Metabolic Cooking Review: Is This Diet Program Worth Buying?

Metabolic Cooking Review: Is This Recipe Cookbook Worth it?

Last Updated on June, 2024

Metabolic cooking is a cooking guide and a weight loss program that changes how people think about food. It’s a nutrition-based, personal, and individual approach to cooking that encourages people to incorporate healthy and sustainable food into their diets. 

The focus of metabolic cooking is on sustainability, in which ingredients are used in ways that preserve both time and money with minimal waste. 

But the main question is, does it work? Or is it just the same as other So-Called “Fat Loss Cookbooks” that use unhealthy ingredients which often increase fat rather than fight against it? 

To find it out, I purchased one for myself because I very much needed a fat-burning diet to–” you know the answer.” So in this metabolic cooking review, my goal is to introduce you to metabolic cooking and provide a clear description of what it is and how it works.

So let’s get started…

 Overall: 4.9/5
Program Effectiveness
Program Benefits
Every recipe present in this book is straightforward to prepare
You’ll learn how to make the perfect breakfast and get all of the nutritional information you need to start your day
Metabolic cooking includes vegetarian recipes
This book offers a few healthy snack options to help you avoid getting too many calories
The Recipes are Quick and Easy
Designed to be high in healthy fats, which provide numerous benefits that an imbalanced diet could never give you

What is Metabolic Cooking?

The Cookbook

Metabolic cooking is a diet-friendly, healthy eating program and cooking guide designed to make it easier to lose weight and improve your overall health.

Metabolic cooking recipes provide both nutritious eating and metabolism-boosting so that you’ll be able to enjoy delicious foods on a daily basis with little effort and lose fat at the same time. 

This cookbook provides easy-to-follow metabolism diet recipes, meal plans and contains everything you need to lose weight in a healthy way without having to starve yourself.

It also includes recipes that are quick and easy to make so you can get back on track with your diet quickly! 

Metabolic Cooking
Metabolic Cooking
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Author Of Metabolic Cooking


Actually, there are two authors who created metabolic cooking, Karine Losier and Dave Ruel. Both of them are life partners, and with their experience in this field, they decided to make this comprehensive cookbook. 

Karine Losier, also known as the “lean kitchen queen,” has a master’s degree in psychology and is known for her top culinary skills and fitness training. Her degree is what helped her to understand how hard people struggle when it comes to losing weight. 


Her partner Dave Ruel is a chef, nutritionist, professional fitness trainer, and a competitive bodybuilder. He is also known for his other book, the “Anabolic Cooking program.”

After hearing enough struggles from people, this coupled with their love for tasty recipes, food, fitness, and passion for helping people, they decided to create something that’ll make the process of burning body fat much easier, and this is where metabolic cooking came into existence. 

What’s Inside Metabolic Cooking Cookbook?

Well, this is where it gets feisty. This program has tons of content. Metabolic Cooking has 9 different cookbooks which are different from one another and contains over 200+ downloadable healthy recipes in each book, all of which provide top fat-burning foods with different fat, protein, and carb combinations for best results.

Those 9 books cover recipes for smoothies, side dishes, snacks, breakfast, vegetarian, fish and seafood, pork, chicken and poultry, and red meat. Along with all these, you’ll also receive 4 more bonuses.

Every recipe present in this book is straightforward to prepare, and each contains important nutritional information.

Here’s a quick look at what the books contain.

1. Breakfast

This ebook is about breakfast recipes. You’ll learn how to make the perfect breakfast and get all of the nutritional information you need to start your day. Also, the Breakfast cookbook features 20 nutritious and delicious breakfast options that can help you lose weight.

2. Side Dishes

The Metabolic Cooking cookbook includes 30 side dishes to match its main course recipes. This consists of a list of side dishes that are both low in calories and taste great. They can be carb-heavy or veggie-heavy, and there’s something for everyone!

3. Red Meat

If you’re a fan of red meat, this cookbook includes it. The program recommends eating meat but in moderation. It also points out lower-fat cuts of meat and how to substitute meat with other sources of protein. 

4. Chicken & Poultry

You might’ve already heard of these foods if you’re in this world of dieting for long enough. Metabolic cooking focuses a bit more on the nutritional content of chicken and poultry and discusses how to use it in recipes. 

Karine and Dave have also stirred things up with fresh and robust ways to enjoy these delicious meals. Each of these dishes is ideally designed to be straightforward and can easily contribute to your weight loss journey.

Keep in mind that Some recipes in this cookbook can take longer to cook, but they’re generally not more than 30 minutes long.

5. Vegetarian

Metabolic cooking is for everyone; if you’re not a fan of the previous meat-based dishes or just wanted to take a break from it, then there are vegetarian recipes. But the thing here is that the recipes are a bit limited compared to other cookbooks.

Also, it is worth noting that the recipes in this particular cookbook were prepared by another chef. This is because Karine and David readily admitted that they are a bit inexperienced when it comes to this category. However, provided with easy recipes and delicious foods, you won’t be disappointed. 

