Metabolism Miracle Review: Does It Work As Advertised?

Metabolism Miracle Review: Does It Work As Advertised?

Last Updated on January, 2023

Do you gain weight even while following a strict diet? Can’t you get rid of the stubborn belly fat? 

If these questions are familiar to you, you probably have metabolism type B. Metabolism type B is a common metabolism type. However, very few resources are available on this over the internet. 

While looking for a good diet plan for metabolism B, I found the metabolism miracle book. Published in 2009, this book was listed as the New York Times Bestseller in 2010. 

While solving the questionnaire of the book , I learned, I have metabolism type B. So, I decided to try it (so did I).

Unlike other metabolism miracle reviews, here you’ll learn everything about metabolism miracles and my experience as well. 

So, let’s get this started! 

What is the Metabolism Miracle Diet?

Metabolism miracle is a book-based weight loss solution. The book mainly helps people with metabolism B. The book suggests three easy steps to promote weight loss faster. 

The book focuses on helping people with metabolism B to lose weight. It covers necessary diet, meal plan, exercise guide, etc. 

What is Metabolism B? 

Metabolism B over processes the blood glucose, which causes too much fat accumulation all over the body. People with metabolism B gain weight even while dieting, and most of the fat accumulates around the belly. They mostly feel tired all day and cannot focus on something. 

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Who is the Author of the Metabolism Miracle Diet? 

The author of the book is Diane Kress. Diane Kress is a certified dietitian and dietetic educator. Besides, she’s also known as a New York Times best-selling author for this book.

She has practiced as a certified nutritionist in several hospitals in New York City. She was also the director of a diabetic center. However, after a few years, she left the position and started practicing privately in New Jersey. 

Diane Kress says the metabolic miracle results from her years of experience and observation of thousands of metabolism type B patients. She believes this book can help everyone with metabolism B to prevent metabolic syndromes. 

Besides being a New York Times best-selling author, she has been featured in Women’s World Magazine, First for Women, US News, and Daily News. 

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How Does the Diet Work? 

The book works in a problem-solving way. But with a unique approach. I’ll tell you how: 

At first, you’ll see a list of questions, and you have to figure out if you can relate to the questions or not. 

Well, I have a secret to share! There is no need to buy the book to see the questions. Go to Amazon, and see the question in the preview section.

Sshh. Don’t tell anyone!

After that, you’ll learn about metabolism and how you can lose weight with metabolism type B. 

Now, the three phrases begin. 

Phase 1

In this phase, you have to eat a deficient carb diet, and you’ll learn everything about how to do it. After two months, you’ll see your belly has slimmed, you have lost a lot of excessive weight. 

The book claims, in phase one, your blood pressure, blood sugar level, cholesterol level, and everything will decrease. In this phase, you have to give rest to your pancreas and liver.

Phase 2 

Now, you can have carbs but with proper instructions. In this part, you’ll be losing weight slowly but gently, and all other aspects of your health will start getting healthy. It can take more than two months (until you reach your goal). 

Why Gently? 

It is because you have to restart your pancreas and liver working procedure gently. Making it hard for them may cause health issues as well. 

Phase 3 

Once you reach your desired goal, it’s time to maintain it. In phase three, you’ll learn how to maintain weight even if you cheat on your diet and how you can avoid weight gain. 

So, this is how the book works! 

Does the Book Really Help to Lose Weight Faster?

Yes, it does! 


Well, it’s no secret. For the first two months, you have to be on a deficient carb diet, and it’s a calorie deficit as well. It’ll help you to lose weight faster. 

But is it healthy? 

Well, I doubt it! 

What Does the Metabolism Miracle Book Include? 

As it’s just a book instead of a weight loss program, you won’t get any extra bonuses. However, if we look inside, there are many things the book offers. 

  • Detailed knowledge of metabolism type B 
  • Faster weight loss diet plan (low-carb)
  • Healthy weight loss diet plan (with healthy carbs)
  • Weight tracking and management 
  • Monitoring weight (without even a scale)
  • Exercise guide 
  • Healthy meal idea with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack

How Much Does the Metabolism Miracle Diet Cost (Including a Refund Policy)? 

The Metabolism Miracle diet is available on Amazon. The price varies depending on its format. So, here is the price structure: 

  • Kindle version: $11.99 
  • Hardcover version: $11.70 
  • Paperback version: $13.75

However, there is no refund policy unless you receive the wrong damaged books (as per Amazon refund policy). 

My Experience With the Metabolism Miracle Diet 

After trying many diets and supplements, I wasn’t losing weight. That’s when I considered looking for something that might work for me. That’s when one of my friends recommended checking the metabolism miracle. 

Metabolism Miracle by Diane Kress is one of the bestselling books in the fitness niche. It was on the 2010’s New York Times bestseller list. 

In the ‘is this you’ (which is a questionnaire) section, I found out I have metabolism type B. Now, I wanted to give this diet a try. 

So, here is my experience in these three phases. 

Phase 1

The book compares phase one with spring cleaning, getting rid of masses, and achieving a faster metabolism. 

In phase one, I had to cut off carbs completely. So, I decided to stick with it and avoid all carb-dense foods. 

Unquestionably, the first three days were super tough! My mind was just killing me to eat carbs; it felt like being a drug addict. I was feeling exhausted, and I was always irritated. It was so tough. It felt like I was punishing myself. 

However, the book have real-life stories how it feels like in the first phase and that really helped me to understand what may happen to me in the near future.

