Metabolic Confusion Meal Plan: How Does These Diets Work?

Metabolic Confusion Meal Plan: How Does These Diets Work?

Last Updated on July, 2024

Metabolic confusion is the new hype (thanks to the fitness coaches). Whenever I login to Facebook, Instagram, or Reddit, I see at least one post where people shares their success story with this diet program. After seeing all these, I decided to give it a try to lose weight (and I did). 

In this article, I will share the metabolic confusion meal plans I followed, my experience, and everything you should know about metabolic confusion.

This article is going to be a one-stop solution for you (I guarantee). So, if you really want to get better results from the metabolic confusion diet, please keep reading!

What is a Metabolic Confusion?

Post About Metabolic Confusion

Metabolic confusion is a pretty CONFUSING term for many of you to understand.

However, metabolic confusion is a sort of diet plans where you can alternate between high and low-calorie days and confuse your metabolism system and get the best result possible.

Why Low-Calorie and High-Calorie Days?

On high-calorie days, your body will have enough energy and calories intake to burn and help you keep going.

However, on low-calorie days, when you face calorie deficit, your body goes into survival mode. That’s when the metabolism system burns stored fat and gives you energy to keep going.

This way, you burn fat (WITHOUT REGAINING EASILY) and lose weight faster. 

How Does the Confusion Diet Work? 

Metabolic Confusion Diet

Metabolic confusion diet primarily works on low-calorie days (that’s when you lose weight).

It’s a versatile diet plan anyone can follow. Also, you can combine it with other diet plans as well.

Also, there are no strict restrictions to follow.

The best part is,

  • You can eat whatever you want (by calculating the calories, obviously).
  • Design the eating plan.
  • Decide calorie shifting days as per your wish.

No matter which cycling plan/diet you are following, you will still see results with this diet plan.

Also, there is no strict workout plan to follow while following this meal plans. 

However, if you exercise while following this diet, you will see results, and even if you don’t, you will see results anyway.

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How Does This Diet Plan Improve Your Metabolism System?

Metabolism Fact

As we all know, the metabolism system is the process that converts what we eat into energy.

For example, when you get calories in your body, the metabolism system converts it into glucose, which works as energy for us.

When you follow metabolic confusion or a calorie cycling eating plan (both are the same thing):

  • You trigger your metabolism.
  • Force it to burn the stored stubborn fat to produce energy.

This way, you boost your metabolic system and achieve your ideal body weight.

For better results, don’t forget to do some exercises while following this diet plans.

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Does metabolic confusion work?

Metabolic Confusion Meal

Surprisingly, it does!

But the most disappointing fact is,

  • Lack of scientific research on metabolic confusion titled diet plan.
  • Lack of relevant information.

But the metabolic confusion or calorie shifting, or cycling, all are the same thing.

There are many research papers and resources available on calorie shifting and cycling. Also, you can access these easily as well.

That’s why I found metabolic confusion to be just a vague name, but it’s effective.

Now, where does this name come from?

You see, the whole concept of metabolic confusion is to confuse your metabolic system with low and high calories on alternative days.

In between, the metabolism will get confused (triggered). And it will stop slowing down while you lose some weight and achieve your fitness goals.

However, in many case studies, I saw the calorie shifting group was performing better than the calorie restriction group.

According to this study by NCBI, the calorie shifting group was seeing better results as well.

Does Metabolic Confusion Diet Plan Work for Weight Loss? 

Metabolic Confusion Meal Plan meme

Finally, it’s time to answer the most asked question about the metabolic confusion diet.

After high-intensive research and with my personal experience, I can confidently say, Yes, it works!

See, while following this calorie-shifting diet, you change your calorie intake. That also changes your lifestyle.

As you are taking a lower calorie intake than you should every day, your body faces a calorie deficit, which is why you will lose weight with time. 

Want to know about CARB CYCLING (1 Week Results), check out this video below:

In fact, I lost some weight as well (to know more about it, read my experience below). 