Here are some of those vegetarian dishes:

  • Egg Salad Sandwich.
  • Quinoa Burritos.
  • Peanut Butter Nut Fudge.

6. Snacks

Snacking can be a dieter’s worst enemy. Without realizing it, you can sabotage your fat-burning process by snacking on unhealthy foods. This book offers a few healthy snack options to help you avoid getting too many calories.

7. Fish and Seafood

This cookbook has one of the best recipes in Metabolic cooking. Fish is undoubtedly a good source of protein. So it’s essential to include it in your diet.

8. Pork

You might already know that pork is off-limits when on a diet. But, even Though it’s true, The book highlights the minerals and nutrients it provides and includes delicious recipes to help promote healthy fat loss. 

9. Smoothies

This is probably the world of smoothies. There are many different types of smoothie recipes: yogurt-based, milk-based, water-based, and juice. The possibilities are endless! All of them taste great in many different ways. The book says that they can be healthy, and what’s more, they ensure maximal fat burning. 


Here’s everything you need to know about the 4 bonuses. 

Free Bonus 01: The Fat Loss Optimizer Guide.

Fat Loss Optimizer book

Even though it is a Bonus, this book is kinda like the entry point into the program. The manual contains some vital information that you must take a look at before you get started. Essentially, this instructs you on how to use the program and get the best out of it. 

This bonus book contains excellent pieces of information and tips such as:

  • 10 Rules of Metabolic Cooking.
  • How to use the Metabolic Nutri Profile.
  • Advice on how to become a Metabolic Cook.
  • What kinds of high-fat burning foods that have the ability to burn fat faster and more effectively.
  • Things You’ll Need In A Kitchen.
  • How To Do Well With Your Cooking.
  • Helpful Ideas For Saving Money.

Free Bonus 02: The Metabolic Salad Builder and Metabolicious Dressings.

Metabolic Salad Builder Book

In this bonus, you’ll get to know how to prepare salads that make a great impact on the metabolic cycle and help burn fat much faster. 

Along with the Metabolic Salad Builder, you’ll also get this Metabolicious Dressings, which is a guide on how to make healthy salad dressings that’ll enhance the taste and speed up the metabolic rate of the salads. 

It also recommends avoiding the processed and sugar-filled dressings you typically get at supermarkets. 

Free Bonus 03: The Thermo-Charged Seasoning Guide.

Thermo Charged Seasonings Book

This bonus is all about adapting to periods of time when you don’t have time to cook. The plan is to prepare something like chicken, fish, or any other protein source you’re using ahead of time and keep it for when you don’t have time to cook. 

When the time comes, take the meal that you stored beforehand and add this Sodium Free Thermo-Charged Seasoning to that particular meal, and there you have it! A delicious metabolically fueled meal within a matter of seconds.

Free Bonus 04: Metabolic Cooking Quick Sheets.

Metabolic Cooking Quick Sheets

This is the final bonus, and I would say it’s a much-needed one. The Metabolic Cooking Quick Sheets will help you organize every other resource that’s included with Metabolic Cooking, enabling you to follow the plan as smoothly as possible. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A list of recipe finders.
  • A grocery shopping master list.
  • A printable daily food log.
  • The entire Metabolic Cooking glossary. 

And More… 

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How Much Does Metabolic Cooking Cost And Is There Any Refund Policy?

With over 200+ recipes and restaurant-grade healthy fat-burning food every day, what would you expect to pay?

To get all this information and quality food recipes, you’ll need to pay just $10. This offer is for a limited time… otherwise, this program costs $29, so this is your chance to get this program for the lowest price ever.

Also, buying this program is 100% risk-free because you have a 60-day Money-back Guarantee! If you are not satisfied or failed to get the results you wanted, you can return the program back, No-questions-asked. 

Metabolic Cooking
Metabolic Cooking
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My Experience With Metabolic Cooking!

A Girl Cooking

Metabolic cooking for me was a massive success, and to be honest, I did not expect a $29 program to be this good. However, it really exceeded my expectations. 

4 months ago I got to know about this cooking guide. At that time, I was around 30 pounds overweight, and I needed to do something to get back to my old look. I was so much happier when I wasn’t this weight. It was hard to get motivated sometimes; I needed to find a healthy way to lose weight. I tried many things, but nothing seemed to work.

After spending hours online and reading articles, I still couldn’t find the answer. I finally took a different approach and spoke to a friend who is a professional trainer. He then told me about metabolic cooking diet program

I was skeptical at first because I had already tried many other weight loss books, and it all seemed to be a bunch of hype. I decided to take the chance with this program, and I am glad that I did. It was straightforward to follow, and the recipes were super simple to prepare and, most importantly, healthy. 

As I lost weight, my confidence was building, and my friends noticed the difference in me. Seeing me like this made them start talking about how much they have seen me change. 

