Metabolic Factor Quiz Review: Read This Before You Take It

What is Metabolic Factor Quiz & Should You Take It?

Last Updated on March, 2023

The Metabolic Factor Quiz is a free online survey developed by Dr.Jonny Bowden. This Quiz helps the participants determine their unique metabolic type and fat-burning type. With that, it also helps the participants decide what to eat to burn fat, feel full, and stay energized throughout the day by providing a customizable Metabolic Factor Blueprint.

I’ve completed the Quiz myself, so now I’ll let you know how it works, how to complete it, how long it takes, and most importantly, is it worth your time. 

But before we get into more detail about the Quiz, let’s take a look at what Metabolic Factor Is First. 

Metabolic Factor is a fully customizable 22-day diet plan which focuses on your body’s hormones that helps promote weight loss in a completely natural way. The program has helped hundreds and thousands of people to lose fat. The plan is great for people who’ve previously failed to achieve their weight loss goals and are struggling to maintain a healthy weight.

Before you start the plan, you’ll need to complete this Quiz thoroughly if you are to see results throughout the course of the plan. By the way, it’s also worth noting that even if you are not interested in taking this Metabolic Factor program, you can try this Quiz out because it’s completely free.

Anyways, continue reading to know more about the Quiz and what you can expect from this when participating to complete it. 

Get Started With The Quiz Right Here. It’s Easy, Quick, And Completely Free

How To Complete The Quiz?

Metabolic Factor Quiz

You might’ve taken several other Quizzes, Polls, and Surveys in the past, such as; Beano and 16 Personalities, all of which are pretty interesting in their own right, to be honest. But probably not as helpful as this Quiz you’re about to take right here. The Metabolic Factor Quiz can be life-changing. 

To complete the Quiz, what you have to do is just answer some basic questions simply about you. Each and every question you’ll go through is extremely easy, and it takes not more than 2 minutes to complete. These are the question you’ll have to answer:

  • Your Gender.
  • Your Age Range.
  • The Amount Of Weight You Would Like To Lose.
  • Your Eating Habits. 
  • Your Lifestyle.
  • What Your Goal Is.
  • Your Previous Experiences In Losing Weight.
  • Which Part Of The Body You’ll Want To Lose Weight (Such As The Belly, Hips Thigh and More).
  • How Quickly You’ll Want To See Results.

Once you’re done answering all the questions, you’ll be greeted with a video by Dr.Jonny Bowden. This video explains everything you need to know about your fat-burning type based on the questions you’ve answered. It also explains why it is so hard to lose weight without knowing your unique type and provides you with some little info about the Metabolic Factor Program

After you’re done watching the video, you’ll get your customized diet plan included with 3 foods that’ll put your body into a fat-burning mode and help you achieve your expected weight loss. 

The Fat Burning Types

Your Unique Metabolism plays a big role, and without knowing it, you might find it hard to shed pounds. But most diet plans don’t even take this into account. 

The thing is, all of the plans provide its users with some lackluster information with some basic eating and exercise plans. And almost all of them fail to get the results they hope for, and even if they do see results, they’re probably short term and get back all the weight within a few weeks. 

So, this is where the Metabolic Factor Diet comes in. It completely focuses on activating your metabolically active tissues (MAT). These tissues play a huge role in the fat-burning process and what’s fascinating is that only five percent of these tissues cover your whole body. So, the MAT is what regulates your Fat burning Type and even the Metabolic Factor path.

Knowing the four fat-burning types is important because it is what, as I said before, is key to losing weight.

Level 01

People with fat-burning type level 01 have a slow metabolism, and they’re more dependent on carbohydrates and sugar in order to stay active. This means instead of burning fats for increased energy levels, the body wants to hold on to it, and for energy, they often rely on carbs and sweets.

At this level, people also experience regular mood shifts and shed much lower pounds. Because the MAT in their body is often underutilized and fails to take full advantage of it, and because of this, all the extra weight gets stored in the belly and abdomen area. They also feel less energetic and are regularly hungry throughout the day.

Level 02

People with fat-burning type level 02 also have carb cravings and often end up gaining weight extremely easily, and to lose it, they will have to struggle. These folks have a very high level of inactive MATS, and all the weight that needs to vanish basically gets collected in areas like the belly and abdomen area, just like the level ones.

That’s not the only problem. These level two’s also suffer from the Stubborn Fat Pockets. Fat pockets are where all the fats get built up in places like the abdomen, neck, thigh, cheeks, and face. 

People at this level always fail to see their desired results even after engaging in a variety of diets.

Level 03

People with fat-burning type level 03 have an average metabolic rate. So they are able to lose weight easily but should be careful with their habit of eating. Because if they’re not, they can get all the weight back.

Level 04

This is the level where the MAT is perfectly utilized. People at this level have a stable mood and find it hard to gain weight. Even if they stack up weight, they can get rid of it relatively easily. They can eat whatever they want and never expect to gain a single pound. 

But it’s worth noting that level 04 fat burners can become level 03 as they get older and fail to invest some time in exercise. 

Why Take the Metabolic Factor Diet Quiz?

You might be thinking, how can I lose fat by taking this simple Quiz. YES, you can’t. However, it lets you know your body’s fat-burning type and how metabolism works. 

Knowing this can do a whole lot of good because it lets you know what food works for you and how it can help burn fat calories. With that, after watching the post quiz video, you’ll also get a customized diet plan that specifically works for you to shed weight.

Is it Worth it?

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If you factor in the information you get, then Yes, It’s completely worth trying out. It takes just 2 minutes or so to complete, and in return, you get a whole lot of information. So even if you don’t go in the Metabolic Factor Route, you’ll get something out of this metabolic factor quiz. And there is no reason for you not to give it a try.

My Alternative for Metabolic Factor Program

Metabolic Factor is a great program, and If you’re interested in trying it out, or even if you aren’t interested, I would like you to check out Metabolic Cooking. It is a diet-friendly eating plan and a cooking guide that’ll help you to shed fat and refine your overall health. 

I’ve used the program for myself and have experienced great results physically and mentally throughout the course. Before getting into the program, I was 30 pounds overweight, and today, I’ve lost 15 of those unwanted pounds, thanks to Metabolic Cooking.

Metabolic Cooking Cookbook

This diet plan is completely different from Metabolic Factor, and even if you complete the Quiz, you can seamlessly integrate it with this program without any problems. It offers so much for the price you pay. And speaking of price, the book just costs $10, and there are no additional costs whatsoever.

Final Thoughts on the Metabolic Factor Quiz

Apologies for distracting you away from the main topic. Anyways, This Quiz is a great way to know more about your body and its metabolism. It is free, easy, safe, and takes less time to complete. And most importantly, it gives you some idea of how to lose weight in a much simpler way at no extra cost. 

So, why are you still here? Go ahead and try out the Quiz right now!

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