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Following This Confusion Diet? 

The confusion diet is quite popular nowadays, and it really helps you to lose weight faster. But, then again, it has some disadvantages as well. 

So, here are the advantages and disadvantages of this diet program you should know: 


More flexibility
No strict rules (so that you can celebrate a special occasion without starving)
Less hunger tired feeling because of balanced ghrelin & leptin levels
Improves muscle mass
It makes you feel more energetic
Improves body composition
Boosts metabolism
Promotes fat loss
Burns stubborn fat
It can be combined with other diet programs like weight loss plateau
It helps you to achieve a better metabolic rate
Promotes weight loss
Prevents Rebound effect, stress, and inflammation in the human body
Prevents toxicity
No dedicated workout plan (regular exercising is recommended for better results faster)
Manages body fuel
Improves insulin sensitivity


Focuses more on calorie intake instead of nutritional quality
It isn’t recommended for people with chronic dieter or eating disorder
Quite difficult to follow in the long run
Many people have different calorie needs in their body and for them, following the metabolic confusion diet plan will be hard. (If you think, you are one of them, you can consult with a physician/nutritionist to figure out your ideal calorie intake)

My Personal Experience With Metabolic Confusion Diet Plan

Metabolic Confusion Meal Plan Fun Meme

You see, I am a 9-5 office guy. So on all the weekdays, I lose all my time in the office and traveling. That’s why I chose this weekly diet plan for myself.

On weekdays, I used to follow low-calorie diets, and on weekends, I used to eat my favorite foods and follow the high-calorie diets. Also, I used to do some HIIT exercise as it’s good to do on high-calorie days.

I am not one of those who goes to the gym, performs heavy weight training—instead, I exercise in the park or my house.

I just followed this video and performed all these workouts on the weekend days. Besides this, I tried to cut off sugar. Check out the video below:

The Metabolic Confusion Diet Plan I Followed 

As I followed the 5 days low-calorie or calorie deficit day and 2 days high-calorie meal plan. I had to prepare my meals keeping in mind that I had to work all day long. So, here is a glimpse of the meal plan I followed.

Low Calorie Day


Oatmeal with Honey45 grams, 1 TBSP30+21= 51
Boiled Egg1 large78
Almond5 pcs30


Beef Patty with 2 whole wheat bread, lettuce, mozzarella cheese, Tomato sauce1 pcs, 2 pcs, 2 leaves, 1 slice, 1 TBSP193+138+2+4= 337
Tomato soup1 serving74


Whole Wheat crackers10 pcs90
Peanut butter1 TBSP94
Apple1 medium95
 Total90 & 94, 95 (2 times a day)


Turkey meatloaf ( 1 pcs) – 191 calories1 pcs191
hoisin sauce1 TBSP35
Sliced tomato3 slices15
Cheesy mashed cauliflower100 grams95
Total: 159+411+90+94+95+336 = 1185 calories

High Calorie Diet


Egg omelet1 large94
Whole wheat bread2 pcs138
Canadian bacon2 slices89
Cheddar cheese1 slice113
Tomato sauce1 TBSP4


Whole Wheat spaghetti with Marinara sauce1 cup 176+112= 228
Salmon steak3 oz.177
Mashed Potato50 GM44


Milk1 cup206
Cashew12 gram72
Vanilla Yogurt½ cup114
 Total206, 72, 114 (2 times a day)


Turkey burger with mozzarella cheese and Onion rings1 pcs, 1 slice, 2 pcs,275
Apple cider chicken1 serving271


Nutella1 Tbsp100
Raisin bread1 slice71


438+449+206+72+114+546+171 = 1996 Calories

Just like this, I used to prepare my diet on my own. Would you mind checking the grocery list, where I have suggested many ingredients (with calorie intake)? That will help you to create your own eating plan.

How Was the Result? 

