Performix Pump Review: Does This Stim Free Pre Workout Work?

Performix Pump Review: Does This Stim Free Pre Workout Work?

Last Updated on February, 2023

Performix Pump claims to help us chase the pump and enhance our performance during a workout.

And latterly, our Instagram feeds are stormed with Performix Pump ads convincing us to buy the product.

But you don’t want to be that sucker who buys everything that Instagram sells you.

So all you need is to find out whether Performix Pump ‘a legit pre-workout or a fitness scam?’ before you make a move.

Bazinga! I have just the thing for you.

My Performix Pump review article shall open up all the doors to your questions.

Just sit back and start reading.

What is Performix Pump?

Performix Pump is a stimulant-free formula with a terra bead technology designed to provide you with that boost and sustain the effect of the formula throughout the workouts.

It is more like a nitric oxide booster.

It comes in flavors like blue ice, cherry lineage, tangerine and watermelon. And it comes with a serving of 40.

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How Does Performix Pump Work?

Performix Pump is designed with multi formulas that boost nitric oxide production in the body to dilate the blood vessels for the smooth flow of blood.

This affects the nutrient delivery and growth of muscle mass and helps you chase the pump.

Given that, it is one hot potato containing a big proprietary blend, often overshadowing the ingredients’ dosages.

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Company Behind Performix Pump?

Performix is a leading manufacturer of active nutrition with a unique delivery system and technology that gives you all the benefits of a proper workout.

Key Ingredients of Performix Pump

Though the ingredients are blended in one mixture, some key ingredients are used in Performix Pump.

Some of the main compounds are:


It is a popular ingredient used in the product. It turns into L- Arginine in the kidney and increases nitric oxide production.

It is one of the effective pump boosters that widens the blood vessels and enhances blood circulation.

It works better when combined with other boosting compounds.

L-citrulline is effective when it is taken over the dose of 4g.

La Norvaline 

It is another widely used compound in performing pumps, and it boosts energy and helps muscle recovery.

But there aren’t many studies done on the ingredients.

Nitrosigine Arginine 

It is another popular nutritional ingredient found in the Performix pump. 

It facilitates nitric oxide levels in the body.

It provides you with the endurance to power through any challenging performances. 

However, it can cause diarrhea and growth and may cause you to gain weight and worsen breathing.

Agmatine Sulfate

It claims to improve athletic performance, but very few sources support this.

According to some research, Agmatine Sulfate is effective when consumed directly. Thus, it doesn’t react well with L-Arginine.

Ashwagandha Extracts

Ashwagandha is an ancient herb primarily used in Indian medicines.

It has been proven to be one of the key elements in increasing muscle mass and strength.

However, high doses of this herb can cause stomach-related health issues.

Consumers’ Reviews of Performix Pump

The domains that sell Performix Pumps are a gold mine of customers’ honest reviews on the product. 

I culled Amazon among all, to provide you with some honest reviews.

“Performix Pump provides lots of energy and a good muscle pump.”

– toddcalhoun69

“I made a mistake to buy this product a second time around since I didn’t remember it was a total fraud. It does not deliver what it promises. Now the protein from this band is excellent.”

– tuanothegreat

“This stuff was awful ended up throwing half of my container. My boyfriend tried it as well and was not impressed. You had to gag down the pre-workout because the taste was awful. It never gave you energy and did nothing”

 – Cortney M.

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Pros and Cons of Performix Pump


All ingredients work towards increasing nitric oxide levels
It doesn’t make you jittery


It contains a proprietary blend
It doesn’t contain the same ingredient, nitric oxide
Lose its effectiveness when cycled
Agmatine and L-Arginine don’t compliment each other
L-Norvaline can cause stomach upsets
It impacts breathing negatively

Where to Buy Performix Pump and its Price?

The company Performix doesn’t sell their products directly. They use a third party to sell their products.

You can buy the product at any retail selling domain, or third parties like GNC, Amazon or Vitamin Shoppe.

The price of Performix Pumps differs from one site to another. But the standard price of the product is $25.

Is it Worth Buying Performix Pump?

Performix Pump is not a bang for your bucks. It does not contain any vital ingredients of a pre-workout.

And it is just another quality-slayed product that has more cons than pros.

Believe me, there isn’t any good in this supplement. It’s better to avoid this supplement or rather if you wish to be a Faustian.

A Better Alternative to Performix Pump

4-Gauge is your moment of Zen.

It contains 100% natural ingredients to help you enhance your muscle pump, fight fatigue and keep you active through your keep-fit sessions.

Roar Ambition Company had gone out of its way to manufacture this pre-workout supplement.

They have fished out the opinions of Experts, Dietitians and bodybuilders before putting this dietary supplement to work.

And another good thing about 4-Gauge pre-workout is that it does not contain a proprietary blend. Plus it is all-natural. 

It has a solid list of ingredients with optimal doses like caffeine, L-theanine, creatine monohydrate and more.

You can directly order the pre-workout from their site as it is unavailable elsewhere for a price of $45.



Performix Pump is engineered with the advanced Terra Intelligent Beads system to release the ingredients at each stage of your workout.

But the proprietary blend is a major drawback that keeps one at bay from buying it and it doesn’t offer what it promises.

Remember, the key to any legit supplement is its formula.

4-Gauge perfectly fits into this category. The science around the product is evident, and so far, no one has been subjected to any side effects.

I hope I’ve fulfilled my promise of leading you toward the best supplements and believe my article on the Performix Pump review has been of great use to you.

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