Danette May 7-Day Jumpstart Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Danette May 7-Day Jumpstart Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Last Updated on June, 2023

7-day jumpstart is one of the most hyped fitness programs of 2012 and 2013. More than 70,000 people have tried it. Many people lost weight with this program. 

Recently, I found out this program is available for FREE! After researching, I decided to try this program for a week. 

This article will share everything you need to know about the 7-Day jumpstart program. This is the most detailed guide on Danette May 7-Day jumpstart review online (I bet)! 

So, do you want to know if this program still works after ten years or not? 

To find out, keep reading! You won’t regret it (I promise)! 

What is the Danette May 7-Day Jumpstart Program? 

The 7-Day is a 92-page eBook-based weight loss guide that helps you to burn fat and trick your metabolism into losing weight faster. 

This diet plan contains:

  • Meal-plan
  • Healthy food recipes
  • Exercises and meditation as well.

In fact, this 7-Day Jumpstart program offers you to eat six meals a day and still lose weight faster

Also, this book is available in both digital and physical format, which very few other programs offer. 

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Who is the Creator Of the Jump Start Diet Plan Pdf?

Danette May

The 7-Day Jumpstart program was created by Danette May. Danette May is a certified personal trainer, pilates instructor and famous nutritionist and author.

She helped thousands of people in America to sneak into a healthy lifestyle. Besides this jumpstart eBook, she also has a membership program. 

Also, she is the founder of successful programs like mindful health, bikini body detox (booty camp), and the rise movement.

In this program, she helps members to reach their weight loss goals in a more personalized way. 

Does This Weight Loss pdf Help You to Lose Weight? 

Yes, it does! 

The program focuses more on fat loss recipes, workouts to boost metabolism, and anti-inflammatory healing foods like green tea. (1)

From shopping lists to meal plans, the program contains everything! So, if you follow the program correctly, then you’ll definitely get rid of a few pounds.

How Do the Seven Days Jumpstart Weight Loss Guide Work?

The eBook focuses on more practical things that can help you lose weight faster. Like, you already know that midnight snacks aren’t good for us. 

But, still, you can’t resist yourself. It is because most of the diet makes you eat less. And, sleeping with a half-starved stomach is tough. 

Then again, in a life full of busy schedules, making time for exercise is tough too. After all these, high inflammation is a culprit too. 

Being a lifestyle expert, Danette May knows all these, and she also knows that if a woman can eliminate all these, she can burn up to 7 pounds in 7 days. 

That’s why she designed this program with: 

  • Six healthy meal (so that you stop craving unhealthy snacks) 
  • Meal plan that suits everyone’s lifestyle
  • Healing foods to reduce inflammation and heal faster 
  • Anti-inflammatory foods to maintain healthy inflammation 
  • Easy and flexible rules to follow
  • Less time consuming, efficient workouts 
  • Mind refreshing 5-minute meditation 

So, this is the secret of her program’s success. 

What Does the 7-Day Weight Loss pdf Include? 

The 7-day Jumpstart program by Danette includes: 

Meal Plan


The complete diet plan for seven days is included in this package. From lunch dinner to snacks, this program covers everything. 

Besides the meal plan, you will also get the recipes to cook your own meals. Don’t worry. All the meals are delicious and easy to cook

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So, Danette primarily suggests practical exercises that don’t take much time but burn fat faster. 

Her program also contains healing exercises like yoga! However, if you don’t know Yoga, it’s a beginner program. Here you can learn yoga from scratch. 

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Mediation in weight loss program! It looks new, right? 

Well, research says meditation can help you with weight loss. Besides, meditation is also suitable for a clear mind. 

The program contains small yet highly effective meditations (around 5 minutes) that help you keep your mind clear and improve your breathing system. 

Overall, the entire program helps to boost metabolism and melt fat cells.

How Much Does This Jumpstart Diet Plan Pdf Cost (Including Refund Policy)? 

In early 2012, when she launched the book, it cost around $35. However, now, it’s FREE! But, you have to pay a delivery and handling charge of $9.95.

Also, the books come with a 60 days money-back guarantee. If you don’t see any result, you can get all your money back within the first 60 days. 

Also, the money-back guarantee doesn’t require you to send the book over! You can keep that to yourself! 

If you’re thinking, the book is free then will she refund?

Well, you’ll get the money you have paid for delivery.

Danette May Review (7-Day Jumpstart): My Personal Experience

Personal Experience

Just like everyone else, I was also looking for a SHORTCUT to cut some extra pounds faster. That’s when I found out about the seven-day jumpstart review. 

‘Lose 7 LBS within seven days’ this title got me, and I instantly got myself in. Once I got the book, the first thing I saw was a few instructions. Where she recommends you to:

  • Use the anti-inflammatory shopping list to buy groceries and foods 
  • Eating instruction (like eating within the first hour after waking up and eating in every 2-3 hours) 
  • Drinking at least 1-gallon water (simple plain water) 
  • Measure weight, arm, hip, thigh, waist and record it
  • Take some before and after pictures

Besides all these, I found the meal-plan really fascinating. 

There were meal plans for both males and females. Each meal is available with the recipe, and it was easy to cook. Then there were exercises, meditation plans and so on! 

So, here I am sharing a glance at the meal plan and exercises. 

Meal Plans



Egg on toast with tomato avocado 


Hummus and Red Pepper slices 


Greek Salad


Greek Yogurt with Fruit and Nuts


Chicken with Broccoli and Rice 


Apples with Peanut Butter 



Egg southwest scrambles


Indian Lassi 


Chicken Basil Stir Fry made with coconut oil. 


