Bodyboss Method Review: Good Workout Program Or A Scam?

Bodyboss Method Review & Results: Here’s Why I don’t Recommend it!

Last Updated on October, 2023

I was searching for some fitness program on the Internet to burn some of my weight and get toned up.

From then on Body Boss SPAMMED me with their Ads on Social Media Couple of Weeks back,

Beforehand I was just continuing my exercises on the GYM even though I had a rough time management but after doing some research I came to know that exercises in BodyBoss only take 24 minutes I didn’t think twice, immediately I went on to their Site and bought the workout program.

And that’s when I realized that I’ve fallen into a trap…

So now that I’ve been using the program for about 7 weeks (4 weeks pre-training and 3 weeks of actual program) these are my thoughts on BodyBoss Fitness & Nutrition Bundle and reasons why I Don’t recommend this exercise program.

Keep reading this body boss method review to find out why!! 

What Is the BodyBoss Method?

BodyBoss is a fitness training program that has online-only, print-only and hybrid access(paid) workout program for women.

The exercise program offers Diet Plans and Written Workout Guides.

The Best BodyBoss offers is the Ultimate Body Fitness Guide which is a 12-week High-Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) program that also has + 4-weeks of Pre Training for beginners.(1)

If you don’t know what HIIT is, it is an effective training method for weight loss and boosting metabolic rate.

It’s not the only program from this company though!!

Here are some other BodyBoss Program apart from the Ultimate Body Fitness Guide;


  • Tone Guide; 6 week body toning program.
  • Superfood Nutrition Guide;12 week nutrition plan + bonus smoothie guide.
  • Fit plan Challenge;A 30 day Challenge 


  • Fitness & Tone Bundle;12 Week Fitness + 6 Week Toning program.
  • Tone & Nutrition Bundle; 6 week Toning program + 12 week Nutrition plan. 
  • Fitness & Nutrition Bundle; 12 week Fitness & Nutrition program + bonus guides.

The BodyBoss Method Overview

Here is everything you Need to know about the Bodyboss method.

How Much Does Bodyboss Cost?

The BodyBoss Ultimate Fitness & Nutrition Bundle is not cheap by any means plus there are 3 options for you to choose from, Here are the costs of Bodyboss:

  • Online Edition costs: $49.50 USD
  • Print Edition costs: $65.90 USD
  • Online + Print Edition costs: $115.40 USD

These are without the Nutrition Guide, 

With the Nutrition Guide, it costs even more:

  • Online Edition; $69.90 USD
  • Print Edition; $99.50 USD
  • Online + Print Edition; $169.40 USD

But you might get lucky, there are constant limited time offers on their site. 

However, without any offers these prices are staggering, especially the prices of the Bundle.

bodyboss program costs pricing

BodyBoss Method: Workouts

This is where they got me,

The Workouts in BodyBoss is nothing special, also for the HIIT, the bursts of exercises are super intense, the workouts in the HIIT are a mixture of Plyometrics to Bodyweight Exercises. 

But the thing is that it’s nothing too special, 


Some of the workouts can be found on Youtube. 

This is where they should’ve been clear on what they were saying, BodyBoss claims that everything just takes 24 minutes, but in truth it wasn’t.

Clearly the Warm-Up takes 10mins and the Cooldown takes 10mins, that’s already 20mins plus the average time that took me to complete the workouts were anywhere from 30 to 37mins, so altogether you’re looking at an hour of exercises. 

Program is 3 days a week;

  • Mondays 
  • Wednesdays
  • Fridays.

On Tuesdays it is a recovery session and Thursdays are Cardio sessions, these 2 days allow you to do any type of active recovery. 

Also there are no workouts on saturday or sunday.

BodyBoss Nutrition Guide.

bodyboss fitness guide

The BodyBoss Nutritions Guide is also a bummer, the meals listed in the guide could take a considerable amount of time to prepare.

For its price it would’ve been great if they had included an overview of macros and calorie counts, sadly, they haven’t. 

Anyways, the guide has around 150 with shopping and a prep list each week and every meal was said to be delicious and easy to make. 

But No!!

It was also one of their Marketing things just like the 24mins.

However for no reason they included a free Smoothie Recipe Book.

BodyBoss Review (My Experience With It)

As I said Before I bought BodyBoss Fitness & Nutrition Bundle(Online+Print Edition) for $99.50 USD,

Thank God!!

There was a sale on their website during that day, the regular price was $169.40 USD, because of this I got almost $70 USD saved, even though I got lucky, it wasn’t cheap by any means. 

