FitFather Project 30x Review (2024 Upd.) Is It Worth Buying?

FitFather Project 30x Review (2024 Upd.) Is It Worth Buying?

Last Updated on July, 2024

Losing weight can be challenging when you’ve got a kid. That’s because you have to juggle between many things, such as jobs, tasks around the house, and looking after the little ones. With all of that, it can be tough to follow a workout program or a diet plan. 

But, just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Busy dads can also lose weight if they have the proper guidelines to follow, and the Fit Father program is for that very purpose. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this and how it might help you, read this Fit Father Project review to find out! We’ll cover all the most important details you need to know regarding the plan and how it can lead to a healthy lifestyle. 

 Overall: 4.8/5
Exercises & Meals
It comes with a $7 trial.
There are four different meal plans.
There are two main workout plan options to choose from depending on the type of life you lead as a father.
Access to a very supportive and helpful Facebook group.
You can make the most out of other bonuses through the Fit Father Project website.
Program Benefits
Each one of the meal plans is a comprehensive plan with its advantages.
2 types of workout plans (At Home & At Gym) depending on the type of life you lead as a father.
If you’re confused of finding difficulties with the program you can reach out them with their FB group support.
This program comes with age-appropriate alternatives for every exercise and plans to help you find the perfect fit.
The Fit Father Project is so flexible that you’ll be able to follow it despite your busy work schedules.

What is the Fit Father Project?

The best way to define Fit Father would be to call it a weight loss program or a fitness program in general. But, it differs from other fitness programs because it’s geared specifically toward dads who want to stay fit while dealing with the hustle and bustle of daily life as busy fathers.

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi created this program, covering many central aspects of keeping yourself fit. The Fit Father Project includes a workout plan and a meal plan, which promotes healthy eating habits that can help you get rid of stubborn belly fat while also helping you build muscle. 

In this Fit Father Project 30X Review, we’ll walk you through the most important details of this program and how it helps. Let’s start with a bit more information on who precisely the entire plan is for:

FitFather Project 30x program

Who is this Program for?

As already mentioned, the program is for any busy father that wants to get back into shape despite their busy schedule. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean busy fathers are the only people who can follow this program. Just about any man can!

Those who lead a busy lifestyle can try out the Fit Father Project. Generally, it’s ideal for middle-aged men in their 40s-60s. That’s because the plan helps people of these ages get into the shape of their entire life by assisting them in building age-defying muscle.

But, just how helpful is it for these people? That depends on the people behind it. So, before getting into further detail, let’s take a closer look at the creator of the Fit Father 30x program, Dr. Anthony Balduzzi.

FitFather Project 30x program
FitFather Project 30x
visa, master, amex, paypal

Some Details About Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

Staying fit isn’t just about losing weight, burning fat, or building muscle to look good. It’s about taking care of your body to stay healthy. That’s especially important if you’re a father because you must stay in good shape and fit for more than just yourself and your family.

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi lost his father at a young age due to cancer. Ever since then, he’s devoted his life to studying and tending to the health of fathers around the world.

As he grew up, he learned more and more, racking up many degrees and honors. Eventually, he got a Doctor of Naturopathy degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences. (1)

Soon after this, he fulfilled his goal of trying to help fathers around the globe by creating the Fit Father Project.

He’s an expert at all things related to health, and with his experience in nutrition, he created the Fit Father program. Please continue reading below to learn how it differs from other programs and what this complete program offers.

fit father project founder Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

What Does the Program Feature?

Every good program has a variety to it. The same is the case here, as the Fit Father Project features four main attractions. All of these come with even more options to find the perfect fit for yourself. 

The four things that the program includes are:

Now, let’s take a deeper dive into these by discussing the most important details:

Meal Plan

The main attraction of the Fit Father Project is arguably the meal plan. It’s the most significant help out of any other thing and can significantly help you shift towards a healthier life if you follow it. 

There are four different meal plans. Each one of these is a comprehensive plan with its advantages.

What’s best is that each of these is also very flexible. Dads are busy throughout their day, and the Fit Father meal plan recognizes that. That’s why it provides many options to choose from and lets you work your way. 

So, let’s take a look at each meal plan and what it has to offer. We’ll also discuss which kind of dad each meal plan suits best, so make sure to give a good read below to find your perfect fit:

the fit father meal plan

Meal Plan 1 

The first meal plan is for the busiest fathers who are always on the move. The kind of people that barely get a breather. They have to leave early in the morning and come back really late in the day, getting minimal time to themselves juggling between work, kids, and their other duties.

