Body FX Review: Is This Workout Program Worth It? (2022)

Body FX Review: Is This Workout Program Worth It? (2022)

Last Updated on July, 2022

Body FX sells everything related to fitness, from supplements to gears; they’ve got everything in-store. But their main focus is the Online Fitness Programs, and that’s what we’re about to take a look at today.

Body FX’s subscription-based fitness program combines every one of their online programs into one package. This means you get a good selection of video workouts along with many other contents after subscription. 

I’ve thoroughly tried out a good two months, and I’m more than ready to share my experiences. So in this Body FX review, I’ll provide you with every information you need to know before subscribing to the program.

Keep reading to find out why I don’t recommend Body FX… 

What Is The Body FX Program?

Women workout

Body FX is an online subscription-based home workout program that provides access to all of Body FX’s workout videos. Not only that, but it also provides its subscribers with some other useful content like nutritional guides, meal plans, daily email coaching and access to a private Facebook community.

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From Who You’ll Be Learning?

All the workouts available in the Body FX program are from three well-known figures in the fitness industry. They will be your coach throughout the program, So, Here’s some information worth knowing about them.

Jaana Kunitz

Jaana Kunitz, with her husband James, created Body FX. Both of them are one of the well known and internationally recognized Latin dancesport competitors, Now retired. 

She started her dancing career 25 years ago back in her home Finland. Since then, she has won numerous awards and medals in North America, the USA and World DanceSport Championships.

Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer is an American Fitness Model. She has a plethora of honors and awards under her belt. She was named as one of “Top Three Females in the Fitness Industry”, “America’s Sexiest Fitness Mom”, and “Best Celebrity Bikini Babes of 2011.”

Lee, after the birth of her second son, was around 200 pounds. However, later she lost 70 pounds and was crowned as the “Miss Bikini America” and started her career as a Fitness Guru.

John Abdo

John is a health and fitness coach, nutritionist and a television personality. He was a Strength & Conditioning Coach for a number of athletes in the 1976, 1980, 1984, and 1988 Olympic Games.

He has also written various books regarding health, motivation and fitness. In 2007, John Abdo was called up into the National Fitness Hall of Fame for his work in fitness and health. 

Also, it is worth noting that the exercises and workouts in Body FX are based on Jaana and Jennifer’s Unique Training Techniques.

What Do You Get After Subscribing To Body FX?

Body FX Workout program image

After subscribing, as I said before, you get over 200+ workout videos along with some other good content. So let’s take a look at everything.

Figure 8 Basic

Figure 8 is Jaana Kunitz’s training technique. It is based on her experience in the Latin Dance. All the exercises you’ll see here are developed with that in mind. (More on Figure 8 below). 

This particular Figure 8 Basic is the foundation to the entire Figure 8 training. In this part, you’ll learn three essential moves that are required for you to advance to the next part. The moves are hip tuck, hip roll and hip sway. (1)

Figure 8 Ultimate

Ultimate is for the people who’ve already done the Basic. In this section, you’ll be provided with some short but very intense exercise routines. 

Figure 8 Express

Figure 8 Express workout plan is for people who have busy lifestyles. It provides you with a trimmed version of the original classes (probably around 10 minutes) to get you moving faster. 

Figure 8 Pro

Figure 8 Pro takes everything to a much more complex level. The workouts are long and hard, and all of them work on improving your fitness even more.

Jaana Rhythms

Jaana Rhythms provides you with workouts that are based on Latin, Disco, Hip Hop and Belly Dance, all of which helps you get into shape. 

JNL Fusion Basic

JNL (Stands For Jennifer Nicole Lee) Fusion is Jennifer’s training technique. This is the second set of workouts in Body FX. All the exercises here are 30 seconds of cardio and 30 seconds of strength training, all of which help you give a slim and fit body. 

JNL Fusion Advanced

JNL Fusion Advanced increases the difficulty of the moves available in the Fusion Basic to help burn fat much faster.

6-Minute Body

John Abdo conducts the workouts in 6-Minute Body. This section encourages you to do short 6-minutes exercises in the morning, afternoon and evening. Doing so, according to John, will help to lose weight, balance hormones, and improve mobility.

Daily Email Coaching

After the subscription, you’ll also get daily email support from Jaana Kunitz. She provides you with personalized support, guidance and tips.

Challenge Workouts

You’ll be getting a course of surprise workouts that will help you stick to the program. (The challenges are not suitable for beginners).

