Purus Labs D Pol Testosterone Booster Review: Does It Work?

Purus Labs D Pol Testosterone Booster Review: Does it Work?

Last Updated on February, 2023

I’m in my mid-30s; I physically feel how I’m losing the drive and motivation I once had. I can’t afford to let things be. And, it genuinely scared me when I found the cause. Even a study proved how I lacked and lost my free testosterone levels. 

A few days ahead, I found a possible solution; D Pol – testosterone booster pills.

I took my time to carefully analyze so many D Pol reviews; I found what they omit, and emphasize excessively. This reading is balanced, and I’ll share what I found without leaving out a single character.

Do NOT miss this read if you’re on the verge of buying D Pol.

What is a Testosterone Booster? (And What it is Not)

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There is a HUGE misunderstanding about what a test booster really does. The simple purpose of a test booster is to raise testosterone in your body, the primary male sex hormone. 

This is one of the BEST solutions for men with erectile dysfunction.

A GOOD test booster promotes physical performance, sex drive, and energy levels to focus and work out. Did I mention heightened and sustained vasodilation too?

Testosterone boosters and pre workouts are different. The effect of a pre workout lasts for a few hours; it’s used to energize your body to exercise more intensely. The blood pressure will be higher for a temporary time.

Whereas a test booster, usually in the form of pills, lasts very long since their proprietary blends are stronger.

So, don’t be fooled by 5-star reviews of a test booster that brags about a temporary energy boost; a testosterone booster MUST deliver so much more.

The role of the vitamin is CRUCIAL in any quality testosterone booster.

Let’s get into the world of D Pol. 

What’s the Company Behind D-Pol Like?

I have a habit of checking Amazon reviews for whatever I buy online. The theory applies only more here, and I couldn’t find it, so I went to their website, Purus Labs.

Purus Labs is a fitness supplement company that mainly deals with protein powders, pre workouts, and such. Amongst them, D Pol is their T booster product. 

Overall, the company looked legitimate enough. But what about D Pol itself? 

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First Impression of D-Pol As a Testosterone Booster 

The product page itself claims that D pol was designed to increase testosterone. So what is FREE testosterone? It’s the percentage of total testosterone that isn’t bound to any protein.

D Pol also creates an oxygen-sparing environment which eventually boosts the ATP production that delivers intense strength — no wonder this product is popular in the fitness community.

I also realized that the product is a coated pill, not a powder. But like I said, I only wanted to boost my testosterone; I needed proof to be reassured.

So, naturally, I evaluated the ingredients.

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D Pol
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How Exactly the Ingredients of D-Pol Benefit You

It was pleasant to see that the product had identified the role of the vitamin; that’s an early sign of a great T booster. So, let us look at the list of ingredients and how they benefit you in your journey to boost testosterone.

As you read, you’d understand how these ingredients play a crucial role in D Pol’s selling points; it’s a good thing since you don’t want to be misled by marketing stunts.

Vitamin D3

The ingredient used to introduce vitamin D3 is cholecalciferol, made when the skin is exposed to sunlight. In one serving, there’s 4000 IU which is 100 micrograms with an alleged 1000% DV — the vitamin D absorption seemed to be more than satisfactory as a separate component.

The ingredient is proven to boost testosterone to higher levels. And, If you’ve been hoping for a weight reduction, you’re in luck since the D vitamin is proven effective. 

D Aspartic Acid (An Amino Acid)

In one serving of around 4.6g, there’s 3.12g of amino acid, D aspartic acid (DAA). This ratio also proved why D Pol is a known product in the fitness community.

This is because D aspartic acid’s role is to increase stamina, which is essential to work out better with higher levels of free testosterone. So, the primary purpose of D aspartic acid is fulfilled within the product.

Having amino acids such as D aspartic acid is essential for testosterone production and is proven to be effective.

Vitamin B6

From a technical perspective, recycling receptors from the nucleus back into the cytosol after initial translocation is the role of Vitamin B6 regarding testosterone in your body. This is a proven academic result. 

The 2mg amount in one serving is not precisely bad at all. This vitamin has the power to be your new weight reduction cause, and it has been proven.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is directly connected to testosterone levels, and it’s also been proven. This is why you’re advised to eat more eggs, avocados and such enriched with vitamin B12 to boost your testosterone levels.

Vitamin B9

The role of vitamin B9 is directly connected to a body’s DNA and RNA production. But this same element named folic acid delivers extremely increased virility, which is also proven by a 2012 study.

There’s 400mcg of vitamin in one serving, which is an average amount compared to other T-boosting supplements.

So, that’s pretty much what’s included; that should draw a clear picture.

How Much is D-Pol and Where to Buy?

The cost of a 90-pill package is $30.

But Purus Labs wants you to spend $100 to get free shipping. So, the total price would vary according to where you are, and it’s not $30 flat.

The vitamin shoppe price is $35, and the company is vague on the shipping costs as well. But you cannot buy the product on Amazon.