It walks you through everything you need about setting up a schedule and developing a diet plan to start living healthier. It’s an excellent option for 9-5 workers that helps them get the nutrition and energy they need to stay energetic for their children and spouses.

Meal Plan 2

Some fathers are busy at home because that’s what their jobs or other duties call for. Dads stuck in a schedule that involves having to sit around at home and work all day usually develop unhealthy habits after a while. They become too inactive and start feeling worse.

This meal plan can help them stay healthy by putting them on a diet plan suited to their daily activities. It involves fasting, in a way, since you’ll be eating breakfast much later than usual. 

This helps with losing weight and getting rid of that dad bod, as this meal plan drives your metabolic system to burn fat away by fasting at the best times.

Meal Plan 3

This third meal plan combines aspects of both previous options. The Fit Father project looks to tend to all kinds of dads, including those that live highly spontaneous lives. As given on the Fit Father Project website, this meal plan focuses on offering flexibility.

Unlike more restrictive diets, this plan gives you total freedom to take things your way. It gives you much flexibility when you eat, including the freedom to eat much later in the day.

Meal Plan 4

The fourth and final meal plan is an excellent part of the Fit Father Project, which night-shift workers will love. Essential workers or others stuck staying up at night often feel unhealthier and moodier than those around them.

The reason behind this is straightforward; the human body isn’t built to stay up at night and sleep all day. We need sunlight and melatonin because otherwise, we grow unhealthy. This final meal plan focuses on providing you with all the tips and suggestions needed to overcome this.

It’s one of the things we loved most about the Fit Father Project, as it goes into so much detail about the potential risks of working at night while helping you find ways to avoid facing those risks. 

It can help significantly reduce the chances of staying up all night while helping you feel much healthier overall.

Other Important Details

That’s not all you’ll find in the meal plans. They won’t just tell you when to eat. Each of these plans will provide a plethora of tips and suggestions that you can use to incorporate them into your daily life without trouble. 

On top of that, each plan also comes with a list of easy recipes that you can follow to make the best, healthiest food for yourself. It also covers the best on-the-move options for those always away from home. 

In short, it’s more than a bunch of simple “meal plans.” It’s much more intricate than that, as it covers all the most important details you need to make things work for yourself. Adjusting to a new diet can be very hard for some people. 

But, these helpful tips make it much more accessible, making them a very welcome addition.

Workout Plans

Once you have the right nutrition in your system, a proper workout plan can drive your efforts to be healthier. Luckily, the workout program in Fit Father Project is pretty much just as helpful and detailed as their meal plan. It’s also just as flexible and varied, which is excellent.

There are two main options to choose from depending on the type of life you lead as a father. For those with time to spare, there is a gym workout plan. But, those that are too busy for that can try out the home workout plan instead.

These plans come with multiple further options for you to try out. Let’s run you through more details about this:

the fit father workout plan

Gym Workouts

There’s no better place for weight loss than the gym. Any decent gym has all the necessary equipment to work your body and lose weight. The gym workout plan in the Fit Father Project will teach you how to make the most out of this equipment to achieve that.

This plan has five training exercises, all of which focus on strength and overall health. The main one of them all is Apex10. It’s also the hardest one. Apex10 works several aspects of the body and energizes you while improving your fitness.

A man working out in the gym

You can learn more details about this exercise and the other options through the videos you’ll get with the Fit Father Project. Each video covers expert tips on all the exercises discussed. On top of that, there are discussions of alternatives for each option.

Once you’re an aging father in his 40s, your body isn’t like it was in your younger age. Bones start aching, muscles start hurting, and many other issues arise. These issues only get worse if you try pushing yourself. 

That’s why all the exercises in the Fit Father Project have alternative options you can use if that suits you better, given medical history or other issues.

Home Workouts

There’s also a workout plan for those that work from home. This also mainly focuses on the Apex10 workout, but it’s adjusted to fit your home resources. This super effective workout significantly boosts metabolism and helps burn calories, which is why it’s focused on so highly.

We’re not revealing any significant details about the plan because that’d go against the rules of the Fit Father Project. You can learn more about it by visiting the program’s website and trying it out. 

