Fitbod App Review (2024) Excellent For Your Fitness Goals

Fitbod App Review (2024) Excellent for Your Fitness Goals

Last Updated on June, 2024

Sticking to a workout routine and progressing isn’t an easy peasy task. It can be challenging for some people who cannot stay motivated, but not necessarily for others.

In either circumstance, having a reliable fitness partner to guide you through your fitness journey can make all the difference and take you closer to your goals. 

If you are also looking for a reliable fitness partner, the Fitbod app, which has gained much recognition over the years, is worth a try. With guidance from Fitbod, you can continue working out in the gym, at home, or wherever you like. 

This Fitbod review comprehensively covers the details from overview information to cost to features and everything you may want to know.

 Overall: 4.9/5.0
Product Effectivenes
Brand Reputation
  • Auto-Generated Workout
  • Customizable & Interactive UI
  • Sends Notifications for Motivation
  • Guidance & Demonstrated Tutorials
  • Multiple Fitness Goals
  • Muscle Recovery Tracking
Brand Information
  • Fitbod was launched in the App Store for iOS devices in 2015
  • Allen Chen – Co-founder & CEO
  • Fitbod offers personalized, data-driven workouts
Product Benefits
  • Customizability makes it versatile to use for just about anyone
  • Highly functional yet interactive and easy-to-use UI
  • Free trial and fairly priced
  • Calories burned to track made as accurate as possible
  • And more

Fitbod: Overview

fitbod logo on a white background

Fitbod is a fitness app that focuses on the user’s strength area to help get fit even without a gym. The Fitbod app was initially released in 2015 and has ever since reached great success and rankings, making its way into the top 100 health and fitness apps. 

This app has over 900+ exercises covering endless options, including strength training and weight training. HIIT, powerlifting, and even bodyweight-only workouts too.

The core of this fitness app is an AI-powered training algorithm. This algorithm personalizes workout plans based on your specific fitness goals, preferences, and availability of gym equipment. 

The use of an AI algorithm is a standout and fascinating feature of this fitness app.

Although it sounds very fancy and complex, the AI does evaluate and understand your strength training ability based on the workout preferences you choose and study your past workouts to build a tailored workout plan compatible with whatever home gym equipment you have.

As you work out with the Fitbod app and continue to input your progress, the AI will have more reliable data to evaluate. This means the workouts will also positively progress onto higher levels, and you will receive more tailor-made workouts to reach your goals.

This app acts as a personal trainer answering your questions on muscle groups, muscle recovery, and performing certain exercises. 

Who is Fitbod for?

Fitbod is ideal for anyone of any fitness level because the workouts are personalized based on their current ability. For all those who don’t go to the gym, can’t afford a personal trainer, and want to save time commuting to the gym, Fitbod is a great option to provide guidance.

Even a beginner without a past exercise routine can start working out with Fitbod and build a fitness plan to get fit. 

Fitbod can help if you need help to build muscle mass, muscle tone, lose weight or get stronger.


How Much Does the Fitbod Cost?

At the time of writing, Fitbod offers two subscriptions for the Fitbod Elite Membership; annual at $79.99 and monthly at $12.99.

The price last increased in November 2021 and has remained the same.

Both the subscription options give unlimited access to the entire Fitbod workout library, and the subscription gets automatically renewed at the end of each billing period unless canceled. 

Fitbod has a simple cancel-anytime policy with no questions asked.

All you have to do is choose the ‘Your plan’ option under your account and simply click on cancel the subscription.

For further assistance, you can also get in touch with the Fitbod support team through [email protected]

fitbod app showing a variety of workout programs

However, Fitbod does offer a free trial period that allows you to follow and log three workouts to try out the app. After logging the three workouts to continue with Fitbod, you must upgrade to Fitbod Elite.

Getting Started With Fitbod

You can download the Fitbod App from either iOS or Android app store. Sign up with relevant details and get started with your fitness journey.

The following steps will walk you through how to create personalized workout plans;

  • Choose the muscle group you want to target.
  • Pick an exercise you prefer doing.
  • Pick a workout style/ splits: push, pull, upper body only, or lower body only.
  • Select the availability of fitness equipment you have access to.
  • Pick fitness goals: general fitness, muscle building, strength training, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting.
  • Choose your strength training ability: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced
  • More selection options on workout duration, cardio amount, warm-up/cool-down exercises, etc., can be customized.

