BodyBoss Method vs Bikini Body Guide(BBG): NOT RECOMMENDED!

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

Bodyboss Method and Bikini Body Guide are some of the two most popular workout programs on the internet. 

Both of these programs(bodyboss vs bikini body guide) can’t go wrong when it comes to results, but finding the best one can be a bit of a struggle, so for your comfort we’ve done exactly that, after scouring the web for the last couple of weeks we’ve narrowed it down to the best of both programs that money can buy.   

SPOILER: We’ve also included an ALTERNATIVE that checks every box for a much cheaper price compared to these two programs, so keep reading to know which program will help you to achieve your dreams. 

What is BodyBoss Method?


BodyBoss Method is a 12-week workout Fitness and Nutrition program which uses High-Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) and offers both Diet Plans and Written Workout Guides.

There are variety of accessibility options when it comes to buying this program:

  • Online-only access.
  • Print-only access.
  • Hybrid access (Online+Print Edition).

Out of these three options it’s up to you to decide which one is perfect for you.

Also BodyBoss has a wide range of workout methods and diet plans each promising to:

  • Improve the shape and structure of your body.
  • Get fit and toned.
  • Achieve weight loss in 2-weeks.

And the main selling point of BodyBoss is that they market their program as a 24mins workout program, this means each workout in the program takes just 24mins to complete.

This is a 3 days a week program:

  • Mondays.
  • Wednesdays.
  • Fridays.

What Are The Offerings Of BodyBoss Method?

As I said before this program has a wide range of workout and diet guides for you to choose from. Each guide is different from one another with different sets of goals,this makes it easy for the buyer to search what they’re looking for.

These are the options that BodyBoss Method offer: 

  • Tone Guide: this is a 6-week program that will help you to change the shape and structure of your body. 

This guide consists of both home and gym workouts and will take 30mins a day. 

  • Superfood Nutrition Guide: is a 12-week step-by-step structured eating plan, each day consists of 3 meals and 2 snacks that’ll help you nourish your body, feel energetic and most importantly helps you lose weight. 
  • Fit plan Challenge: is a 30-day Challenge crafted by the Celebrity Trainer & Nutritionist Kim Lyons. 

This challenge will help you improve your fitness, burn extra calories, boost metabolism and lose weight. 

  • Ultimate Body Fitness Guide: is everything that you need to start your journey, this is a 12-week fitness program with 4-weeks of Pre-Training to get you started for the main 12-week program. 

The 12-week workout plan consists of a variety of HIIT workouts which helps you in greater calorie burn, fat loss, strengthens and tones the body plus improves your fitness. 

How Much Does BodyBoss Method Cost?

BodyBoss Method Costs lot more than you think, and what you get for spending that amount isn’t that great either;


Continue Reading to see what the alternative program includes for a much cheaper price

Every guide is priced different from one another and here are those;

Tone Guide;

  • Online-only access: $44.90 USD
  • Print-only access: $45.90 USD
  • Hybrid access (Online+Print Edition): $90.80 USD

Superfood Nutrition Guide;

  • Online-only access: $39.90 USD
  • Print-only access: $59.90 USD
  • Hybrid access (Online+Print Edition): $99.80USD

Fit plan Challenge;

  • Online-only: $44.90 USD

Ultimate Body Fitness Guide;

  • Online-only access: $49.50 USD
  • Print-only access: $65.90 USD
  • Hybrid access (Online+Print Edition): $115.40USD

Also if you’re interested in bundles then there’s are options for that too:

Fitness & Tone Bundle;

  • Online-only access: $59.90 USD
  • Print-only access: $88.90 USD
  • Hybrid access (Online+Print Edition): $148.80 USD

Tone & Nutrition Bundle

  • Online-only access: $57.90 USD
  • Print-only access: $83.90 USD
  • Hybrid access (Online+Print Edition): $141.80 USD

Fitness & Nutrition Bundle

  • Online-only access: $69.90 USD
  • Print-only access: $99.50 USD
  • Hybrid access (Online+Print Edition): $169.40 USD

*These are the prices at the time of writing this post. 

By The Way if You want to learn more about BodyBoss Method, You can check out our full BodyBoss Method review here

What Is Bikini Body Guide?

bbg sweat app

Bikini Body Guide(BBG) as the name suggests, helps you to get a perfect bikini body with the help of its renowned author Kayla Itsines.

Kayla Itsines is one of the best known in the fitness industry.

This program got a lot of attention lately and now is one of the best workout guides you can find on the internet.

Bikini Body Guide too has a meal plan and workout guide each sold separately, also if you want to buy both the meal plan and workout guide together there is an option too. 

There is also a vegetarian guide with the regular nutrition guide if you’re a vegetarian.

Bikini Body Guide too is a 12-week program plus it also has a 4-week pre-training for you to get started. 

The promise of this program is that:

  • Get a perfect Bikini Body.
  • Get a Lean and Slim physique.

What Are The Offerings Of Bikini Body Guide?

The thing that stands out in BBG is that you can get both, 12-Week BBG Workout Guide, Healthy Eating Guide and Meal Plan together for a much cheaper price compared to BodyBoss Method. 

Bikini Body Guide’s offerings are much less than what BodyBoss offers.

Anyways here is everything that BBG offers:

  • Healthy Eating Guide: will give you full instructions on managing your meals and will help you to avoid weight gain, also this guide helps you to choose what you should eat and what to avoid. 

