Emily Lark's Erase My Back Pain Review (2023) Does It Work?

Emily Lark’s Erase My Back Pain Review (2023) Does it Work?

Last Updated on February, 2023

Chronic back pain, or back pain generally, is one of the most frustrating problems. Not only is it very annoying and painful, but it also gets in the way of your daily life. The reason for this is simple; while your back is in pain, you won’t be able to move around much.

That’s why people suffering from back pain often cannot work correctly on certain days, do anything too athletic, or even go on some activities with friends and family. 

While specific stretching exercises and some pain medication might give a bit of relief, they’re not long-term solutions.

This is where a good back pain program comes in to save the day. The Erase My Back Pain program is top-rated, and I’ll review it today. From the basics to the essential details, here’s what you need to know about this program.

 Overall: 4.9/5
Erase My Back Pain program
Program Effectiveness
My Back Pain program has three vital levels
Beginner friendly
Tips on posture while sitting and sleeping
Some things help with stress relief
Straightforward but detailed system
Meditation audio series and a checklist
Program Benefits
Erase My Back Pain is a risk-free program
Each step and process is well-defined, making it easy for anyone to follow
Significant improvements in general health and improved fitness as well as energy levels
It saves time and money
It covers essential tips on posture

What is Erase My Back Pain – Back to Life?

Erase My Back Pain – Back To Life is an alleged pain relief program with digital and physical versions. It promises to offer users relief by introducing them to specific stretching exercises, breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, and other simple activities, as well as many more things.

According to health experts, it can also help identify the root cause for the issue, which is mainly poor posture or unhealthy exercise routines. 

The Back To Life program can help with pain management and help just about anyone with back pain, including those with issues like lumbar pain, stenosis, and more.

Erase My Back Pain program
Erase My Back Pain program
Erase My Back Pain
visa, master, amex, paypal

Introducing the Author

The author of the Erase My Back Pain program is Emily Lark, who has worked many years as a yoga instructor. During this time, Emily Lark met many clients who suffered from back pain.

That’s why Emily Lark designed Erase My Back Pain, a comprehensive program created to provide people with back relief and help them live pain-free lives. Emily Lark has lots of experience in the world of fitness and has been active in the industry for a decade. 

But, how does Erase My Back Pain work? Let’s dive right into it.

Emily Lark author of the Erase My Back Pain program

How Does Erase My Back Pain Program Work?

One of the best things to know about the Erase My Back Pain program is that it’s a risk-free program that doesn’t focus on pain medication. Instead, it provides a treatment plan that focuses on improving your fitness and energy levels and helps you develop an active lifestyle.

The Erase My Back Pain stretch program introduces simple stretches that take only a few minutes to relieve pain in specific back parts. It offers advice that you can implement into your daily life to see improvements in just a few weeks. 

On top of all that, Erase My Back Pain works best by offering simple exercises that help your spine, core, and other essential regions. All these things are divided into three levels which focus on helping your back muscles and bones, as well as other body parts. 

Let’s take a more detailed look at each of these things and how they help:

What’s Included in the Program? Features

As already mentioned, the Erase My Back Pain program has three vital levels. Each of these has a lot of important information divided between them. Here’s what you can expect while going through each of them:

First Level

When you have back pain, it’s essential to take things slow. The Erase My Back Pain program keeps this in mind, which is why the initial level is the simplest. It’s just a few stretches that help with back pain while starting to adjust you to an exercise plan. 

It prepares the body, and specifically your back, for what’s to come in the later levels. The level comes as an excellent introductory step that isn’t too hard on anyone, and it’s especially great for those that haven’t ever been too physically active.

In just a short period, it can improve mobility and fitness. It features many simple exercises that a physical therapist would give to get you started, but it makes them much easier to follow and more effective. 

I found it an excellent start-off which got me warmed up for what’s to come in the second and third levels. Speaking of which, let’s move on to those:

Second Level

The second level of the Erase My Back program kicks things up a notch. It features a more advanced exercise routine that counters your back pain and makes your immunity capable of fending off the discomfort. 

Not all that you’ll be doing will be physically taxing, though. The second stage will also introduce pain-free relaxation routines for your muscles. I found these especially helpful because of how relieving they were. 

There’ll also be a focus on lean mass growth for better fitness. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be all set for the final level.

Third Level

The previous two stages of the Erase My Back Pain program are the building blocks that prepare you for this third and final phase, which is the most helpful. It introduces more stretches and exercises to improve your back structure and relieve back pain.

