Emily Skye Fit Workout Review (2021 Upd.) Legit Or A Scam?

Emily Skye Fit Workout Review: Not Recommended – Here’s Why…

Last Updated on May, 2023

Are You Chubbed out by the food that your husband makes? 


You might be probably looking for the best fitness programs to gain some fitness back, burn off your weight, and get back to your typical look, but if you’re leaning towards Emily Skye’s Program.

WAIT!!! And continue reading before you spend your Hard-Earned money on this Huge Disappointment of a program.

In this Emily Skye fit review, I’ll share all my honest thoughts on this product and will let you know the best alternative that you can get for a fraction of Emily Skye’s fitness program, Because This Fitness program is not what you think.

Who is Emily Skye?

Emily Skye fitness picture

Emily Skye is an Australian fitness model. She came into the spotlight with her state-of-the-art diet plan and training.

In her early days, she was suffering from depression and was living an unhealthy life, but this changed after she started to focus on health and fitness.

Nowadays, she is a successful personal trainer and is a great inspiration to many. 

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Emily Skye Fit Workout Review

Before the pandemic, when the world was fine, I was spending my whole week trying out restaurants based on yelp reviews.

First, I’ll get this out the way. I’m a foodaholic; My goal was to try every restaurant and was just starting my journey. 

But I did not know it would get this serious; the journey ended before it even started.

My journey lasted just 10 months, when I was 21 and was weighing around 119lbs (54kg), when I checked the weight after 6 months it was perfectly alright, and it was that 4 months which changed my life, suddenly which is SHOCKING!! I gained an extra 49lbs, which was extremely unexpected. 

I was really freaked out. 

And I was not in the mood to follow extreme diet plans. Instead, I started searching for a workout program that can also help me to change my lifestyle and get a break from this YULE-HOLE syndrome.

After struggling to find a good program, I stumbled across Emily Skye’s social media page and found out she has a subscription-based fitness workout app of her own and by the way, you can also access the program through the web too, after more research about her techniques and her influence on the field, and there is a 7 day Free trial too, I thought


And after subscribing to Emily Skye fit workout program and using it for about a week, I felt like,


The program just comes with workout videos and some basic meal plans.

This program cost me $119.99. What happened is I subscribed for the 7 days free trial and after exactly 7 days without even noticing me about the auto-renewal of subscription, they charged me $119.99, which was, by the way for 12 months.

After noticing this it just blew my mind because of the fact that I’ve paid so much for something that I’ll never use, I tried emailing them asking for a refund and they didn’t even reply, which in my books will go as a terrible customer service.

A whole lot of people have experienced this issue, and I’m not the only one. 

And the sad part after all these is the things we receive, after paying such a heavy amount anyone will expect a whole lot more.

No one wants to experience something this blank after spending a considerable amount of money on that product, this was insane.

And for the sake of spending that much, I continued the program further and this is what the experience was like. 

The Emily Skye Meal Plans

Anyways, I thought the diet and meal plans would be great, it was also a bummer.. The thing with the diet and meal plan is that they don’t seem to match with the nutrition plan, to be clear it’s UNREALISTIC!!! 

Also the meals were pretty hard to prepare plus the recommended groceries are very expensive too, almost too expensive. 

Preparing the meals might take a lot of your time and you won’t be able to focus on the workouts and this is where you might want to hire a chef, if you can manage your time then you’re good to go.

This made me realize that I’ve messed up and then comes the Workout Guide.

Emily Skye Workout Guide

To be Honest, I found the workouts interesting but the thing is, the majority of the people might’ve done some of them before.

However, there are 80 different exercises and Emily says that each and every workout can be done at your home itself, But that’s not true, some of them require you to join the GYM.

Majority of them also need equipment which they did not mention until you get to know it.

I did not attend the GYM to follow the workouts because, at this point, I’ve spent enough money. Also I knew that this was not going to workout, even after 2 weeks I did not experience any results and finally gave up on the program. 

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for anyone who is looking to reduce some weight plus gain some fitness. It would be great if you have already done something like this in the past and have some experience in these kinds of workouts. 

From what I’ve experienced, these workouts aren’t clearly for beginners like me, you might need some oomph to continue the workout. 

My Personal Opinion(Is It Worth It Or Not)

To be honest this program doesn’t live up to its potential, for me recommending it to you would be a sin. 

To be fair, there’s nothing this workout program does better than spending your time and money, there is not even one point for me to tell you ladies, GO AND ORDER THAT PRODUCT!!!

Everything about this program feels generic, the price and what’s included for that price makes it a very hard product to recommend.

Not to mention that the customer service is AWFUL. 

What Others Say About The Program

This is what others had to say about Emily Skye FIT, 


-Itzel Espinosa Rocha (Facebook)

“Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Pretty much a scam! Stay away, do not give these thieves your credit card info”.

-Gene Powell (Facebook)

“Terrible, There is no clear message that all the workouts need extensive equipment until you start the programme”.

-Kate Blakeway (Facebook)

Cheaper and Better Alternative

Bikini Body Workouts Program

After taking a break for a week, I started to dig through google and some other forums for the final time because I need something so badly that can help me lose weight.

And that’s where I came across “Bikini Body workout by Jen Ferruggia”, which was way cheaper at a starting price of just $29.95 and it’s a 12 week program also it comes with whole of extras:

  • Videos
  • Shopping Lists
  • Recipes
  • Meal Plans
  • pdf guide that goes with the Workout Videos.

This is a whole compared to what Emily’s workout app offers. 

This program does not require you to go to the gym or use any fancy equipment. You can do everything at home itself. All you need is a positive mind and the belief that you can complete this without any problems.

I’ve been using Bikini Body workout for 2 weeks now, and I’ve seen some pretty dramatic changes and great results. Needless to say, I’ve lost 3kgs already, which is incredible, but there’s a long way to go. However I’m pretty happy with the results I’ve seen up to now.


I hope this Emily Skye reviews helped you know what it is all about, however it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you. But I’m not against what Emily does, I could give her program a solid B+

What makes Bikini Body workout great is that its price and the extras included with it, for me it’s a bargain.

Anyways I’m not completely against Emily, she’s achieved a lot in the past couple of years and some people even consider her as their role model, the only thing is that refused to work for me and never saw any results with my 2 weeks with it, maybe it’s just me. 

By the way thank you for taking your time to go through the whole review, and I hope it was worth your time.

Thank You!! AND Stay Safe:)


How Much Emily Skye FIT Cost?

It’s a subscription based plan:

  • 12 Months: $10/month
  • 3 Months: $16.66/month
  • 1 Month: $19.99/month

How Long Are Emily Skye Fit Workouts?

It is based on your progress and it’s completely up to you on when to finish it

better alternative
Bikini Body Workout
Workouts Plans




Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Suitable for beginners
Seperate Gym and Home workouts
Detailed Nutrition Guide
Less workout equipments needed
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
Only available through their official website

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