Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Review: (2023) Does It Work?

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Review: (2023) Does it Work?

Last Updated on January, 2023

The crazy demand for Hydroxycut Next Gen is unbelievable. The Hydroxycut Next Gen is the talk of the town. From what I gathered by speaking to many is that Hydroxycut Next Gen promotes energy, fat loss, metabolism and appetite suppression. Hydroxycut products are affordable to most and are known to be effective and affordable. 

However, before I recommend a product I make sure to try it out and detect if there are any red flags! The product uses many strong ingredients to bring out the best results, and so far, the customers have loved Hydroxycut Next Gen. 

This article contains information you need to know about Hydroxycut Next Gen fat burner. It covers everything, from the ingredients to where to purchase it from and the possible side effects. Most importantly, it would help if you had professional advice before buying fat-burning products. 

Keep reading, and I will entertain you for the next few minutes! (lol) and you will learn how Hydroxycut Next Gen will support weight loss and make your life perfect! 

Hydroxycut Next Gen (Overview) – Weight Loss Aid 

Hydroxycut Next Gen is a fat burner designed to help lose weight, and this is also called Muscletech’s Hydroxycut hardcore. Hydroxycut is a brand that manufactures many other weight loss products and is reputed to be one of the best. 

This dietary supplement enhances the metabolism rate in the body. Taking Hydroxycut hardcore compliments in stimulating ultra-amplified thermogenesis. This enables many people to be more productive at the gym, and other stimulants in the supplement boost energy. 

Do you know what happens when caffeine is added to a powerful stimulant? It improves mental focus and enhances workout performance. It gives you superpowers, and you will do multiple reps at the gym and burn more calories. 

Hydroxycut Next Gen fat burner

Who is the Manufacturer of Hydroxycut Next Gen?

muscletech logo

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen is a Muscletech product. Muscletech claims that Hydroxycut Hardcore is one of the most revolutionized products ever, and it is more because of the customer base and the demand for this product. 

Hardcore next-gen is the support you have been waiting for to lose weight. The Muscletech research and development team put great efforts into bringing in a great product with excellent quality to cater growing needs of people. 

Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore product consists of many ingredients, and the key weight loss ingredients are listed below for you to know better. 

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Hydroxycut Hardcore Fat Burner Key Ingredients 

MuscleTech strictly follows non-proprietary practices; they keep all proprietary blends out of their products. 

Green Coffee Bean

This is a key weight loss ingredient. Green coffee beans are coffee beans before being roasted.  

The green coffee bean extract contains high chlorogenic acid, and Chlorogenic acid reduces blood pressure and weight.

It also reduces blood sugar, controls insulin, and reduces the absorption of carbohydrates.

a human holding green coffee bean

Caffeine Anhydrous 

Anhydrous is without water or somewhat dehydrated or processed caffeine. This ingredient deals with the central nervous system by increasing alertness, keeping you more focussed during your workouts. 

Coleus Extract 

Coleus extract is an ayurvedic extract, and the plant extract has been used in India over the past centuries for various purposes. This plant-based extract helps to reduce inflammation, support post-workout recovery, and boost testosterone levels in your body. 

Blue Skullcap Extract

Blue Skullcap Extract

The blue skullcap contains an active compound that boosts nitric oxide production in the body. This plant is a member of the mint family. Increased levels of nitric oxide aid metabolism, thereby reducing fat deposits in the body.

Yohimbe Extract 

Yohimbe extract is a key ingredient in any weight loss supplement. Because it has stimulants that boost fat burning and energy levels like adrenaline. Scientific studies show that consuming Yohimbe extract has resulted in a 2.2% fat reduction in the body.

Ophiopogon Extract 

Ophiopogon Extract on the table

Ophiopogon extract has many benefits. It mainly fights inflammation, boosts the immune system, and improves blood flow. It even helps gastric reflux or other gastric problems and improves digestion. 


This is an antioxidant that aids the immunity system and blood flow and also increases metabolism, mood, relaxation, and energy levels. 

