Metabolic Effect Diet Review: Does It Work Or Just A Scam?

Metabolic Effect Diet Review: Does It Work or Just a Scam?

Last Updated on October, 2023

Metabolic effect diet was one of the top notable diet books-stated by times magazine in 2011. The book was quite popular in the fitness industry at that time. 

Now, it’s 2022, and it’s been more than 11 years. Does it still work? 

In search of a gold mine, I found the metabolic effect diet. Now the question is, is it really gold or just another piece of stone? 

Unlike other metabolic effect diet reviews, you will learn everything you should know about the book. It’s the most in-depth review of the metabolic effect diet available on the internet, I bet

So, sit tight and read the rest! 

What is the Metabolic Effect Diet? 

Weight Loss

Metabolic effect diet is a book-based diet that claims to promote weight loss by balancing hormones.

The book teaches how to fasten the fat-burning process by activating hormones and losing up to 2% of your body fat per week. 

The book contains a lot of information like a personalized diet plan, workout plan, and everything that you need to turn your metabolism into a fat-burning machine (that’s what the book claims). 

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Who are the Authors of the Metabolic Effect Diet? 

Jade Teta and Keoni Teta

The Teta brothers, Jade Teta and Keoni Teta are the book’s authors. Both of them are well-known doctors, certified personal trainers, and biochemists. 

Besides, Keoni Teta is also an acupuncturist, whereas Jade Teta is well-known as an entrepreneur and personal trainer in the fitness world. 

With their experience and knowledge, they have revealed many myths (like aerobic exercises for weight loss) in this book. Also, they have shared how eating right can help with weight loss faster. 

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How Does Metabolic Effect Diet Work? 

Metabolic effect diet

The metabolic effect diet focuses more on fixing hormonal imbalances. Depending on your metabolism, the solution will be different. It can be exercising, a diet plan, or supplements. 

The first stage is to determine what type of ‘burner’ you are to fix your hormonal imbalances and boost metabolism! 

There will be a quiz to determine where you’ll see questions and options of answers. 

Depending on your responses, it’ll assess your burning type. 

There are basically three types of burners as per the book. Which are: 

  • Sugar Burner 
  • Muscle Burner 
  • Mixed Burner (aka fat burner) 

Once you figure out your burning type, you are ready to start! 

Depending on your burning type, you will find plenty of food, fruit, vegetables, protein, whole grain, fat, sugar, and dietary recommendations in the book. Also, you’ll get a diet plan and an exercise plan, depending on your burning type. 

Also, there will be personalized tips like what you should avoid, what to eat more, how to sleep and how to deal with stress, etc. 

Is the Metabolic Effect Diet Safe For Everyone? 

See, a safe diet varies from person to person. However, it’s always better to consult your doctor or dietitian before starting a new diet. 

Still, many consider the metabolic effect as a safe diet. It because- 

  • Created by certified doctors and fitness experts. 
  • Multiple diets and workout plans, depending on your burning type. 
  • Recommends healthy eating habits.
  • Doesn’t recommend any harmful substances. 

Considering all these, the metabolic effect diet can be regarded as safe, but I still doubt its efficiency. 

What Does the Metabolic Effect Diet Include? 

Metabolic effect diet

As you already know, the metabolic effect is a book. Unlike other programs, you are not getting any bonuses at all. However, these are the contents of the book:

Basic Knowledge

The book is beginner-friendly. You’ll learn how the diet works and what’s your burning type through a quiz session. Then again, you’ll also discover a section where you’ll know what you should eat and what you shouldn’t do to lose fat. 

Also, you’ll learn facts like burning fat vs. burning muscles, hormones vs. calories, etc.

Diet and Nutrition (Including Diet Plans)

The book contains two food plans. In the beginning, you’ll see food groups and foods that support your metabolism system. These foods will promote faster fat loss

Then again, there are food plans and muscle-building recipes that will help you get back in shape. The book also contains practical tips for grocery shopping, cooking, and meal planning. 