I am now down to 8 pounds overweight from thirty, and when people ask me how much have you lost?.. I just smile and say, “about 10 pounds”. 

Metabolic cooking caught on really well, and I had a lot of success with it. I am so excited about getting my old body back.

My Favourite Recipes From Metabolic Cooking

These are some of my favorite dishes from Metabolic Cooking’s recipes after getting to try out everything.

  • Hot Paprika Shrimp
  • Healthy Lemon Mustard Herb Chicken
  • Choco Mint Smoothie

Pros and Cons of Metabolic Cooking

Some of the pros and cons I’ve experienced during my time using metabolic cooking are listed below.


They’re Nutrient Dense: The goal of the Metabolic Cooking plan is to create an eating scheme that will help you achieve your personal objectives while still giving you all of the nutrients and energy you need to thrive. 
They Contain Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates: It’s about time someone gave us some good news about carbs! The second goal is to create a well-balanced diet with macronutrient ratios that are in line with what we should be eating if we want to have a leaner body mass index (BMI).
They’re Low In Calories: The final goal is to create a diet that’s lower in calories yet still gives you the vitamins, minerals, and energy you need to be healthy. 
The Recipes are Quick and Easy: If you’re like me, then you don’t have much time in your busy schedule to cook elaborate meals. With the recipes in this book, you can get a healthy lunch or dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes, and you’ll only need to spend about 5 minutes or less preparing most of them.
They’re High In Fiber: The Metabolic Cooking plan is designed to be high in fiber, which helps us feel fuller longer. If you’ve ever found yourself reaching for something to eat even though you just finished a meal, then this will help prevent that from happening!
They’re Low in Sugar: The recipes do not include added sugars, which is a major problem with many of the other plans you’ll see in other cookbooks.
They’re High In Healthy Fats: Metabolic Cooking is designed to be high in healthy fats, which provide numerous benefits that an imbalanced diet could never give you. These foods play a vital part in my life because they allow me to maintain my energy levels while distributing fat throughout the body, so I have a leaner appearance.
They use Sustainable Foods: It’s no fun cooking meals that take too long to prepare, and it’s no fun eating foods that don’t taste good. So, I have to look for foods that are both nutrient-dense and taste good.
They’re Low On Trans Fats: The way we use oils and fats in our foods today is very unhealthy, especially trans fats. Trans fat is a solid at room temperature, but it has the ability to turn into a liquid when heated so it can coat an oil or shorten as part of a food preparation process. Unfortunately, this puts trans fats into the same category as saturated fat because they increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes. 
They’re Vegetarian Friendly Too: this book also contains plenty of recipes for vegetarians, so if you’re looking for a more plant-based diet, then you won’t be disappointed! 
They’re Family Friendly: yes! If you have a family and if you’re thinking that you will need to cook separate dishes for them, don’t be!


There Is Plenty Of Content That Needs To Be Downloaded: with over 10 different ebooks, everything needs to be downloaded separately. So if you have a sluggish internet connection, get ready to spend a little time downloading everything. 
Lacking Photos Of Food: certain food recipes are missing pictures, making it difficult to know what the finished product should look like.
No Workout Plans: There is no exercise plan for people who want to work out with their meal plans.

What Are Others Saying? (Metabolic Cooking Review By Other Customers)

Here are some of the customer testimonials about Metabolic Cooking I found online.

Customer Review 1
Customer Review 2

Final Verdict

Karine and Dave cartoon picture

Metabolic cooking set helped me get back into shape. The guide is easy to use and provides you with many diet plans that are proven to work for most people. 

If I can use the guide to lose weight and help me get back into shape, then you can too! One of the best things about the guide is that there’s just a bunch of easy recipes and information available. There is something for everyone. 

It has a ton of content and will not leave you bored. The metabolic cooking recipes taste great and are suitable for anyone. 

So finally, Should you put up with any problems on a program that costs $10, probably not but do any of the above complaints constitute a showstopper? Definitely not. If you’re shopping for a Fat Loss Cookbook” you now know you’re in for a whopper of an offer with the metabolic cooking cookbook, and in exchange, you’re getting the most extensive feature list there is. 

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Does It Take Longer To Prepare The Meals In Metabolic Cooking?

Absolutely Not! In metabolic cooking, the preparation time for the majority of the meals takes less than 30 minutes.

Who Is Eligible To Use Metabolic Cooking?

This program is for everyone. No matter your age, gender, or eating background, Metabolic Cooking can help anyone. 

Is It Hard To Prepare The Recipes On Metabolic Cooking?

Each and every metabolic cooking recipe is extremely easy to prepare. However, even if you don’t have much experience with cooking, the book provides some simple techniques with step-by-step directions that deliver high-quality taste and good nutrition.

Metabolic Cooking
Meal Plans




Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Every recipe present in this book is straightforward to prepare
Metabolic cooking includes vegetarian recipes
The Recipes are Quick and Easy
They’re High In Fiber
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
There Is Plenty Of Content That Needs To Be Downloaded

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