You can also fill in the basics and let the app generate a workout program. 

Features of the Fitbod

Auto-Generated Workout Based on the History You Input

The Fitbod app generates AI-tailored workouts considering your preferences and previous workouts to achieve your current goals. These workouts are specially created on your strengths and weaknesses, focusing on your goal and available equipment.

As you continue working with Fitbod and log your progression, Fitbod can improve and generate better and more effective workouts to match your growing abilities.

So as you progress and improve, Fitbod will improve its workout recommendations to keep you up to level.

Highly Customizable & Interactive UI

You can create a highly customized plan to align your goals and gym equipment availability.

You can either let the AI generate the program or self-customize it on many aspects, including the type of workouts, duration, supersets, warm-up/cool-down sets, cardio options, etc.,

Even within the autogenerated workout program, you can make many changes to ensure it perfectly fits your liking.

Add or remove workouts, update your experience level, training splits, goal, and whatever else you want changed.

All this is offered on a simple and intuitive UI to ensure even the not-so-techy people can easily use it.

user friendly interface of fitbod app

This is a big YES because it attracts people of many experience levels to use the app without issues. 

Unlike free fitness apps, the Fitbod app has no significant issues or bugs interrupting the app’s running.

Sends Notifications for Motivation

The Fitbod app sends push notifications on exercise days, including an overview of the scheduled exercises to keep motivation levels up.

You can customize the delivery time of these push notifications to ensure you don’t ignore them.

Guidance & Demonstrated Tutorials

All workouts on the Fitbod app are high quality, featuring videos and descriptions for each exercise to help you understand how to do it properly.

This is an important feature for all beginners to ensure you get the workouts right and avoid potential injuries due to possible wrong forms. The app also shares tips on adjusting workouts that suit your body best. 

Multiple Fitness Goals

fitbod exercises and programs

The Fitbod adapts six main fitness goals;

  • General fitness– For beginners getting started without a specific goal or yet to discover, general fitness will target exercises focused on overall fitness and physique.
  • Strength training– For users who want to build muscle mass, increase gains, improve strength, and focus on main muscle groups.
  • Muscle tone– For users who want toned and sculpted muscles. This is achieved through high repetitions and minimal rests. 
  • Bodybuilding– For users who want to build muscle for a larger and stronger body. 
  • Powerlifting– Focuses on bench presses, squats, and deadlifts to improve strength. 
  • Olympic weightlifting– Focused on a specific group of users, including snatch and clean jerk lifts.

You can choose one of the goals above and allow the app to create a fitness plan focused on the goal.

Based on your selected goal, the amount of weight, number of sets, and reps will change to achieve the set goal.

When the cardio recommendations feature is ON, you’ll get varying suggestions based on the goal.

Training Splits Based on Goals

Fitbod offers many training split options to decide your workout structure based on muscle groups and recovery.

Training split options to decide your workout structure based on muscle groups:

  • Fresh muscle groups– A workout will be created targeting two of the most recovered muscle groups 
  • Upper/ lower split– A combination of workouts targeting the upper and lower body.
  • Full body– Targets overall body muscles with a variety and challenging workouts
  • Push/ pull/ lower split– Exercises targeted on pushing and pulling motion and lower body involvement. 

Muscle Recovery Tracking

a fit man in the background with the fitbod logo

Muscle recovery tracking is crucial in strength training to ensure you don’t overwork your muscles or miss any muscle groups. When planning future workouts, Fitbod automatically considers muscle groups and allows time within the plan for recovery and rebuilding.

Each muscle group is given a percentage reflecting the muscle freshness (calculated based on prior workouts of the week). Based on these percentages and the ongoing workouts, Fitbod recommends a weekly muscle recovery plan. 7 days is allocated as the muscle recovery duration.

For the comparatively fresh muscle groups, Fitbod will suggest workouts to keep up performance. The impact caused on these fresh muscles is calculated by considering weights, sets, and repetitions. This is then given as a percentage for the users.

Under the recovery tab, Fitbod displays a visual heat map with muscle group stats.

Fitbod facilitates customizability within the muscle recovery feature too. New users, users who may have trained outside the app workouts, or users who think that the calculation does not align with their norm, you can make relevant changes.

The app will provide adjusted calculations accordingly.