You’ll see all the 5-6 meal plans (as per the diet suggests) and recipes for reward meals. 

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Sneaking Into a Healthy Lifestyle 

Most of the time, we only think about exercising and dieting. While struggling with these two essentials, we avoid many small possibilities that can help us to boost metabolism faster. Like: sleeping quality, alcohol consumption, use of light and so on. 

Then again, spirituality controlling your mind plays a significant role. There is a dedicated chapter on how you can trigger your mind spirit and be healthy again. 

Exercises (Including Workout Plans)

Exercise is essential. If 60% is diet, then the rest of the 40% is regular exercise. The book contains 2 exercise plans. The first exercise plan, metabolism sparks workout, boosts your metabolism and promotes faster fast loss. 

The second exercise plan, the metabolic transformation workout, focuses on building muscles, releasing hormones, and burning fat. 

Metabolic Effect Diet Review: My Experience 

While looking for a fitness book for $10, I found this book. While looking at the book, I found the writers have outstanding profiles, and they are well-known in the fitness industry as well. 

Despite being an 11 years old book, I decided to try it! Knowledge never gets old. 

Once I got the book shifted to my house, I finished the quiz and found my burning type. I was a mixed burner. Then as per the instruction, I started following the personalized plan for my burning type. 

Diet Plans 

Diet Plans

Initially, I had to follow the metabolic spark food plan. Here I found a list of food groups and foods. Also, there was advice like: 

  • Eat within every 2-4 hours 
  • Don’t eat 2 hours before you sleep 
  • Count your bites

Then there were lists of starchy carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, smoothies (with recipes), proteins, and reward meals. 

There was a list of foods that I should eat as a mixed burner in the next section. 

Once I was done with the metabolic spark food plan, it was time for the transformation diet

At the start of the diet, I got introduced to many healthy ingredients like: 

  • Good Fats.
  • Whey Protein Powder.
  • Green Tea. (1)
  • Black Tea. (2)
  • Herbal Tea. (3)
  • Spices And Condiments.
  • Sweeteners.
  • Chocolates And Cocoa.

Also, I learned how to read food labels and buy according to them. 

After that, there were solutions for dietary issues like hunger, lack of energy, cravings and fat burning. 

For example, When I felt hungry, I had to take foods with fiber or whey protein. If I was feeling less energetic, I had to take green or black tea.

I had a sample grocery list and tips I should consider while making a grocery list in the next section. Also, the book has an informative guide on making grocery lists, it’ll help you to make an ideal grocery list for yourself. 

After that, you’ll see a few meal plans and recipes of:

  • Smoothies.
  • Breakfast Meals.
  • Salads.
  • Chicken Recipes. (4)
  • Main Dishes (For Lunch And Dinner).
  • Vegetable Dishes.
  • Desserts.

With all these available recipes, you have to plan your daily meals and prepare them for yourself.

However, if you want to know how the transformation diet meal plan looks like, then here is a meal plan I followed for a day: 

Meal No 1: 7 AM 

Whey Protein Shake.

Meal No 2: 10 AM 

Omelet with four egg whites, ten bites (tbsp) oatmeal, 1 cup green tea, and one medium-sized apple.

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Meal No 3: 1 PM 

A large bowl of mixed salad with grilled chicken.

Meal No 4: 4 PM 

Protein bar and one banana (high in fiber).

Meal No 5: 6 PM 

Apple with 1 tbsp of peanut butter.

Meal No 6: 9 PM 

Steamed vegetables, sweet potatoes (10 bites), and one chicken burger. 

So, this was all about the meal plan. 

Exercise Plans


Besides the diet, the book has given enough importance to the exercise plans. Just like the meal plan, you have to start with metabolic spark workout plan at the early stages. 

At the beginning of this chapter, there were guidelines on how to workout and how it helps. Then there were workout rules like: 

  • Choose four hybrid workouts. (5)
  • Complete 1 set (12 reps) and move to the next exercise 
  • Do a circuit repeating 
  • Take rest when you are tired 
  • Do your best in the 20 minutes (as many reps as possible)

Then again, there were guides on choosing weight, warm-up, cool down, exertion scale, heart rate, walking, metabolic rest-intervals, etc. 