Features and Benefits of Hydroxycut Next Gen 

There are a few key features of Hydroxycut Next Gen, 

  • Extreme Energy 

Unlike other fat burners that make you sluggish or groggy, Hydroxycut’s hardcore next-gen product makes you burst out with energy. It is primarily because of the high levels of caffeine present in only one pill, and the energy boost is one of the main features of this product. 

  • Enhanced Focus 

An increase in mental focus can come in handy when working out or performing other work. Hydroxycut next-gen makes your mind sharp as a knife, and you will notice it a few weeks into the pill. 

  • Effective Weight Loss

There are many ingredients in the product that help with weight loss. Scientific studies show that people lose a considerable amount of weight by consuming a product with a calorie-reduced diet. These are primarily categorized as weight loss pills, and that is mainly because they are excellent fat burners. 

Just as much as the product sounds great, every action has its opposite reaction. These are called side effects in our world. Here are a few side effects you may encounter while consuming Hydroxycut hardcore next gen. 

a girl checking body size with a Measurement tape
  • Headaches
  • Nausea 
  • Acid reflux 
  • Increased heart rate 
  • Stomach pain 
  • Loss of Appetite 
  • Weakness
  • Joint pain 
  • Fatigue 

Are a few to mention for your knowledge. 

How to Use Hydroxycut Hardcore to Effectively Lose Weight? 

Hydroxycut Next Gen fat burners and a girl checking body size with a Measurement tape

The recommended dosage of Hydroxycut products is stated in the bottle itself. If what is on the bottle is confusing, read below, and all your confusion about how many capsules to take will vanish.

Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen product consumption, as advised, is fine as long as you do not have any other health complications. However, an average person with no complications can consume the recommended dosage per the manufacturers to eliminate extra weight effectively. 

The capsule should be taken 30-60 minutes before two main meals a day. 

  • Day 01 and 02 – Take one capsule a day. 
  • Day 03 and 04 – Take two capsules a day. 
  • Day 05 and 06 – Take two capsules with meal 1 and 1 capsule with meal 2. 
  • Day 07 and onwards – Take two capsules two times a day. 

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Where to Buy Hydroxycut Hardcore? 

Hydroxycut hardcore fat burner can be bought from Muscletech’s official website, Amazon, or even if you walk into a Walmart or GNC. 

How Much is Hydroxycut Hardcore? 

The Hydroxycut hardcore is priced at $ 26.95 plus shipping and handling charges. 

Refund Policy 

The product can be refunded as long as it is in its original packaging and within 30 days of purchasing it. 

Hydroxycut Next Gen Customer Reviews 

Most clients are satisfied with the typical results of the next hardcore next-gen. They make sure to leave a positive next gen review at all times. I will share a view of those in this article to show how much people love hardcore next gen. Reading the reviews made me realize this product’s natural weight loss results. 

I received this product from MuscleTech. If you are sensitive to stimulant products, follow the initial dosing directions. Normally I am sensitive to products, but I was not from this. This product provided a good boost of energy and helped control hunger. On workout days, I only took one serving as my pre-workout has stimulants in it as well. I recommend this product to individuals needing assistance with hunger cravings and energy boost from a weight loss Product.
Alejandra of Birmingham
This product has Red-40 in it. I had been taking it for a while and constantly had an upset stomach with bloating. I decided to stop taking it to see if that was the cause of my distress, and sure enough, I felt 100% better the next day. One more caveat red 40 is known to cause cancer. They did a study on mice, and the outcome wasn’t good. My advice would be to shop wisely and think about your health.
Tessa of Florence
Not my favorite. I have tried one pill taken between 5-6 am as directed for 10 days and am still unable to acclimate. I can’t sleep even though I take only one pill, and I take it so early in the morning. I go to bed between 9 and 10 pm, tossing and turning all night, yawning and craving sleep. I’ve tried guided meditation, relaxation techniques, and anything to get to sleep, and nothing worked. I take no other stimulants, and this is the only change I’ve made to my daily habits.
Caleb of Barksdale AFB

Is the Supplement Worth Buying?

