Millie Bobby Brown Workout Routine & Diet Plan (Revealed)

Millie Bobby Brown Workout Routine & Diet Plan (Revealed)

Last Updated on July, 2024

Imagine it is a perfect day; you enjoy your morning coffee and some hot pancakes with maple syrup. Then, a few minutes later, you regret all that you ate just because it is unhealthy, and you know for sure you will gain a few pounds the next day! 

I can relate to this misery, and that is why I am sharing Millie Bobby Brown’s crazy workout, which will leave you with zero regrets. This workout is particular because it is not just one type of workout. Millie’s workout routine is a fruit salad which makes it interesting. 

I can guarantee that you will not get fed up with this within a week, usually the case. Millie Bobby Brown Workout Routine is enjoyable, but it will also burn a larger amount of calories considerably. 

Millie Bobby Brown! 

Millie is a teenage English actress who starred in the famous sci-fi Netflix series “Stranger Things” She is also known as “Eleven,” which was her character name. 

She has over 46.5 million followers on Instagram. She is a fashion icon for most young girls and boys. Millie was named one of the 100 most influential people globally by Time magazine, becoming the youngest to be included in the list. She maintains a healthy body weight that matches her BMI, so her workout routine is outstanding. It is not too much and not too less. 

Millie Bobby Brown Body Stats 

Millie’s Height 5 feet 5 inches 
Millie’s Body Weight 47-49 kg (103-108 pounds)
Millie’s Age 18 years (February 19th 2004)
Millie’s chest size 32 inches 
Millie’s waist size 24 inches 
Millies hip size 33 inches 

Millie’s Go-to EVERYDAY WORKOUT Routine

Millie Bobby Brown Workout Routine

Millie Bobby Brown works out 5 days a week. She focuses more on her strength training and cardio routine primarily. These workouts are generally intense. All those intense workouts and healthy food make Millie a perfectly fit human we all aspire to be! (right?) Bobby Brown’s workout routine includes the following; 

One Minute of Each:

  • Jumping jacks 
  • Planks 
  • Crunches

30 Seconds of Each:

  • Squat jumps 
  • Squat walks 
  • Squat pulses 
  • Plank hops 

She continues the above routine for 4 reps until she is drenched with sweat and cries say no more! (haha) Not to forget, Millie’s rest times are strictly limited to 80-120 seconds per rep. Millie Bobby also engages herself in high-intensity training which includes the following; 

One Minute of Each:

  • Weighted squats 
  • Chest press
  • Russian twists
  • Inclined weighted crunches 
  • Front raises 
  • Hip thrusters 

This high-intensity workout routine helps both her upper and lower body. In addition, these workouts keep her resistance and endurance much more, leaving her energetic throughout the day. 

Watch Millie Bobby Brown’s daily routine:

Millie Bobby Brown’s Workout Fruit Salad! 

Millie Bobby Brown's Workout Fruit Salad

I mentioned earlier, Millie incorporates many other training and workout methods to keep things spicy. Her workout routine is not just a fixed routine. As talented as she is in her acting skills, Millie Bobby Brown is well versed in multi-tasking!

Muay Thai Training

This is one of Millie’s favorite types of workouts. Millie Bobby Brown has been engaged in muay thai training for quite a while. Training muay thai is a lot similar to kickboxing. This is a martial art that comes in handy in an emergency. 

Millie’s muay thai routine includes punching bags, muay thai sidekicks, and roundhouse kicks. These muay thai training workouts take care of her upper and lower body toning. 

Weight Training 

Incorporating weight training into a workout routine is a smart move. However, a healthy lifestyle does not mean just doing some cardio. Instead, it would be best if you focused on making your muscles strong. For example, Bobby Brown’s workout routine includes kettlebells, barbells, and dumbbells. 

Yoga Routine 

It is essential to keep in mind that an intense workout is not the only way to stay healthy. Yoga and meditation are known to be very effective in the long run. For example, Millie Bobby Brown workout includes Yoga because it calms her and reduces stress levels. Her social media page shows that she is a talented yoga student! 

Millie Bobby Brown is a pro in some of the asanas. Yoga is a great way to keep your mind and body balanced. (because we live in a crazy world!)

Millie Bobby Brown: Healthy Lifestyle That You Do Not Want to Miss! 

Millie Bobby Brown's Healthy Lifestyle

I want to highlight a few important things in this article: Millie Bobby Brown’s body and her lifestyle details. Of course, we all know all actresses follow a light food diet. But keep reading for some surprises! 

Millie Bobby Brown and Her Metabolism Rate 

Millie Bobby follows her diet, but one important thing we must not forget is that she does not have to follow a strict diet because she is young, and her metabolism rate is fast. Younger people have a fast metabolism compared to older people. Millie Bobby Brown being a teenager is an added advantage that some of us might not have. Fast metabolism favors her to keep on this amazing fitness level with fewer worries. 

If you want to know how to gain weight with fast metabolism, Click here!

Millie’s Hydration Level 

It is important to be hydrated. Hydration helps in many ways to keep you fit and healthy. According to the professionals, Millie Bobby Brown drinks closer to 3 liters a day if time permits, and that is the average water intake.

I am sure one of her best pieces of advice for you is staying hydrated.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Diet

Millie Bobby Brown diet plan is not that hard to follow. The diet plan mainly consists of healthy foods like veggies and fruits with adequate protein. She does not forget to munch on other healthy stuff like protein bars after the gym. 

The best thing about Millie Bobby Brown diet is that she does not forget to eat her favorite fast food item. Her favorite Mcdonald’s burgers and a soft drink are also included in this diet plan! (lol) I mean, I am totally with her! We should not forget to spoil ourselves a little! 

Other amazing celebrity physique:


Final Thoughts.. 

Millie Bobby Brown workout is not just one niche. It is a mix of many. This is also why the workout routine is known to be very effective. Once, she mentioned on one of her social media platforms that she started her workout routine at a young age mainly to learn new techniques in performing her stunts in stranger things. 

Television Series star Millie Bobby Brown’s workout plan is very effective if you follow it up with Millie’s diet plan. However, you must not forget to treat yourself to a fast food meal now and then. (it is a part of Millie’s healthy lifestyle

We must not forget that our anatomies are different; what suits Millie Bobby Brown might not work out that well for you! But do not be afraid to try and make changes to your plan according to your needs. 

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