The home workout section will also focus on helping you create flexible, effective workout schedules. This option is great if there’s no gym nearby or you don’t want to get a gym membership.

a man working out in the house

Other Details

The workouts help older men stay in shape without getting hurt. There are substitutes for each exercise if you have back/knee/hip/shoulder problems. 

On top of that, all the schedules are highly flexible and easy to work with, meaning you don’t have to worry about missing out on your daily dose of exercise.

As for additional information, you’ll be glad to know that workouts are slow and subtle. Start small and slowly make it big instead of instantly pushing yourself to the limit. It’s a great way to work your body to its full potential and stay in shape without breaking or damaging anything.

How Much Does the Program Cost?

As mentioned above, the Fit Father Project will cost you $97. That’s a pretty hefty price tag for a program that only lasts 30 days. On top of that, the trial version is paid too(it costs $7).

This is quite the investment, especially if you’re a father of many kids and don’t have much side budget to work with. Not everything about the pricing is bad, though. The refund policy is pretty neat and flexible. Speaking of which, let’s discuss that next:

Refund Policy and Where to Buy

Unlike a lot of different programs, Fit Father is confident in the plan it offers. That’s why the team also provides its customers with a 100% money-back guarantee. Anyone can get back their money after 30 days of the initial purchase if they aren’t satisfied or want a refund for any other reason.

All you have to do is email their support team and explain the details while answering some questions. Once you do that, you’ll be able to get a full refund for the product within 1-3 business days. 

This is an excellent relief for most people, as they’ll know that their money is well spent, or not spent at all.

As for where to buy this program, the only reliable source we recommend is Fit Father’s website. Anything other than that might be sketchy and scam you, so try out other outlets at your own risk.

FitFather Project 30x program
FitFather Project 30x
visa, master, amex, paypal

Weekly Progress to Explain How it Helps You With Weight Loss

a human checking another human's weight with a Measurement Tape

The Fit Father Project takes about a month to complete, and you’ll notice progress throughout each week of this month. Here are the signs you’ll start to see once you begin this plan:

Progress in Week 1

In the first week, the most significant change in your body will have to do with your metabolism. You’ll be doing 2 hours of exercise daily and focusing on building proper form while starting with the new meal plan. Doing so will boost metabolism.

By the end of this week, you might even lose weight (up to a few pounds). This weight loss is a great motivator for most people, pushing them to keep working to lose more weight. It’s a straightforward process that’s highly effective.

Progress in Week 2

Around the second week, the focus of the Fit Father Project will shift towards helping you build muscle while also working on weight loss. During this step, the program will focus on boosting testosterone to help you get into better shape.

You’ll add an extra half hour to your workout routine, focusing exclusively on muscle growth. On top of that, the meal plan will also change to introduce more carbs which the body can use for additional development and turning extra weight into healthy muscle.

Progress in Week 3

The third week will focus on increasing HGH. This refers to the Human Growth Hormone that’ll help you build lean muscle. This week, there’ll be just a few easy-to-introduce additions to the Fit Father Program.

The main addition will be the meal timing tricks. These help you get the best nutritional intake at the best possible time. That helps you lose belly fat and boost metabolism and testosterone even further. You’ll lose a lot of excess weight and turn it into muscles.

The main addition will be the meal timing tricks. These help you get the best nutritional intake at the best possible time. That helps you lose belly fat and boost metabolism and testosterone even further. You’ll lose a lot of excess weight and turn it into muscles.

Progress in Week 4

The last week is the most manageable because it focuses on reinforcing habits. You’ll evaluate your progress yourself while also focusing on figuring out what your plans are further on.

You can either keep using the plan moving on to grow healthier and healthier while also maintaining your progress. Alternatively, you can explore other programs if you want that at the end of the 30 days. Either way, you’ll fine-tune your body into the best shape.

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Advantages of Fit Father Project 30x

What advantages will all of these different things provide? Let’s summarize them:

