Metabolism Revolution Review: Is This Diet Book Worth It?

Metabolism Revolution Review: Is This Diet Book Worth It?

Last Updated on June, 2023

Metabolism Revolution is considered a good program that promises 14 pounds of weight loss in 14 days. This is a massive win for people working on losing weight. But do you really think boosting your metabolism might trick your body? 

This contemporary diet states that you can lose weight even if you eat a lot, but it’s vital to eat appropriately. Or you’d have to deal with more weight. 

I didn’t want to provide you with a half-cooked review by taking bits and pieces of other reviews. So let me share mine. 

Also, I came across Noom, which actually topped the chart. If you’d like to try it out, click here to check my review. 

Authors Of Metabolism Revolution Lose 14: Eve Adamson And Haylie Pomroy

Haylie Pomroy is a popular health and wellness entrepreneur and a Holywood nutritionist. Her celebrity clients are Robert Downey, Reese Witherspoon, Jr., LL Cool J, Jennifer Lopez, Cher, and Raquel Welch. 

She has written the Metabolism Revolution diet based on her “food as medicine” techniques to lose a few pounds at a time. 

The co-author Eve Adamson has received recognition as eight times New York Times bestselling author. One of her New York Times best selling books is The Fast Metabolism Program. 

How Does the Metabolism Revolution Lose 14 Pounds Help You? 

Lose pounds in 14 days by spending just $27? Really? 

Isn’t quick fixes everyone’s favorite these days? But unfortunately, quick fixes don’t last long. This nutrition program might be different, and it might even help you reach your ‘goal weight’ sooner than expected. However, don’t jump to conclusions yet. 

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What is the Metabolism Revolution Diet?

This book has around 60 recipes. So you can play around with these to come up with a new meal every day so that the diet won’t be bland. 

You will receive shopping lists, meal maps, and other vital details based on your metabolism. 

You’ll have to go through 3 phases when following this diet. However, She Knows says Pomroy completely avoids corn, soy, dairy, refined sugar, wheat, fruit juices, and dried fruit from the diet program. 

Phase 01: Monday-Tuesday 

This is the initial stage of the diet program. You’ll be adding fruits and healthy carbs. This step makes your body feel lighter and unwinds stress. There is no stored fat. 

Phase 02: Wednesday- Thursday 

Load up your diet with lean protein and steamed veggies in the mid-week. This helps in building muscles and fat storage. 

Phase 03: Friday- Sunday 

This is called the burn phase. In this stage, you’ll be eating everything stated above, along with healthy oils like olive oil and fats. 

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Pros and Cons Of Metabolism Revolution


One of the quickest ways to achieve your goal.
Though quick fixes aren’t everyone’s thing, it might work for some. 
Detailed instructions on a diet plan with recipes so you can follow it effortlessly.
Metabolic systems of your body are explained in detail. 
If you love quick weight loss and Haylie’s other metabolic diet books, then you’d love this too. 


If you don’t like quick fixes, this is not for you. 
The first edition of the diet book had many mistakes (there go editing skills) and then the second edition was in the market after fine-tuning, which is a con because people feel as if they wasted their time on the 1st book release. 
Some find it over-advertised. (completely unacceptable) 

Is Metabolism Revolution Worth Buying? (My Personal Experience)

not recommended tag

I feel like I made a mistake by trying out this diet, even after going through many reviews. Plus, I don’t trust quick fixes to solve stalled metabolism, so I should have avoided this at all costs. 

Anyway, I thought to include some reviews people share about Metabolism Revolution so you can make an informed decision if you are going ahead with the purchase. 

Fortunately, my research and experience made me land on a better diet plan – Noom! 

Better and Affordable Alternative: Noom

Noom Diet & Weight Loss Program App

I am excited to talk about Noom because, as I said, it’s been a fantastic weight loss journey so far. Trust me, Noom’s website access will keep you intrigued.

After making the wrong decision by considering the Metabolism Revolution program, I was looking for something that would actually be worth paying for. 

Of course, I wanted a reasonably priced weight loss diet program, but Noom was worth reconsidering my demands. 

Noom’s ingenious marketing ploy caught my attention. They were giving away a 1-week trial for their subscription, which costs around $59 per month. Every plan is individualized, so it feels like they’re safely handling one’s weight issue. 

You can decide the amount of weight you want to shed, and it’ll determine the time duration of the diet and meal plans. How cool is that? It makes you feel that you’re not judged for wanting to stay in a different size than the “ideal” size expected.

It proves that following a diet isn’t only about losing weight to stay slim. It’s instead losing weight to stay healthy.

This subscription-based app has over 45 million downloads and 5-star reviews globally. But why did I consider Noom that soon, though I was recovering from a program that did not serve me right? — their free-trial. Who doesn’t like free stuff? 

The best part is their free trial week got me hooked. You have to start by answering a few questions about your lifestyle. Once you provide it, the Noom app will do the homework and provide you with a special meal and fitness plan. It’s more like your health coach, personal trainer, and dietitian. 

This is a game changer because this uses a psychology-based approach. As for one of the studies with 36,000 Noom users, around 78% received positive results 9 months into their weight loss journey. Though this isn’t enough to get a complete picture, it is still valid. Moreover, Metabolism Revolution still has many areas that need solid scientific backup. 

So after you complete the subscription trial, you’ll have two choices;

  • $60/Monthly plan 
  • $199/Annual Plan 

The choice is yours. I opted for an annual plan because it was cost-effective, and I was already in love with the diet plan after trying it out for a week. 

In terms of price, the former diet wins, but what about the results? If the results are fantastic, people will pay for it, at least I would. 

On top of all, you can cancel the subscription at any time if you feel like this is not working for you. But I suggest trying it out for a week or two before giving up on it because it WORKS

All in all, Noom’s way of helping you lose weight is by studying your eating habits, handling your food emotions, creating lifestyle changes, and holding yourself accountable.

Final Verdict

It might look like a promising guide, given that two accredited authors co-authored it. When you dig deeper and actually try it out, you see that it’s not as promising as it looked. 

It takes time and effort to shed considerable weight, so I don’t believe in quick fixes. I shouldn’t have tried in the first place. However, thanks to my curiosity, I found a better… or I could even say the BEST diet to lose weight while staying fit – Noom

Time to kick start your new plan!

better alternative
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