Scientific data gathered from two randomized, double-blind, placebo group controlled studies in 2006 revealed that the average weight loss with the key ingredient was 10.95 lbs. in 60 days with a low-calorie diet and 3.7 lbs. in 8 weeks with a calorie-reduced diet and moderate exercise.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen formula is powerful and features potent doses of key ingredients. This unique combination delivers the ultimate stimulant experience. But this has many side effects reported, and the strong ingredients used in making the product have their drawbacks. 

Too much caffeine is not recommended to our bodies, and it can cause many adverse effects. Customers have often complained of feeling dizzy, fatigued and bloated. As I have previously mentioned, the product is a little hardcore for most people. 

So no, it is not worth buying. You will experience one side effect or two while using it, and the damage it will do to your body is inevitable. Hydroxycut’s brand is known for producing the best results but with great irreparable damage!

Next Best Alternative – PhenQ

PhenQ has not been in the market as much as the other products that we know. PhenQ delivers multiple fat-blasting thermogenic ingredients in one, and I think this is a better alternative for apparent reasons. 

This product is easy to use and healthier than the Hydroxycut Next Gen. It supports a fiery metabolism and crushes cravings, making it much more effective in reducing accumulated fat. 

PhenQ targets your weight loss in five different ways. It helps in burning fat. The product burns fat mostly by suppressing the appetite and sustaining energy levels all day.

PhenQ Supplement product

Secondly, PhenQ stops the accumulation of fat in your body and prevents fat cells from growing. Thirdly it crushes food cravings. Reduce all your cravings for sweets and carbs and make you feel full at all times! It also boosts energy and balances the mood. Unlike Hydroxycut Next Gen, this supplement does not make you feel groggy and unhappy. 

PhenQ has 190,000 customers in such a short time; I suppose it cannot go wrong with PhenQ! There is a refund policy of a money-back guarantee if you return the unused PhenQ within 67 days of receiving the product, and PhenQ will give you a full refund, excluding shipping costs. PhenQ uses an easy-to-use formula, and it contains 60 pills per bottle. One PhenQ bottle costs $69.99, and there are better offers if you purchase more than one bottle at once! 

PhenQ contains the following ingredients, 

  • Chromium Picolinate: This helps in curbing cravings for food high in sugar. 
  • Caffeine: This keeps up the focus and helps to reduce fatigue. 
  • Nopal Cactus: This ingredient makes you full with very little food in your stomach. 
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate: This helps burn excess body fat into energy! 

All these ingredients together make PhenQ one of the best products on the market! If I had to choose between the two, I’d always choose PhenQ!


It is not a scam. However, the FDA has previously warned Hydroxycut Next Gen products due to severe side products. Iovate health sciences recalled a few of the products, and Hydroxycut hardcore next gen was not stopped and was not recalled. 

The effectiveness of the pill is subject to many factors. But in general, within 60 days, one could lose upto 10.95 lbs. 

There is no need to consult a doctor. However, if you fall into the placebo group, taking some medical advice, second opinions, and a little research before consuming this product is better. 

Final Verdict! 

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen is an excellent product in the fitness world, and it helps fat loss by increasing metabolism. Hardcore Next Gen has always been a reputed company with many successful outcomes. I am not saying that all of their products are the best, but the majority are. 

This Next Gen Review is mainly based on scientific facts backed by real-life experiences. The product has many natural ingredients but also heavy doses of caffeine. Too much caffeine in the body is the reason for half of the side effects listed in this article. Therefore, it is always wise to closely monitor your body and its changes when consuming the supplement. 

The PhenQ alternative is almost similar to Hydroxycut Next Gen and a healthy option. There are equal benefits with minimal side effects, and I guess that is a jackpot. 

One small piece of advice I want to give before I part with this article, we must not ever deteriorate our good health for any reason whatsoever. It is best to follow natural and less adverse ways to achieve more incredible things in life. Causing more damage to your health is not recommended at all by this author! Have a healthy life! 

PhenQ Supplement product
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