Healthy weight loss
Weight loss & fat loss result

See, I didn’t want to be a bodybuilder. I just wanted to lose some weight and get back to my shape, which was the reason behind dieting.

Also, I wanted to eat healthy. That’s why I prioritized nutrition, and the majority of my foods have good carbs, protein, etc.

Also, I started drinking more water to avoid dehydration.

In the entire journey, in the beginning, I felt a bit weak because of the calorie deficit, but I was pretty comfortable with the meals.

At least, it was much better and more accessible than intermittent fasting.

With time, the uncomfortable mode was gone, and the starvation mode got started! 

Slowly and steadily, I lost sufficient weight (almost 10 lbs in 8 weeks!). The resting metabolic rate (RMR) and insulin was great as well.

Without being uncomfortable while enjoying my favorite meals, this dieting helped me to achieve my desired body. I was also feeling more energetic, less hungry and tired. 

I just loved it!

Do I recommend Metabolic confusion diet? 

A Musclular Man Having Healthy Meal

Well, yes, I highly recommend you to try the metabolic confusion diet.

However, before getting started, make sure you are physically fit and don’t have an eating disorder or chronic dieter.

Also, maintain a journal and try to cook your meal for the low-calorie day.

Another important fact about a metabolic confusion diet can be challenging at the beginning! It is because you have to design your meal plan, workout plan (if you want to do it), timeframe, and so on.

If you cannot make your own, you can seek the help of a professional nutritionist. Also, there are many other platforms available (PAID) that help you make a meal plan. These platforms ask for your information like name, email address, etc.

Once you pay, they forward it to your email address or you can login to those platforms and get it.

Still, if you think you need a complete guideline, then we have something for you. You can check our reviewed best metabolic weight loss programs and pick any of those. 

How Can You Follow the Metabolic Confusion Diet?

So, if you have finally decided to try this diet, welcome to the journey! Here are some basic steps you should follow to get started! Which are: 

  • Set your targeted weight. How much weight do you want to lose? (Weight loss plan routine)
  • Plan your timeframe.
  • Set your food plan for both low and high-calorie days (after counting calories)
  • Add some exercises (HIIT preferred at least twice a week)
  • Maintain a journal and see if you are progressing.

If you can do all these, you will be able to follow the metabolic confusion diet and see better results faster. 

How Can You Plan Your Own Metabolic Confusion Eating Plan (With Grocery List)?

Funny Meme

As I said earlier, you will get everything you need to start the metabolic confusion diet plan. I am keeping my words! Here is how you can create your confusing diet, eating plan.

Before getting started, you have to select your time frame, and I have discovered some of the best plans for everyone (literally EVERYONE)

  • Alternative cycle: In this cycle, you will go for one day to low calorie and the other day to high calorie. Ideally, you will go for 4 calorie deficit days and 3 high calories days.
  • Weekly cycle: This one is the best for professional people, and it’s pretty popular as well. In this cycling, you go for low-calorie intake for 5 days and high-calorie intake for 2 days. Many professionals follow the low-cal on weekdays and high-cal on weekends.
  • Bi-weekly cycle: If you want to take it a bit tougher, here is the bi-weekly model, also known as the ideal calorie cycling model. In this cycling, you will go for 11 low-calorie days and 3 high-calorie days.
  • Monthly cycle: This cycling model is perfect for people who are passionate enough. Some also treat this cycling as a professional weight management program. However, in this model, there will be 3 low-calorie weeks whereas 1 high-calorie week.

Now, once you have chosen the ideal model, it’s time to create the meal plan. I believe you have already got an idea after reading my experience (If you still haven’t, GO AND READ THAT FIRST).

Your diet should be full of good carbs, proteins, and healthy fat. Why good carbs? It is because it converts easily, and it’s good for your health as well (like vegetable carbs).

Also, it’s equally important to calculate the number of carbs you are getting from the food intake.

The bottom line is, if you won’t balance the calorie intake and stay within the limit, you won’t see better results. (I am sorry, but it’s the truth!)