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Customer Reviews of D-Pol

I wasn’t going to accept what their website says, only 5 and 4-star reviews. Instead, I jumped to Trustpilot. Guess what I found?


Although Trustpilot had Purus Labs listed as a company, it doesn’t specify what product they’re dealing with. The existing reviews for the COMPANY are dated 2 years back.

But there was one review at vitaminshoppe.com and here it is.

D-pol customer review

Is D-Pol Really Worth it?

D Pol is an average product; it has worked for some. So, it’s NOT worth it. 

Let’s look at how its downsides make it an unworthy product.

The Problems With the Price and Places to Buy From

I wouldn’t have minded if there weren’t any of the Purus Labs products on Amazon; their website has a sense of exclusiveness. But how come it was only D Pol, which wasn’t there? 

In addition, the $30 price seemed like a marketing stunt, whereas the final cost would definitely be more than that.

I was willing to spend even $100 at once; I just needed the company, to be honest with me.

The Source of the Ingredients

I know that all supplements made from natural ingredients are miles ahead of synthetic ones, especially for strength gains. However, Purus Labs is very vague about the source of its components. Vitamin D is there, but where is it coming from?

Naturally, I thought, why not market the risk-freeness of the ingredients when you’re selling a T booster.

The supplement also contains sucralose in it. This is an artificial sweetener and regular prolonged use is unhealthy. I also identified that regardless of what isolated researchers say, the blend doesn’t seem to boost testosterone exclusively.

30 Days Aren’t Enough to Assess a Product

Purus Labs offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, but that seemed pointless. That’s since it takes much longer to evaluate your free testosterone levels following the supplement.

Once the Sale is Made, You’re on Your Own

I trained my dog last year, and my chosen course had an online members area, which was SO helpful. However, Purus Labs seemed not to be so interested in any such community. 

I could have easily spent the $30, but even that didn’t seem to be worth it; D Pol seemed like a borderline scam.

So, not worth it at all.

Pros and Cons of D Pol (Especially on Free Testosterone)


Muscle growth and enhanced recovery (especially due to nitric oxide in it)
Promotes weight reduction 
Boosts testosterone levels
Increases virility


Absence of chances to buy from Amazon
Problematic source of the ingredients
Money-back-guarantee duration is too short
No after-sale services
No communities of the product to interact with or anything similar

Where I Finally Ended Up (And My Impression of the Company)

This was when I ended up at a company named Aphro-D

My first impression of the company was sky-high. Why? Because the company deals with only one product, and its sole purpose is to boost your free testosterone levels. That’s not all.

The formula designer explains what Aphro-D does step by step so clearly and concisely. He’s a PhD doctor and a person who USES his product (he literally did his dose in the video!)

So, I was hooked. But what, I still needed proof. Here’s what happened when I compared Aphro-D with D pol.

Quick Comparison Against D-Pol

Let me point them down for you.

Aphro-D is Straightforward About the Investment

Everything starts from $80 for 120 capsules and $10 for shipping. You can buy directly from the website, and that’s where you should buy it from. Why? That brings us to the second point.

Longer Money-Back Guarantee

You receive a (get this) whopping 365 days money-back guarantee when you buy from them directly. A year is more than enough to see if a booster increases your testosterone levels.

Dr. Farhan Directly Answers Your Problems

There’s a private Facebook group just for the customers. Dr Farhan, the inventor of Aphro-D, PERSONALLY answers all of your questions. That’s the kind of support I value.

The Source of All Ingredients is 100% Natural

Aphro-D has ALL the vitamins and all the essential components that should be in a T-booster. But impressive is that the ingredients’ source was 100% natural. These ingredients are:

  • Tongkat Ali (Organic, 100:1 Pure Extraction) 
  • Schisandra Berry (Certified Organic)
  • Pearl Powder (Enzymatically Fermented)
  • He Shou Wu (20+ Hour Special Preparation)

The Product Itself is 100% Organic

It’s not just organic ingredients; there are NO additives whatsoever in Aphro-D. I wished people had used this product to confirm that all of this truly works.

So, I went to Trustpilot.

More Than Enough Happy Customer Testimonials in Trustpilot

Let me show you what I found; that should be more than enough.

In Conclusion

D-Pol is a product that doesn’t seem to work for everyone, and the ingredients aren’t that effective. You’d end up spending a little fortune by the time you realize the ineffectiveness of D-Pol. Why should you waste money when there are sure-shot solutions like Aphro-D?

With over 50,000 verified success stories, Aphro-D is the epitome of natural test boosters in the market. Since the product lets you achieve MORE THAN what you pay for, choosing Aphro-D is the most cost-effective investment to boost your t levels in the 2020s.


Better alternative
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100% Natural & Organic Ingredients
Directly Answers Your Problems Through private Facebook group
Longer Money-Back Guarantee
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of February
High Price

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