After receiving the training program I started off with the 4weeks Pre-Training.

By The Way, even though I bought both the Online + Print Edition, most of the time I was using the print edition,because the online edition was time consuming, logging in each time and searching for each workout takes some time.


I decided to start off with the Pre-Training because I wasn’t really fully fit to jump straight up to the actual main workouts. 

Pre-Training is something to get yourself suited for the main 12-week training, but this felt like the final week of training it was so hard, especially the friday, the power-up day where we set a timer for 6mins and do the given exercises as much as we can in the given time.

When I was doing the Friday workout for the first time it was so hard, but I kept doing it and after getting a little bit fitter I was able to do it, but trust me after completing this workout each time I was soaked in sweat.

I thought when the pre-training itself is this hard what would it be like to do the actual program. 

And the other thing is that Monday and Wednesday workout routine has a timer of 7mins and there are about seven exercises.

What they’ve said is that everytime you complete the seven workouts before the given seven minutes, repeat the seventh workout until you reach the 7min mark. I couldn’t do this because I wasn’t able to do the whole circuit in 7mins. 

I felt disappointed because I wasn’t able to complete what they’ve said, also I thought I might not be able to see any results, but that was not the case, I joined the BodyBoss community on Facebook and asked about this and they said it was alright. 

Week 1

First week was perfect, everything was easy and pretty much doable thanks to the Hell-Like-Experience that Pre-training gave me. 

Surprisingly I did the HIIT workouts without any trouble and week one was completely a JOY.

But the Main Takeaway is that ‘’as you may know by now’’ the workouts took longer than 24mins,to be exact it took about an hour. 

Matter of fact I bought BodyBoss mainly because of this but only to find that it was just a Marketing thing. 

However, because I was having a good week with the program I actually forgot about the 24mins thing. 

At the end of the week I thought why not see the results and for the first time since using BodyBoss Method I decided to measure myself only to find out that I’ve lost just 3lbs, although I did not expect much, it would have been great to see results that were a bit better than this. 

Week 2

This was also a ok week, basically, everything was the same as the first, nothing much to report, the same 7mins HIIT circuits on Monday and Wednesday, the same 6mins power-up workout on Friday. (2)

Even Though the week was great, the result I got after measuring my body was not great. It was the same as the past week. 

I promise I did every workout in the program as I did before but after seeing these results, it just broke my heart.

However, I was not ready to give up on BodyBoss, I went for another week. 

Week 3

Going into week 3 I expected an experience similar to the first two weeks, 

But it wasn’t,

To be honest, I actually got bored of doing the same thing for almost 2months now 

The workouts which were already though got extreme.

Somehow after completing the third week properly, I was so ready to see some results, but shockingly I’ve just only lost 2lb which adds up with the previous 3lbs.

After nearly 2months of intense workout sessions I’ve just lost 5lbs (2kg), for a program that claims that you can see results in 2weeks this outcome was awful.

7weeks after getting into BodyBoss I decided to quit, I nearly spent $100 and wasted 2months only to lose 4lbs. I could’ve done this by following some basic workout routines on Google. 

BodyBoss Method Pros & Cons

These are some of the Pros and Cons Of BodyBoss Method.


Print Edition is great with Detailed exercises instructions.
The workouts become much harder as you follow along.
Community on Facebook is great.


Extremely expensive compared to the Alternative.
Guide for Nutrition is sold separately.
Misleading Claim, BodyBoss claims the exercises only take 24mins to finish, in truth that’s not the case.
No Mobile app.
Some workouts are so hard to follow and execute.
No modifications available for harder exercises.
Meals in the nutrition guide takes time to prepare and food is repetitive.

What Others Think Of BodyBoss Method 

bodyboss method customer testimonial 1
Laura (Amazon)
bodyboss method customer testimonial 2
Emily Weidman (Amazon)

Cheaper And Better Alternative To BodyBoss Method

If I didn’t fall for that 24mins gimmick I would’ve probably found this product, two weeks after dumping BodyBoss I started to search for something that’s better than BodyBoss.

Jen Bikini Body Workouts program

And that’s where I found Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workout on facebook, after going through her page and seeing her it made me realize that I should have gotten a bikini body like this if BodyBoss turned out to be great.

However, after thoroughly researching almost everything about Bikini Body Workout(BBW) and mainly the time to complete, I was ready to get going again. 