In this stage, you’ll also go through breathing exercises based on scientific evidence, which helps differently. Generally speaking, all of the tips and routines discussed in this stage will be a great help not only to your back pain but also to your overall health.

By this point, I could feel the pain relief the Erase My Back Pain program promises. In just a few weeks, I saw positive results.

What Else is Included?

The fun doesn’t stop just yet. The Erase My Back Pain program covers other helpful details within and beyond these levels, which will help relieve back pain. For starters, some great diet tips can introduce you to meals that help with back pain.

What makes it even better is the variety of these plans. Not everyone has the exact needs and capabilities, which is something that the Erase My Back Pain program understands completely. 

I loved how it provided a detailed guide that helps pick the perfect diet for yourself instead of just making you follow a set plan.

Erase My Back Pain online program

Another good thing is the tips on posture while sitting and sleeping. These are some of the leading causes of back pain among people, which is why tips for these things were something I greatly appreciated. 

Additionally, some things help with stress relief, another significant cause of back issues and pain in general. That will also positively affect your mental health, improving your mood by increasing serotonin levels.

Generally speaking, the Erase My Back Pain program helps in many ways, not just back pain. It’s also great for other body parts and your emotional and mental health. These things come in a straightforward but detailed system that you can easily follow and make the most out of.

While going through the Erase My Back Pain program, I had no issues in terms of convenience. Everything was highlighted well and explored in complete detail while also being made easy enough for even beginners to understand.

Besides everything I’ve already mentioned, you’ll get some extra goodies too. Whether you have a digital or physical copy of the Erase My Back Pain program, you’ll get a meditation audio series and a checklist that helps you set goals for back pain. 

The digital copy or the physical copy will also grant instant access to a helpful manual covering many vital details.

Who Can Follow this Program?

a girl sitting on the bed and touching her back

Want to know another thing I appreciated about the Erase My Back Pain program? It’s highly accessible for just about anyone. Anyone can make the most out of this program as long as they have back pain.

Regardless of their age, their schedule, or certain conditions, the Erase My Back Pain program is so flexible that it lets just about any users follow it. 

The only real exceptions are people with severe disabilities or ailments which make them unable to do specific exercises mentioned in the program.

Benefits of This Program

Now that you know so much about the Erase My Back Pain program and what comes with it, let’s run through all the benefits that it can offer:

  • One thing that I liked the most about Erase My Back Pain was how risk-free it was. A lot of back pain programs might cause issues. But, the tips, exercises, and stretches discussed and explained in Erase My Back Pain are all generally safe.
  • Lots of programs will hang you out to dry when it comes to details. They’ll only discuss some things here and there while leaving out the bigger picture. Erase My Back Pain doesn’t do that. The entire thing is one significant, detailed mechanism that covers everything. Each step and process is well-defined, making it easy for anyone to follow.
  • Not everyone has a set schedule. Days are unpredictable and often stressful. That’s certainly the case for us, which is why I love how flexible this program is. You can take it at your own pace. The digital version even comes with an Erase My Back Pain PDF that you can freely access and learn from at your own pace.
  • When going through Erase My Back Pain, I found that it helped us with much more than just back pain. I noticed significant improvements in general health and improved fitness as well as energy levels. Many others that have followed the program have talked about the same thing.
  • Speaking of improvements, I’ve already mentioned how it improves your mood and mental health. The routines highlighted in Erase My Back Pain increase serotonin levels and make you feel generally happier, as well as more accomplished.
  • Erase My Back Pain is generally a good option for most people because it saves time and money. Not everyone has all day to tend to themselves, nor does everyone have huge budgets to spend on gyms or trainers. This program keeps things short and straightforward, meaning everything discussed takes only some minutes off your day. You don’t even have to go to the gym for any exercise.
  • It covers essential tips on posture. I’ve already mentioned the effective and well-defined steps. But, this is something I wanted to list separately because of how beneficial it is. Many people sleep and sit in terrible positions that cause back pain, but Erase My Back Pain can help you fix bad habits like these.
  • The extra features included with Erase My Back Pain are all beneficial too. For example, the manual and checklist make it much easier for you to manage pain and prevent it in the future. Plus, I loved the handbook with the program as it features tidbits on the best diets, schedules, and more that allow you to enjoy the benefits of Erase My Back Pain fully.

How Much Does Erase My Back Pain Cost?

With everything included in this program and its many benefits, how much can you expect to pay for Erase My Back Pain? You’d be surprised to know the answer.

This effective program only costs $99.95. What’s more is that it goes on sale often, letting you buy it for prices as low as $37. Even if money is an issue for you, it’s not a huge one regarding this program.