This guide will help you to get a clear understanding about the foods that cause weight gain. 

  • Meal Plan: is an easy-to-prepare plan with step-by-step recipes and will also help you what to eat throughout the course of the program, plus this’ll help you see better results if followed correctly. 
  • 12-Week Workout Plan: is the main 12-week plan with workout guides and exercises that you’ll need to perform throughout the program.  

Tthis is the main guide in the BBG program, this is what helps you to get that perfect Bikini Body of your dreams, not only that it’ll also help you to reduce weight(slim down) and boost muscle mass. 

  • Workout Instructions: this is exclusive to the Bikini Body Bundle,

The guide gives you full instructions on each and every workout given in the program and will help you get through the tough workouts easily. 

How Much Does Bikini Body Guide Cost?

When it comes to pricing BBG is not cheap by any means needless to say both BodyBoss and BBG are similarly priced.

Anyways here’s what you need to pay to get your hands on BBG

Nutrition Guide(H.E.L.P)

  • Regular: $53.52 USD
  • Vegetarian: $53.53 USD

Bikini Body Workouts Guide: $53.52 USD

Bikini Body Bundle

  • Regular: $91.76 USD
  • Vegetarian: $91.76 USD

Here’s what you get if you opt for this bundle

  • Healthy Eating Guide and Meal Plan
  • 12-Week Workout Guide
  • Full Workout Instructions

By the way if you’re not interested in pdf then there’s also a coaching app too (Sweat app with Kayla) it costs $19.99 Monthly. 

You can check out our full review of Bikini Body Guide here

The Cheaper Alternative: Bikini Body Workouts

Jen Bikini Body Workouts program
Click here to see yourself

As you can see both Bikini Body Guide and BodyBoss Method are not cheap and for its price they don’t tend to offer much, if you decide to get the bundles you get some extras but not much.

This is where Bikini Body Workouts comes in, for a much much cheaper price compared to the previous programs it includes a bucket load of extras that’s actually useful to achieve your fitness goals.  

Bikini Body Workouts is a 12-week program that also focuses on helping you to get that perfect Bikini Body.

It’s almost similar to BBG only difference is that it offers the Nutrition plan with the Workout plan at no additional cost. 

Unlike other programs bikini body workouts do not force you to make sacrifices like reducing the meals and increasing the workout times, nothing like that, instead it is a simple 4 days a week program, 45mins a day program that’s bound to show some impressive results.

The workouts aren’t that tough either.

What’s Included With Bikini Body Workouts?

There are no bundles in Bikini Body Workouts, it’s just a standalone program that offers more than what the other two programs do.

These are what’s included if you purchase Bikini Body Workouts:

  • BIKINI BODY Online Instructional Exercise Videos: here the author of the program Jen Ferruggia herself shows how to complete the exercises without making any mistakes, this makes it so much easier to perform every workout without having to spend much time stuck in one workout. 
  • Bikini Body Workout Guide: this is the manual where the workouts are detailed and how to be performed.  
  • Bikini Body Nutrition Guide: this is a simple nutrition manual that’ll complement with the workouts you do throughout the program.

Also offers a list of recommended foods that you can use. 

  • Bikini Body Supplement List: Here Jen gives you the list of supplements that you should take and avoid.
  • Bikini Body Comprehensive Shopping List: this’ll help you with the shopping, like what ingredients you should buy, how much to buy. 
  • Bikini Body 21-Day BOOTY BLAST (ADDED BONUS)!!!: A workout program specifically for your booty, that’ll help you to eliminate and crush the muscles in the Glute. 

How Much Does Bikini Body Workouts Cost?

This is where there’s no competition for this program, everything you saw above just Retails for just $29.99. 

Which is much cheaper than BodyBoss Method and Bikini Body Guide and not only that you get much more than those programs do. 

If you want an in-depth look at Bikini Body Workouts you can check out our review here.

BodyBoss Method Vs Bikini Body Guide Vs Bikini Body Workouts.

Here’s a quick summary of all the programs and what their offerings are. 

  BodyBoss Method Bikini Body Guide Bikini Body Workouts.
12-week workouts Online Edition; $49.50 USD
Print Edition; $65.90  USD
Online + Print Edition; $115.40 USD
$53.52 USD $29.99
Nutrition Guides $39.90 USD   Regular: $53.52 USD
Vegetarian: $53.53 USD
Shopping lists Not Available Not Available Free
Video Guides Free Free Free
Supplement Guide Not Available Not Available Free
Workout Instructions Not Available Free Free
Bonuses 4weeks Pre-Training 4weeks Pre-Training 21-day Booty Blast
Total Online Edition; $69.90 USD Print Edition; $99.50 USD
Online + Print Edition; $169.40 USD
      $91.76 USD $29.99


As you can see there’s a lot of differences between Bikini Body Workouts and Other programs.

There’s nothing wrong with BodyBoss Method or BBG, to be honest both of these offer much less for a considerably higher price compared to Bikini Body Workouts.

If you’re concerned about the workouts on Bikini Body Workouts, to be honest it’s much better than the other 2 programs, plus if you’re not happy or if you did not see results with Bikini Body Workouts you get a 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

However It’s up to you to choose what’s best for you.

Thanks for Passing by and Stay Safe:)

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