This BBW cost me just little to nothing compared to BodyBoss workout program, even though I read some reviews, I was not still sure about what this will offer. 

But seeing the program for myself, I realized how good of a program it was, BBW is a boot camp style workout which focuses on multiple parts of your body per day.

Here’s how the schedule looks:

  • Monday: Shoulders, Chest and Triceps.
  • Tuesday: Glutes And Quads.
  • Wednesday: Ab workouts with HIIT (Optional).
  • Thursday: Biceps And Back.
  • Friday: Hams and Calves.
  • Saturday: 10 minute of Intense HIIT and Abs.
  • Sunday: A little Rest.

Also this is a 6day program not 3days like BodyBoss, and all together Bikini Body Workout is a 12-week program.

The workouts were super interesting and were relatively easy-to-follow.

To be honest everything was pretty solid after I started to follow Jen’s workout program,I wasn’t so sure before getting into it, but this exceeded my expectation, 

The results I got was simply staggering;

After the first 4weeks I lost exactly 12lbs (5kg), which was unbelievable.

I Did BodyBoss for nearly 2months and just lost 5lbs and after seeing this it made me so happy.

Not only did I lose my weight, but also got toned up and was gaining muscle, my calves were in shape and everything was really in shape.

And not to mention the Booty blast, this greatly helped in lifting up and reducing the thickness of my butt. 

Now Let’s take a look at what Bikini Body Workout offers.

Everything That’s Included With Bikini Body Workouts

BBW is no slouch when it comes to this,

Here’s what’s included;

  • Bikini Body Workout guides

Here you get the pdf on what exercises to perform and the instructional videos on how they are performed.

The pdf also includes the time it takes to complete each exercise. 

  • Bikini Body Nutrition Guide:

Unlike BodyBoss’s guide everything here was pretty simple and was easy to prepare.

  • Shopping List
  • Supplement List:

This helps you to choose which supplements to take and the ones to avoid

  • Video Guides:

Showcases the exercises that’s done by Jen. 

All this for just… Ahh Wait … there’s one more,

  • 21-day Booty Blast(Bonus Special Program)

This’ll help you get that perfect Bikini Body you have dreaming for years,

The workout in this helps you to crush every muscle in the glute, also you don’t have to wait until you finish the main program, you can just integrate this with it.

All of this for Just $29.99, which in my opinion is an absolute Bargain.

Bikini Body Workouts Vs BodyBoss Method

Here are some side by side comparisons between Bikini Body Workouts and BodyBoss Method. (1)

 Bikini Body WorkoutsBodyBoss Method
12-week workouts$29.99Online Edition; $49.50 USD
Print Edition; $65.90 USD
Online + Print Edition; $115.40 USD
Nutrition GuidesFree$39.90 USD
Shopping listsFree Not Available
Video GuidesFreeFree
Supplement GuideFree Not Available
Bonuses21-day Booty Blast4weeks Pre-Training
Total Cost$29.99Online Edition; $69.90 USD
Print Edition; $99.50 USD
Online + Print Edition; $169.40 USD

My Personal Opinion (Is It Worth It?)

After 12-week into the Bikini Body Workout and completing it a week ago, I’ve completely lost 55lbs (25kg) and I can fit into my old clothes very easily. These few days are turning out to be some of the happiest days in my life.

BBW is in a different league compared to BodyBoss Method, it’s ahead in almost every category.

I would highly recommend Bikini Body Workouts to anyone who is looking to gain some strength, muscle and also trying to burn some weight.

And for a Perfect Bikini Body, Jen’s program is the way to go. 


After all this you might have a clear idea on what BodyBoss Method is, it’s just another one of those push-ups programs that’ll never let you achieve your fitness goals, however the choice is yours in the end.

If you want a life-style change then you might be better off with the $29 Bikini Body Workouts, I mean why should you spend $70 to $100 for a program that does not offer anywhere near as the lower priced program. 

Either way, it’s up to you.

Thank you for passing by, if you have any doubts either of these fitness programs please feel free to leave a comment down below.

Stay Safe:)


Is the BodyBoss Method Safe?

If you’re in good health condition BodyBoss is safe for you, talk to doctor before purchasing BodyBoss if you are/have:

Does Bikini Body Workouts Offer A Refund?

YES!! They offer a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee.

better alternative
Bikini Body Workout
Meal & Workouts




Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Suitable for beginners
Seperate Gym and Home workouts
Detailed Nutrition Guide
Less workout equipments needed
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of October
Only available through their official website

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