Egg and Toast 


Pasta Dish 


Berry Delight 

Workouts and Meditation

All the workouts Danette suggests are mostly home workouts. Also, all these workouts don’t require much time. Most of them are metabolism-boosting exercises and yoga. 

However, meditation is a new addition that we usually don’t see in fitness programs. All the exercises (mostly home workouts) aren’t that tough but require discipline. 

My Experience

The seven days jumpstart program is good, and it works as well.

Also, all the meal plans are delicious and easy to cook. Even after a hectic busy day, I could easily make all the meals independently. 

Also, the exercises aren’t as challenging as it seems. It just requires you to stay consistent. It took a max of 20 minutes to finish off a session. 

Then again, the meditation program was the best! I learned something that helped me to stay calm. When I felt puzzled, I followed that meditation, and after 5 minutes, I got a clear vision. 

Overall, I needed this program in order to sneak into a healthy lifestyle. 

Maybe, you are curious, how much weight have I lost? 

Workouts and Meditation

Well, I lost around 3.57 pounds in this one week. Also, I lost some fat in the waist area. 

So, these are the wholesome things about the jumpstart program! 

But there were some bad experiences too! 

First of all, the result isn’t sustainable! I regained more than 4 pounds just two weeks later. 

Then again, the book is only available in printed and eBook versions. As it’s a ten-year-old program, we cannot expect anything better.

But nowadays, when many interactive websites and apps are available, following such a guide is quite challenging. Even I felt like giving up as it wasn’t appealing. 

It’s not just me! Many have felt the same thing! 

Does it make 7-Day Jumpstart a scam?

Well, I don’t think so! It’s more like a traditional way. People who don’t mind using a book can still achieve a better result. 

If Danette May makes a modern version of it, it will be a sensation again in the fitness industry.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Seven Days Jumpstart Review

Like all other programs, this 7-Day jumpstart program has some benefits and disadvantages. 

Before getting into a program, knowing about all these is essential! So, here are the advantages and disadvantages of the jump-start diet plan you should know! 


A step-by-step guide that assures the faster result 
Counting calories isn’t necessary 
Reduce inflammation and balance it
Improves insulin resistance
Achieve healing mindset
Burning fat faster 
It gives you glowing skin 
Delicious meal-plan with recipes 
Eliminate toxins 
Easy to cook recipes
Balanced hormones 
Controls your food craving 
It makes your bones and joints stronger 
It helps you to achieve sexy abs 
Reduces mental illnesses like stress and depression 
It gives you more energy 


You have to avoid all the processed foods and other specific foods 
You may feel uncomfortable in the starting days
You may gain weight faster once you stop following this diet plan

What Do Others Say About This Program?

This program was helping people lose weight in 2012 (10 years ago) as it’s a strict diet that’s why many people lost some pounds. 

Then again, there are some negative reviews as well. Many don’t like this program as it doesn’t have the modern touch. 

However, in recent years, many have admitted that this program has helped them get into clean eating and kick start into a healthy lifestyle. 

Also, many admire Danette’s mind-healing movement. However, this program helped many people to achieve weight loss goals. 

Then again, behind many negative reviews on a Facebook group, the program’s old approach was the reason. 

Is Danette May’s Seven Days Program Worth a Try?

No doubt, Danette May is talented and the best!

She designed this program by understanding what is essential for fat cells burning and causes weight gain. 

Then again, our unhealthy eating habits like late-night snacks cause fat gain. That’s why she added six healthy meals for the entire day. Having all these meals will keep you full and help with healthy weight loss. 

Another problem is, the grocery list! Many diet plans contain recipes and ingredients that are super tough to find. That distracts and demotivates people and many end up giving up. However, the program contains a shopping list that you can use to get all the groceries once at a time. 

Added workouts and meditation in this program will help you stick with the program and see results faster. 

For a lifestyle change, this program is excellent! 

However, from my personal experience, I must say, the weight loss you’ll see isn’t permanent. Like the ACV diet (apple cider vinegar diet), the result is that it fades away. 

Should You Try Danette’s Seven-Day Program? 

Suppose you want to try Danette’s seven-day program. This fine print book comes with 60 days no question asked money-back guarantee. 

So, if it doesn’t work for you can still get your money back! 

If you just want to give it a try, then go for it

A Better Alternative of 7 Day Jumpstart: Noom

To be honest, I have tried many programs and got results as well. But, I regained all the pounds I lost once I stopped following the program! 

At one point, I was so frustrated. I thought it was just my metabolism, and I could not help it! 

Then one day, while reading, I found out faster weight loss is unsustainable and not safe as well. From that time, I started looking for something that could help me with losing weight not faster but healthily. 

That’s when I discovered Noom! 

Noom is a paid app. Unlike other weight loss apps. It focuses on psychology and science. It comprehends the reason behind our weight gain, our bad habits

Noom focuses on breaking our bad habits and creating good habits. The app helps us get into a healthy lifestyle from the first week. 

Noom is a life-changing app! Noom is the best alternative to every fitness program for a better and healthy lifestyle. 

Try Noom for once and thank me later

Final Words

Danette May 7 day jumpstart is an excellent program if you want to cut some pounds. Also, the program doesn’t suggest anything terrible or artificial. 

In fact, if you ask me to recommend something that can help you get into a healthy lifestyle, I would recommend the seven-day jumpstart by Danette May. 

However, this program is old and requires self-discipline. That’s why I recommend everyone to follow Noom

Noom is a modern approach that triggers your psychology and helps you to get back to your healthy body weight without regaining. 

So, if you lack self-discipline, try Noom; you won’t regret it! 


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  1. https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/foods-that-fight-inflammation

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