  • It doesn’t matter how busy you are. The Fit Father Project is so flexible that you’ll be able to follow it despite your busy work schedules. It’s an excellent option for any father that barely gets time to tend to his health as there’s no set schedule.
  • The Fit Father Project knows its target audience. People in their 40s-60s aren’t the most athletic, nor are they the most durable. This program comes with age-appropriate alternatives for every exercise and plans to help you find the perfect fit.
  • The diets aren’t entirely restrictive. You can have fun meals with friends and family now and then. It even gives tips and suggestions on how to fit your favorite snacks and alcoholic drinks into your diet without ruining progress.
  • There’s an extensive range of workout options. There are enough tips to help you start the perfect daily exercise with what you have available. You don’t have to get a new gym membership to follow the routines.
  • Adjustment is one of the hardest things when following a new workout or meal plan. But, with the tips given in the Fit Father Project, you should be able to make the transition without any difficulties.
  • The Fit Father team has many helpful people that can help customers achieve their weight loss goals. Their accountability team is accommodating and always available to communicate with users. If you have any confusion regarding the program, they can clear it up for you immediately. 
  • It comes with a $7 trial. This is great for anyone that doesn’t want to spend too big on the program without testing it out for themselves.
  • The Fit Father Project is respectful towards most groups of people and their preferences. The meal plans aren’t so strict that they’d be affected by religious restrictions, and there are vegan options for vegetarians.

Cons of Fit Father Project 30x

There aren’t many cons to this program. It’s generally well-liked and quite good for what it offers. But that doesn’t mean it’s completely perfect. There’s still room for improvement.

The most significant disadvantage of them all is the price. The Fit Father Project costs $97, which is by no means cheap. You’ll have to spend big bucks on this plan to get the most out of it. This is a big shame for anyone who doesn’t have much to spare from their budget.

What makes it even worse is that the program isn’t entirely risk-free. Even though there’s a trial version available, even that costs $7, so you’ll have to spend either way. Even if that isn’t a lot of money, it’s still 7 dollars more than what other health programs might make you pay.

Those are the only objective cons of this program, and they aren’t even bad for those with the budget. Any other disadvantages are entirely up to the specific person following these plans

That’s because it offers more than enough variety to match anyone’s needs, so there are rarely any complaints except personal ones. This is something you might’ve noted if you’ve read other Fit Father Project reviews, as most talk about entirely different disadvantages.

Customer Reviews About Fit Father Project

The whole buying process is incomplete without going through customer reviews. They always help you make a better decision before buying a product or a service. We’ve scoured the internet to find some unbiased customer reviews to let you know what people think about this program.

Fit Father Project Customer Review 1

“A happy customer letting his feelings known about the program and the people associated with it.”

Fit Father Project Customer Review 2

“Here’s a success story from a customer who’s had a good overall experience.”

Fit Father Project Customer Review 3

“Oopsie! Looks like someone had a bad experience with the program.”

Fit Father Project Customer Review 4

“Not the best of experiences with the FFP for this fella here.”

Fit Father Project Customer Review 5

“Come on, it’s not that bad now, is it? Here’s a happy and satisfied busy father from the FFP community.

As you can see, people have had different types of experiences with the Fit Father Project. Some have loved every bit of it while others have had a daily bad experience. 

As a customer, it is your responsibility, and your right, to go through customer reviews as it can influence your buying behavior.

Is Fit Father Project Really Worth Buying? Does it Work?

To answer the question in the shortest words possible, yes. The Fit Father Project 30x is worth buying because it is versatile and considerate. It has options for all busy dads, and any other guys in their 40s or above can try it out too.

It’s an efficient layout model that helps in various ways, including help with weight loss and healthy muscle gain. Sure, it’s a bit on the expensive side. But, the positives are worth it if you have the budget to spare.

It certainly does work, and the progress chart we discussed above shows that. The entire program is designed to deliver precise results and keep users healthy. It’s an intricate and helpful option that most people above 40 will find beneficial, regardless of their daily schedules.


As long as you stick to what the Fit Father Project 30x teaches you, you will surely see results. We recommend checking it out if you’re a middle-aged man looking to get back into shape while tending to all other duties you have throughout the day.

It’s got many options to match any person’s needs, and it helps in various ways by providing plans for daily intake, exercise, a helpful Facebook group, and many great tips. In short, it’s the complete package for those who want to stay healthy in the later stages of life.

We’ve walked you through everything we know and feel about this program. Now it’s up to you to choose whether Fit Father is worth trying out!

FitFather Project 30x
Exercises & Meals




Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Each one of the meal plans is a comprehensive plan with its advantages.
2 types of workout plans (At Home & At Gym) depending on the type of life you lead as a father.
If you’re confused of finding difficulties with the program you can reach out them with their FB group support.
This program comes with age-appropriate alternatives for every exercise and plans to help you find the perfect fit.
The Fit Father Project is so flexible that you’ll be able to follow it despite your busy work schedules.
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of July
The Fit Father Project costs slightly high.

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