There was a list of hybrid exercises based on each of your body parts like:

  • Back. 
  • Chest.
  • Arm.
  • Shoulder.

You have to choose an exercise from each section and create your exercise plan. For instance, here is the exercise plan down below that I followed: 

  • Squat.
  • Chest Press.
  • Lunge.
  • Deadlift. 

Once the metabolic spark phase is over, it’s time for the transformation phase. In this phase, the workout process is a bit different.

The workout format is: 

  • Warm-up for 60-150 seconds. (6)
  • While weight exercises, increase the amount of weight.
  • Perform a set (8 reps).
  • Hybrid circuit workout for 20 minutes.
  • 5 minutes of supersets.
  • Cool your body down for 150-240 seconds.

You should follow this exercise 3 times a week. 

What Are Supersets? 

Supersets are basically combinations of 2 exercises done back-to-back without any rest—for example, Push-ups and rows or chest and shoulder presses. 

My Overall Review 

Overall, I didn’t like this program!


Well, there are a couple of reasons. Which are: 

  • I had to make my own meal plan and exercise plan which was confusing.
  • Preparing 5-6 meals a day isn’t easy; it’s time-consuming. 
  • Eating within every 2-3 hours is strict. 
  • The book is oldish. It looks like a book of the ’90s called naturally slim and powerful by Philip Lipetz. 
  • The exercises were exhausting. 

However, I did lose some weight. But, the efforts I have put into planning meals and exercises isn’t worth it.

Do I Recommend it? 

not recommended tag

No, I don’t recommend this book. 

It’s an 11-year-old book. In this one duodecennial, many things have changed. Nowadays, there are many promising programs available. Without giving effort to planning, you can stay healthy and lose weight. 

So, the metabolic effect diet is a no-go if weight loss is your concern. 

How Much Does the Metabolic Effect Diet Cost (Including Refund Policy)? 

The metabolic effect diet by Jade and Keoni Teta is available on Amazon in three formats. Here are the prices of the metabolic effect diet book. 

  • Paperback edition: $9.89 
  • Hardback edition: $15.20
  • Kindle edition: $12.99 

Pros and Cons of the Metabolic Effect Diet 

Before making a buying decision, consider checking these pros and cons. 


Experts wrote the book
Whole food and healthy grain suggestion 
Balances hormone 
Promotes faster fat loss 
Time-efficient effective exercise but planning takes time 
All the methods and meals are packed with scientific evidence 
It helps you to sneak into a healthy lifestyle


5-6 meals preparing and planning takes a lot of time 
Meal and workout planning is time-consuming 
Oldish approach

Better Alternative: Noom

Noom Diet & Weight Loss Program App

If you want to stop FRITTERING time on planning, organizing, and preparing, then Noom is the perfect solution. 

In this modern world, most of our weight gain reasons are different. It’s mostly our habits.

Noom is a paid app (costs $59/month), and it understands all your weight gain reasons and the psychology behind it. That’s why Noom follows an approach that helps you achieve healthy eating habits and breaks all your bad habits that cause weight gain. 

Besides, Noom also offers: 

  • Biometric tracking 
  • Progress tracking 
  • Consultation 
  • Unlimited educative contents 
  • Meal Plans 
  • Food suggestions 

In 2022, if weight loss and a healthy lifestyle are your concern, there is no such alternative to Noom. 

Try it today, and you won’t regret it!

Final Words 

Metabolic effect diet is an informative book, no doubt. However, it’s more than 11-years old, and all the approaches are also old. 

In today’s competitive world, we don’t have much time for planning and preparing meals all day long. That’s why a book like this will be boring, and you’ll end up following an unhealthy lifestyle. 

That’s why Noom is the perfect solution for you. From meal plans to consultation, everything is available in one app. Also, you’ll be able to track your biometrics and progress as well.

I would highly recommend you to try Noom. You won’t regret it! 


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