Also, the yes list (a list of foods i can have) and sample meal plan have made things relatively easier on my side. The FAQ (at the end of every chapter) was a life-saver. 

Note: These two months were tough! In fact, I felt sick and tortured! I don’t think you deserve to torture yourself like this. Also, if you have any metabolic condition or are diabetic, please don’t follow this program. It’ll make things worse. 

Phase 2

You can have carbs BUT healthy carbs in smaller amounts in this phase. This section has meal plans which suggest carbs like multi-grain white muffin, light-whole grain bread, etc. 

I just hated this part. When it comes to eating carbs, I never expected to eat dairy products. That’s why many give up on this phase. 

However, this section has everything in detail, meal plans and, in the end, a FAQ section.

Although phase two’s meal plan is based on foods from phase one,with a few low carb items. 

Phase 3 (Final Phase)

Phase three was a relief as now I can eat the carbs I love. Now, my metabolism can handle carbs like protein and healthy fats.

There were still instructions on eating carbs based on my age. Also, there was a detailed guide on ideal timing for having carbs with examples. 

However, there are also guides on what if you need more carbs and how to get yourself back on track. How to avoid gaining weight again. 

Then again, these are the mouth-watering meals in this phase (for the rest of your life). 

  • Chocolate Ricotta Pudding 
  • Chocolate Brownie Muffins 
  • Mashed Cauliflower 
  • Slow-Cooked Beef And Bean Chili 
  • Shish Kebab
  • Chunky Chicken Salad 
  • Potato-Ish Salad 
  • Cabbage Soup 
  • Miracle Grilled Cheese 
  • Crispy Tortilla Cheese 
  • Silver Dollar Pancakes


The book doesn’t require any complicated exercise plan. You don’t even need to get a gym membership. It just requires 30 minutes every day (I repeat every day). 

All the exercise plan refers to burning fat and saving muscles. Instead, I will say there is no particular exercise plan. It’s just that I had to increase my physical activity. It primarily recommends doing my daily chores and staying active. 

I also made healthy choices like using stairs instead of elevators—lifting weight, etc. So, if you are slobby and hate doing your chores, it’s time to make a better version of yourself. 

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The book has many recipes specifically for lunch, dinner, snacks, and dinner. Most of them were delicious (depends on your taste bud). 

However, I didn’t have to struggle because of all these recipes. 

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Other Things That I Liked 

  • In-depth knowledge of metabolism B and diabetes problems and how you can control it
  • Real-life transformation story of people with metabolism B 
  • Dine-out guide 
  • measuring progress without a scale 
  • A positive approach to the diet

Do I Recommend the Metabolism Miracle? 

not recommended tag

Well, No! I don’t recommend the metabolism miracle! 


Metabolism miracle works but sometimes at the cost of your health. Also, phases one and two felt like torture to me. And, I got sick as well. 

Then again, it’s a 13 years old book, and I cannot blame it for that reason. Well, I didn’t have many resources, but you have. 

There are many programs available nowadays that can help you lose weight without torturing yourself. 

That’s why I don’t recommend the metabolism miracle. 

Pros and Cons of Metabolism Miracle 

Just like other products, metabolism miracles also have some pros and cons. Before reaching a decision, make sure you go through this.


Proven diet plans
In-depth knowledge of metabolism B
Faster weight loss
Encourages healthy eating 
Meal plans with recipes included 
Including real-life stories (that motivate the reader to stick with the diet)
Helped many people to make it to a healthy lifestyle 
Exercise plan included 


Phase one is tough 
Oldish approach (as it was published in 2009) 
Only applicable for metabolic type B 
It can be risky as it’s extremely low carb initially

What Do Others Say About the Metabolism Miracle? 

As you can see, the comments are pretty mixed up! 

However, in the positive reviews, I found many wholesome reviews like how this diet has affected someone’s finances, how it helped people gain more confidence, etc. 

In the negative reviews, I found four common complaints. Which are: 

  • The book is full of fluff and unnecessary information. (Somewhat true
  • Quite risky and makes people sick (extremely low carb diet fact)
  • Super tough, and most readers gave up in phase one (low carb diet fact, again).
  • Many (primarily carb-lovers) faced difficulty switching to healthy carbs in the 2nd stage. 

Also, many have compared this diet with the Atkins diet. 

Solution That Actually Works: Noom

Noom Diet & Weight Loss Program App

In terms of losing weight healthily, the only way is to go for a personalized solution. Now, going to a metabolic center for this is hugely expensive, and more often, they promote harmful supplements. 

To solve this problem at a reasonable price, Noom is the best solution. Noom is a paid app that helped thousands of people with weight management.

Noom offers personalized meal plans based on your needs, personal coaching, progress tracking, and weight management without cutting off any food groups, everything for $59/month.

Noom is also based on behavioral science. It helps you break your unhealthy eating habit, focus on nutrient density, and allows you to adopt healthy eating habits. 

So, if you don’t want a diet to go harder on you, then Noom is the best solution for you. 

Final Words 

Undoubtedly, the metabolism miracle is an excellent book. But it’s oldish as it was published in 2009. Also, it’s super tough to stick with such a complex diet plan. 

In 2022, there are many great alternatives available like Noom. It is one of the best fitness apps that understands your modern life problems and helps you to solve them. Weight loss with noom is easier and more fun. 

So, if you don’t want a torturous weight-loss journey, there is no better alternative than Noom. 


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