Bailey Sarian Weight Loss Journey (Workout Routine & Diet)

Bailey Sarian Weight Loss Journey (Workout Routine & Diet)

Last Updated on April, 2024

Losing weight can become so much easier when you know how people you admire and look up to accomplish their own weight goals.

So, if you are struggling to lose weight and looking for some inspiration, look no further!

The Bailey Sarian weight loss journey will give you the push you need to lose weight in no time.

Who is Bailey Sarian?

With over 6 million subscribers on the platform, Bailey Sarian has found her place amongst celebrities and makeup artists as a successful Youtuber specializing in makeup videos and true crime.

Yes- you read that right. As Sarian says on her youtube about, “YES, it’s an odd combination, but I couldn’t just pick ONE topic to focus on; why not mix them both together?”

Bailey Sarian posted her first video in 2013 and began her career as a Youtuber, focussing mainly on makeup tutorials.

But her youtube channel really grew when she published her first Murder Mystery and Makeup video in January of 2019, and since then, this video has gained 10 million views. 

This series became a regular on her youtube channel, along with her ‘Dark History’ podcast series. She has gained widespread fame since, both for her killer makeup looks (no pun intended) and her sunny personality.

Bailey Sarian’s Bio

Full NameBailey Brooke Sarian
Known AsBailey Sarian
Birth DateNovember 26, 1988
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, U.S.
OccupationYoutuber, Podcaster, Makeup Artist
Net Worth$8 million
SchoolPaloma Valley High School
Height5 feet 8 inches
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Twitter Link

What Happened to Bailey Sarian?

Bailey Sarian

Bailey opened up about having gone through a difficult patch in her life in 2020 (and I’m certain we can ALL relate with this) because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She was traveling in Europe with her family when the pandemic hit. This situation understandably meant a lot of stress and fear for her. Hearing Bailey say in an Instagram Story before leaving Europe that she was “not excited about going home to the Corona chaos” highlights this sentiment.

During this period, it is also reported that Bailey had to face the loss of a family member.

Amidst all this stress, taking care of herself lost priority. Sarian found herself neglecting her health and, as a result, gained a bit of unwanted weight. 

However, after taking a small break from her social media platforms, Sarian returned, appearing to have lost weight. 

Continue on to find out how she achieved this weight loss!

How Did Bailey Sarian Lose Weight?

Bailey Sarian’s Diet

Bailey Sarian Diet

Bailey Sarian cut excess calories from her meals and shifted her diet to mainly involve healthy foods to achieve her weight loss. 

While Bailey does not follow a specific diet plan, she limits her calorie intake to just 1500 calories per day. 

Bailey Sarian’s Workout 

Bailey Sarian goes through regular workouts, but there is no specific workout routine that she follows.

You should ideally work out at least three times a week to achieve the same success as Bailey in her weight loss journey. 

Bailey also made healthy changes to her lifestyle to achieve her weight loss.

Bailey Sarian Weight Loss: Before and After 

Bailey Sarian Before After

Sarian is currently living a healthy and happy life, having lost weight after the tumultuous pandemic period and her weight loss journey.

As can be seen in Bailey’s case, the key to weight loss lies in adjusting your diet to be more healthy, cutting down on calories and exercising regularly. 

By following these simple steps, you, too, should be able to achieve your weight loss goals with ease!

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