perfomix resolved only a part of the problem; I still needed a solution. After my awful experience analyzing Performix Super Male, I physically felt how pessimistic I had become.

But Aphro-D changed my mind, and I eventually bought the product. 

So, how did that happen?

Like the Performix testosterone booster, Aphro-D delivers boosted testosterone in the body, increases sexual performance AND libido, and promotes ideal blood flow by using… guess what, COMPLETELY natural ingredients.

What ingredients does Aphro-D bring to the table?

  • Tongkat Ali: This plant helps with fertility issues, lean muscle growth, stress relief, and T production.
  • Schisandra Berry: Resolving blood circulation matters to promote erections while boosting sexual stamina is the primary purpose. In addition, a study also showed an improvement in energy levels.
  • He Shou Wu: This substance has been shown to support testosterone while increasing sperm count.
  • Pearl Powder: This ingredient’s function is to lower stress levels, increase T levels, and provide the body with antioxidants to increase strength.

That’s ALL it’s got. This simplicity helps the blend work ideally since it doesn’t contain any fillers or any other ingredients.

Here’s what’s more impressive.

  • Aphro-D has no history of ANY side effects whatsoever.
  • Aphro-D has NO questionable reviews anywhere (you’ll see what I found in the next section)
  • Aphro-D lets you USE the product and return it for a REFUND for 365 days! The secret behind this is the creator of the product who’s PhD doctor named Dr Farhan Khawaja. He GUARANTEES the 100% success rate of the product.
  • Aphro-D creator Dr Farhan and a massive community of Aprho-D will be there for you all along. In a way, everything begins only AFTER the product’s sale.
  • Aphro-D, as I said, has no room for any filler ingredients. It’s pure goodness.
  • Aphro-D sells for just $80 for all this efficiency.
  • Aphro-D deals with its only product, the testosterone booster; you get exclusive attention at all times.
  • Aphro-D has 120 capsules in a pack!

User Reviews of Aphro-D

Here are some user reviews of Aphro-D at TrustPilot, one of the most reliable sources of reviews.

aphro-d user review 1
aphro-d user review 2
aphro-d user review 3

In Conclusion

Performix testosterone booster is not a scam; the problem is how it’s filled with unnecessary ingredients and how the company policies do not help you in any way. This is amongst other downsides.

Aphro-D has boosted all the benefits of Performix Super Male and fixed ALL the downsides for a LOWER price; Aprho-D wins easily.

So, make the wise decision; it will bring the life you’re waiting for.

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