Clean Cuisine

The clean cuisine gives you access to a plethora of recipes and preparation tips to help you maintain a healthy weight.

Access To Online Community

You’ll be given access to the Body FX Facebook community. Here you can share your problems regarding the program and get answers for them immediately.

How Much Does The Subscription Plan Cost?

The Body FX subscription price is constantly fluctuating. However, at the time of writing this review, the membership price costs $11.99 per month and $9 per month (billed annually). 

Also, before actually paying, you can try out a free 14-day trial to get an idea of what the program is all about.

What Are The Body FX Workouts Based On?

Body FX workout

As I said before, the majority of the workouts in Body FX are based on Figure 8 and JNL Fusion.

Before we go any further, let me tell you this from what I’ve experienced, it’s safe to say that the workouts are not for everyone! Especially if you don’t like dancing or have never even busted a move before. 

Continue reading to know why…

Figure 8 Method

Figure 8, as you may already know, was created by Jaana Kunitz. It is designed to target and strengthen your core through Latin Dance moves such as; salsa, jive, merengue and paso doble. 

To be clear, the workout style of Figure 8 is based on Dynamic Core Cardio Training but through Dance. 

According to Body FX, this is a new type of cardio training that makes use of your Body’s natural movement patterns with what they call three-dimensional exercises. These exercises keep you in the perfect cardio zone while at the same time firing all your vital core muscles. 

And I have to say; these workouts are great and very different from the workouts I’ve been doing before. My typical routine consists of endurance and strength training which is already challenging, but this is an entirely different ball game, and there’s even a learning curve too. 

Not only that, to follow the exercises, you will also need proper focus and coordination.

JNL Fusion

Jennifer’s JNL Fusion, on the other hand, is very different from Figure 8, but in a somewhat reasonable way. The workouts here are performed using 30-seconds of cardio workouts and strength training in order to trigger your Body’s shaping abilities. 

Workouts here are ok, and not something like the exercises based in Figure 8. These are different. You might even know these exercises if you’re a typical keep-fit fanatic.

But the good thing about JNL Fusion is that it is not as advanced as the Figure 8 workouts. There are no learning curves or anything like that. Just pick up and play stuff. (2)

Are The Workouts For Both Men And Women?

Body FX women workout

From what I’ve experienced, the workouts here are probably made with Women in mind. However, on the Body FX official website, I came across reviews of a man who’s also tried out the program. 

Also, there are men featured in some workout videos, and the creator of Body FX is a man too. So yes, men can also try this program out. 

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The Nutrition Guide Of Body FX

The Nutrition Guide of the Body FX program is a 47-page pdf document, and I have to say that it is a significant letdown. I, for the first time ever in a workout program, did not follow the included Nutrition Guide. 

The meals here don’t even seem appetizing at all. I came across one breakfast idea in the guide that I’ve never even heard of before. The breakfast contains eggs, broccoli and lentils along with olive oil. WHAT? Do these ingredients even go together in the first place?

Also, there are a lot of foods that are restricted too, such as carrots, beets, rice, salt, milk and cheese. 

From what I’ve experienced, this Body FX meal plan is the most tedious and useless diet plan I’ve come across in any workout program, period.

However, for you, it might be a different experience because of the fact that I’ve tried many workout programs; compared to those, this is a vague diet plan.

The App

women using phone

Body FX comes with an app too, and it is ok. However, it needs a bit of optimization. It’s clunky and even crashes most of the time. However, the good thing is that you can use the app to download the videos and watch them offline.

I was on my iPad, and for whatever reason, I wasn’t able to download the videos. I asked about this problem in the Forum, and there were just a few people having the same problem. So maybe it was just my iPad. 

Because of my issue with the app, I decided to switch back to my PC and stream the videos. Also, Instead of a phone, I recommend you to use a big screen. 

The reason is that the workout videos in Body FX are uncut, and due to their greater difficulty, you’ll want a larger screen to view them properly.

Anyways, For me, the app just felt bland. Other than using it for downloading the videos, there is no actual use for it. 

Also, there is no information on the particular exercise you’re about to do in the app. It would’ve been great if they had added some info like; how long will the workout take to complete, what equipment you’ll need, the difficulty level and little details similar to this would’ve made the app somewhat considerable.

But sadly, nothing of this is present.


Will I Need Any Equipment To Do The Workouts?

Figure 8 workouts require minimal equipment, precisely what you want from a home workout program. The only thing you might need is an exercise mat for the few sculpting exercises. Other than that, you’ll only need a screen to view the videos. 