Before & After Results With Fitbod

Before and after the results of any workout plan, a major deciding factor that reflects its worth. A great way to determine this is to explore past user reviews and transformations of certified users.

Below are before and after success stories and transformations for your reference;

Victoria Zanoudakis takes a picture of herself before and after a weight loss program

Figure 1. Victoria Zanoudakis, a law student from Cleveland

Victoria Zanoudakis, already into lifting weights, struggled to follow a routine to achieve progress. When she started living alone, she finally decided to change things and get fit by losing weight. 

Fitbod helped her lose over 85 lbs and brought her down to 4 sizes smaller. The app helped her stay on track by boosting her motivation and confidence.

She benefited from Fitbod’s workout structures, progress tracking, new suggestions, and guidance videos to perform the exercises properly. 

two pictures of John Padgett before and after his weight loss

Figure 2. John Padgett, a senior director from Florida

John Padgett suffered from high blood pressure at just 35 years. He has been following an unhealthy lifestyle and decided to change his life around when he became a father and lost his father to multiple heart attacks. 

He has been using Fitbod for over seven months and has lost over 20 lbs. He got off his blood pressure medications and has made healthy changes, including clean eating and quitting smoking.

Pros & Cons of the Fitbod App


Customizability makes it versatile to use for just about anyone
Fitbod algorithm supports continuous progress and development
Highly functional yet interactive and easy-to-use UI
Supports an extensive selection of equipment
Focused on strength training and muscle building
Variety of training styles
High-quality workout content with high-production value videos
Calories burned to track made as accurate as possible
Free trial and fairly priced


Advanced lifters may find the app lacking variations in traditional movements
It does not feature expert fitness personalities
No nutrition support

Comparing Fitbod to its Competitors

Fitbod Vs. Jefit

Jefit is a fitness that allows you to plan, track and log your workouts. Ideal for fitness freaks who prefer laying out a long-term workout plan. Jefit offers over 1400 workouts and has a free version with attractive features.

This fitness app also hosts a community for all Jefit users to encourage and support each other.

However, content quality-wise, Fitbod is still better than Jefit. Also, its intuitive nature makes it easier to use. A standout feature of Fitbod is the customizability of the workout plan considering your fitness goals and available gym equipment.

Not many fitness apps offer this. The only downside to Fitbod compared to Jefit is the limited ability to log workout functions.

Fitbod Vs. Freeletics

Freeletics offers comprehensive customized training sessions based on your fitness goals. You can keep in touch with a coach to ensure continued development. Freeletics offers nutrition support considering your body and fitness goals. 

Freeletics specializes in High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), while Fitbod focuses on strength training. Freeletics is great for those with an established fitness record who want to challenge themselves and test their limits.

Fitbod and Freeletics are great fitness apps, but the ‘better suited’ audience differs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Fitbod fitness app is not free. However, you can sign up for a free trial to try and log three workouts. After that, the trial ends and you must sign up to continue using the app

Yes, Fitbod calorie tracking is accurate when the user provides up-to-date details such as weight, height, gender, age, and heart rate (for Apple Watch users).

No, Fitbod only offers monthly and annual subscription options, not a lifetime membership.

No, Fitbod does not require an internet connection to log workouts; the app will save and later upload the latest workout stats when a connection is available.

Fitbod App stands out from other workout apps with its variety of exercises featured with high-quality videos from different angles, providing users with a more dynamic experience. Furthermore, it uses user data to develop custom tailored workouts optimized to the user’s needs.

Final Words

The Fitbod fitness app works. No doubt there. And if you have also struggled to keep up with a workout program, Fitbod is a great app that could become your trainer to guide you through exercises and keep you motivated. 

The Fitbod app offers over 900 high-quality and effective workouts while accommodating your preferences and abilities. It is highly customizable around many variables to achieve the perfect fitness plan suitable for you and yet is a cost-effective option compared to most of its competitors.

You can also try the Fitbod app free of charge before having to purchase it. This will allow you to test it out and decide whether to give it a shot.

I hope you found this Fitbod review helpful in making an impactful decision to revamp your fitness journey.





Overall Score


High-quality workout content with high-production value videos
Customizability makes it versatile to use for just about anyone
Fitbod algorithm supports continuous progress and development
Focused on strength training and muscle building
Highly functional yet interactive and easy-to-use UI
Free trial and fairly priced
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
No nutrition support

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