Keeping it in mind, you should consume 1200 calories on low-calorie days, and on high-calorie days, it should be 2000 calories.

Low Calorie Days grocery list

Metabolic Confusion Diet Fac

These days, you have to make sure the calories intake of an overall day’s meal cannot go over 1200. That’s why, these days, you have to follow some restrictions. 


On breakfast you can have:

Reduced-fat greek yogurt (200 GM)118
Raspberries (100 gram) 53 
Almonds (20 pcs) 120
Honey (per TBSP)21
oatmeal (177 GM) 120
strawberries (100 gram) 33
Medium banana (118 GM)105
Large boiled egg (50 GM)78
Milk (1 cup) 103
Waffle (1 pcs)218
Blueberries (100 GM) 57
Maple syrup (Per TBSP) 20
Wheat bread (2 pieces) 138
Almond Butter (1 TBSP) 98
Jelly Oatmeal (One serving)130
Breakfast Hash (One serving) 140
Red, White, and Blue Mixed Berry Muffin230

For Lunch

Whole wheat bread (2 Pieces)138
Beef Patty (1 piece)193
English muffin (2 pieces)268
Chickpea (100 grams)364
Pizza sauce (o.25 cup)34
mozzarella cheese (1 slice)78
Green Pepper/Capccium ( 2 rings)4
Chicken vegetable soup (1 serving)134
Tomato soup (1 serving)74
Whole wheat pita bread170
Baby carrots (2 medium)8
Lettuce (4 leaves inner)4
spinach (100 gram)23
Broccoli (1 cup)30
Italian Lasagna (¼ serving)211
walnut halves (7 pcs)93
Cranberries (40 gram)123
Chicken Parmesan with Pasta al Pomodoro ((Oven-Baked, One serving))324
Feta cheese (1 wedge)100
vinaigrette dressing (1 tbsp.)72
Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast (2 oz.)60
Lemon-Rosemary Sauce 36.6
Loaded Garlic Mashed Potatoes (½ cup)83
Italian Chicken and Sausage (1 serving)80
Pasta (cooked, 100 grams)131


Item Calories
Grilled chicken breast (100 GM)165
steamed cauliflower (100 GM/1 cup)25
sweet potato (1 pcs medium)112
Cooked shrimp (100 Grams)99
Salmon Steak (3 oz.) 177
Peas (½ cup) 41
Brussels Sprout (½ cup) 19
couscous (cooked ½ cup) 88
red peppers (½ cup sliced)14
hoisin sauce (1 tbsp) 35
Broccoli Casserole with Rice (served with Cheese and mushroom sauce)287
Broccoli (1 cup)60
Turkey meatloaf ( 1 pcs)191
cheesy mashed cauliflower (80 grams)79
brown rice (100 grams cooked)111
teriyaki sauce (1 tbsp)16
Brown Rice Bowl (100 gram)111
Korean BBQ Grass-Fed Beef (114 GM, 1 serving)290
Slices tomato (2 pcs large)10


baby carrots (3 medium) 12
Hummus (2 tbsp)50
peanut butter (2 tbsp)188
pita chips (4 pcs)50
banana (1 small)90
natural peanut butter (1 tbsp)95
whole-wheat crackers (5 pcs) 45
Raisins (1 mini box)42

There are no desserts for low calorie days. 

High Calorie Days grocery list

High Calorie Days fact

Finally, it’s time for the high-calorie day list. Basically, on high-calorie days, you can enjoy many delicious foods, and most people don’t bother with a high-calorie day’s meal plan.