If you think the price might be too much, keep in mind that it’s a detailed program that features helpful video series, many articulate tips on health and pain management, and other valuable things. 

Considering everything it offers, I think it’s a fair price and an absolute steal when on sale.

Are you still having doubts? Just look at the prices of trainers, health experts, or other programs. They’re much, much more expensive than that. Either way, the price is fair if you want to buy it immediately or wait until it’s on sale.

That’s not all when it comes to paying up. You also have to know where to buy it first and how trustworthy the investment is. So, let’s take a look at those things next!

What’s the Money Back Guarantee?

Despite everything on offer and the fair price, some people still don’t want to be hasty with their money. They want guarantees that it’ll be well-spent and won’t go to waste. 

Erase My Back Pain understands that and offers comfort with its money-back guarantee, another thing which I liked a lot.

Once you pay for Erase My Back Pain, there’ll be a 60-day window during which you can easily get your money back if there’s something wrong or you don’t find the program effective. Safe to say the refund policy is convenient.

Just request a refund if you aren’t a fan of what Erase My Back Pain offers, and you’ll have no problem thanks to their flexible money-back guarantee. 

Where Can You Buy this Program?

Unlike a lot of other programs that have physical copies available at outlets like Amazon and Walmart, Erase My Back Pain is available for purchase only at their official website. You can’t buy it anywhere else, and the reason for this is simple.

The official website says that making it available only on their page allows them to guarantee safety. It’s much safer for both the customer and the brand itself. Plus, it makes it much easier for them to manage refunds. 

On top of that, their website has a gateway that guarantees secure transactions. No third parties can steal your information and all your money. Your details remain safe. If you try to purchase it from anywhere else, do so at your own risk.

Erase My Back Pain program
Erase My Back Pain
visa, master, amex, paypal

Are There any Side Effects to Following This Program?

a girl is thinking

There aren’t any side effects to this program. As I’ve already mentioned, it’s there to match the needs of the specific person following it. This means you can adjust it according to your particular type of back pain and avoid issues.

Because of this, there aren’t any side effects. Erase My Back Pain is just a list of tips, routines, exercises, and more that you follow at your own pace and in your way. There’s no medication or supplementation involved that might cause side effects.

There aren’t any dangerous routines involved either which might trigger pain for you. It’s simple, highly effective, and 100% safe. While going through Erase My Back Pain, I didn’t find any step uncomfortable and could follow along comfortably.

The approach this program takes is entirely non-invasive. Erase My Back Pain gives you complete control over your schedule, allowing you to go at your own pace with your body’s needs. 

None of its features will hurt you or enhance your pain. Instead, it’ll undoubtedly help you with whatever back pain you encounter.

Is it Worth Buying? (My Experience)

If you haven’t been able to guess it so far, my experience with Erase My Back Pain was effortless and effective. I found almost all of the things discussed in Emily Lark’s program helpful.

From pain management to overall health improvements, Erase My Back Pain taught us practical new things about each aspect. I found positive results and enjoyed going through the simple course, which was very easy to follow despite my busy schedule.

That’s why I’d say Erase My Back Pain is worth buying. It’s a simple but highly effective program that makes life much easier for those with back pain. Plus, it discusses some beneficial side tips, making it different from other programs.

As long as you follow through with what Emily Lark says in Erase My Back Pain, you’ll find positive results. 

I recommend trying it out if you have back pain and want a cheap, short, and effective way to get rid of it rather than paying hundreds of dollars for trainers or physical therapists.


That’s the end of my Erase My Back Pain review. This program is one of the more effective ones I’ve had the pleasure of going through, and I’ve written everything you need to know about why it’s so effective in the first place.

Now that you’ve gone through it all, it’s up to you to decide whether or not it’s worth the purchase. While I recommend it, given the content’s price and quality (as well as quantity), the choice is yours to make.


There’s no way of knowing for sure that a program will help you. There’s a 60-day money back guarantee on it too which offers peace of mind in case you’re scared it won’t help.

You don’t have to worry about managing time. Erase My Back Pain only takes a few minutes away from your day, and it’s very flexible meaning you won’t miss out.

It doesn’t matter what your age is. This program is designed to help anyone by adjusting to their needs regardless of age.

You won’t be needing anything in particular. Erase My Back Pain is very easy to follow without a gym subscription or any special equipment.

Erase My Back Pain
Erase My Back Pain program




Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Generally safe
Saves time and money
Covers essential tips on posture
Easy for anyone to follow
Improves your mood and mental health
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of February
available only at their official website

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