JNL Fusion is where you’ll need some equipment such as a cordless jump rope, light dumbbells and a mat.

How Long Do The Workouts Take?

The workouts in Figure 8 take approximately 50 minutes, and the workouts in JNL Fusion take an average of 30 minutes. But there is one workout that takes 40 minutes to complete. The Ballistic Backside is that workout.

Will I Need A Big Space To Do The Workouts? 

The Figure 8 exercises require a larger space than you typically use for other workouts because you’ll be basically dancing and moving all over the place.

For the whole JNL Fusion workouts, a 5×5 space is more than enough. 

On Which Platforms Can I Stream The Workout Videos?

Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Firestick is where you can stream all the videos without any problems.

Is Body FX Worth Subscribing? (My Personal Experience)

not recommended tag

Now that you know everything about the Body FX program, here’s the reason why I don’t recommend it. 

First, the workouts in Body FX are extremely hard, and I’m pretty sure that a beginner would not be able to do this, Especially the Figure 8 workouts. Second, even Though the workouts were fun, they’re crammed with complex choreography and will push you to the limits.

Also, if you’re lacking in the dancing department, you’ll definitely struggle to keep up with Jaana and her crew during the workouts, which is precisely what happened to me.

My problem is not the difficulty of the workouts. Even if they’re tough, you can keep practising and get there eventually. Also, Jaana’s support while doing the workouts is excellent. She keeps encouraging me to keep going.

And by the way, just so you know, I did not want to lose weight, I just needed to maintain it and get toned up, and it probably helped in that way.

The problem for me is the variety of the workouts. At first, they felt very engaging and fun. But after a few sessions, they felt repetitive and boring. I Did not feel like coming back and doing the workouts because I’ve already done everything to the point where I’ve had enough.

This is not the case only for Figure 8 exercises. JNL Fusion is also the same. Workouts in JNL Fusion and Advanced are basically the same, but the difficulty levels in the Advanced are higher.

Other than the workouts, the next big problem is the diet plan. I already told you about the experience I had with it.

For me, at least, this is a big letdown. When it comes to a workout program, the diet plan and the exercises are the most important thing. But Body FX clearly fails to deliver that, in my opinion. So why should anyone try a program that fails even to get two of the most important things right?

Pros And Cons Of Body FX

These are some of the Pros and Cons that you need to know if you’re thinking of subscribing to Body FX.

  • Figure 8 one of a kind approach to workout programs.
  • The luxury of doing the exercises right at home.
  • Little to no equipment is required.
  • Workouts are fun.
  • Provides access to a great community.
  • Workouts might feel repetitive after some time. 
  • Customer service can be a hit or miss. 
  • Workouts are tough and have a steep learning curve.
  • Beginners can struggle. 
  • Not suitable for people with knee or back problems.
  • The app is unoptimized and clunky. 

My Alternative To Body FX

Noom has been my go-to program for over a year now, and this has changed my life. It taught me something new, literally the first minute I used it.

I’m more than happy to recommend this to anyone who’s looking to lose weight and shape up their body. Noom, Unlike any traditional diet, is a subscription-based app for mobile that can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The service’s primary goal is to encourage people to make behavioral changes in order to live healthier.

Noom combines human coaching, psychology, and science to empower people like me and you to get away from unwanted eating habits, stress eating, and more to take complete control and see the desired result.

In fact, a variety of studies suggest that their ideology works.

This is an entirely different way of thinking about your health because dieting does not lead to change; it’s learning! Plus, Noom gives you an entire toolbox of resources to make that change last.

Noom has over 45 million users worldwide, along with millions of 5-star reviews, and offers a seven-day free trial for you to join that ever-growing list.

Creating your custom plan is quick and easy, so click the link below to take your free Noom evaluation today.

Final Verdict

Alright, now you know everything about the Body FX program. 

It’s a good program for the short term, but I cannot say the same if you’re thinking of using it long term. But Body FX can be great if you’re not a fan of the traditional workouts, and it can feel very different if you’re doing it for the very first time. 

However, the less variety in the workouts, the nutrition guide and other downsides of the program makes it very hard to recommend. 

Also, Even Though this program provides some worthy content, I’ve heard that other subscription-based programs offer a TON more than this and are relatively cheap or at the same price as this.

Anyways, Noom is excellent. It has done nothing but good since the day I’ve been using it. And as I said before, it has been simply life-changing for me, and I’m very sure it can change yours too.

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