Still, if you are confused, what you should eat and what you shouldn’t, then go through this list, and you will get a clear idea!


whole wheat bread (1 slice)69
egg omelet (1 large)94
cheddar cheese (1 slice)113
turkey bacon (32 gm)122
orange (1 medium-sized)45
Scrambled egg (1 large)91
asparagus (1 cup)27
blackberries (1/4 cup)15
strawberry jam (1 tbsp)56
orange juice (1 cup)112
Poached egg (1 large)71
English muffin ((1 pcs)134
Canadian bacon (2 slices)89
honeydew melon (1 wedge)45
raspberry preserves (1 tbsp)50


Whole-wheat bread (2 slices)190
Turkey-breast meat (100 GM, Roasted/Cooked)135
American cheese (1 slice)104
Lettuce salad (60 gram)8
Tomato (2 slices)6
Mashed Potato (100 GM)88
Banana (1 medium)105
Dark chocolate (4 squares)72
Baby carrots (1 cup)50
steamed spinach (1/2 cup)8
chopped chicken breast (1/2 cup/ 100 gram)165
ricotta cheese (1/4 cup)107
Pizza Dough130
pizza sauce (¼ cup)34
lima beans (1 cup)176
whole wheat roll (1 pcs)177
Whole-wheat wrap (1 pcs, 30 GM)190
Hummus (1 tbsp.)23
shredded carrots (1/2 cup)25
Olives (4 pcs)20
Sprouts (1/2 cup)4
Chicken breast (100 grams)165
Romaine lettuce (1/2 cup shredded)23
Avocado (1/2 cup)117
Cherries (½ cup)26
Clementine (1 pcs)35
whole-wheat spaghetti (½ cup)88
Marinara sauce (1/2 cup)56
Zucchini (1/2 cup)10
sliced grilled chicken breast ( 2 oz.)92


Black bean veggie burger115
Whole-wheat bun120
Tomato slice3
Romaine leaf1
Onion ring2
baked trout with lemon (2 oz.)83
bread crumbs (1/4 cup)30
roasted tomatoes (1/4 cup)11
brown rice (1/4 cup)172
steamed kale (1/2 cup)16
Cup Chickpeas ( 1/4 cup)72
Turkey burger with mozzarella cheese ( 1 pcs and 1 slice)271
whole-wheat spaghetti (½ cup cooked)68
cooked chicken breast(2 oz.)93
Apple cider chicken (one serving)310
steamed broccoli (1 cup)54
chopped zucchini (1 cup)20
tomato sauce (½ cup)39


pistachio nuts (½ oz.)80
milk 1% fat (1/2 cup)103
Edamame (50 gram)61
mozzarella cheese stick (1 pcs)102
Raspberries (25 pcs)25
wheat bagel (½ serving)140
almond butter (1 tsp)33
dried apricots (11 pieces)90
cashews (25 gram)150
vanilla yogurt (1 cup)228
Whey protein (1 scoop)121
honey (1 tsp)64
Apple (1 medium)95
Almonds (7 pcs)52
Pear halves100
honey graham cracker (1 pcs)59


Hot chocolate (½ cup)97
animal crackers (8 pcs)88
mango shake (1 cup)170
shredded coconut (½ cup)142
raisin bread (2 slices)142
Nutella (2 tbsp.)200
Vanilla yogurt (½ cup)114
Raspberries (10 pcs)10

So, here is the grocery list and ingredients you can use for preparing your meal. These ingredients are full of nutrition, good carbs, protein, good fat, and so on.

Do you have to get everything from the grocery list?

No, just get what you really enjoy to eat but do the calorie calculation before! 

You must be wondering where the eating plan is?


Well, if you go through the list of ingredients, there are some items mentioned (like Nutella) that you won’t find in any diet plan.

That’s the beauty of this calorie cycling, aka metabolic confusion diet. You can still lose weight and make fat loss without giving up on your favorite foods.

However, if you are still confused, you can check my experience where I have mentioned what I used to eat on low and high-calorie days. 


The metabolic confusion diet is one of the most versatile diets that anyone can follow. Many fans of the diet claim that this diet really helped them to lose weight (so do I).

Unlike keto and intermittent fasting, this diet is relatively easy to follow. If you can plan your meals properly, stick to them, and follow calorie restrictions, you will eventually achieve your goal. 


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