Body FX Review (2024 Updated) Does It Work As Advertised?

Body FX Review (2024 Updated) Does it Work as Advertised?

Last Updated on April, 2024

Body FX is one of the most known brands of the fitness industry. From supplements to fitness equipment, they sell everything. 

But, the most lucrative part of body fx is their enriched workout library. With over hundreds of high-quality videos, this is the most enriched online fitness solution available.

I followed this program for four months and I really saw better results. And, I lost 21 pounds and got back into my dream shape as well. 

So, is the body fx really worth it? 

In this body fx review, I’ll share everything about body fx from my personal experience. So, let’s get into it. 

Shall we? 

 Overall: 4.9/5
Meal & Workouts
Program Effectiveness
Affordable app subscriptions
Can stream on multiple devices
Monthly challenges to keep you motivated
All the workouts can be done from anywhere. No gym access required
Helpful e-coaching and online community
Program Benefits
Highly effective and help to lose weight faster
Delicious and easy to cook diet plans
Helps to get into better physical shape
100% beginner-friendly Program
Has workout calendar to track your progress

What is Body FX? 

body fx home page

Body FX is an online-based complete home workout program that includes a library of workouts, nutrition plans, workout calendars, daily email coaching, and access to a private Facebook community. 

There are multiple workout styles available. 

The best part is that people have lost up to 110 pounds after following their program. From newbie to professional, you’ll find workouts for everyone in their streaming workouts library. 

Body FX is a solely fitness-based platform. Besides physical fitness programs and diet programs, they also have a store where they sell workout essentials (like a yoga mat, supplements, resistance band, merchandise, etc.)

Who Are the Mentors of the Body Fx Program? 

Six fitness mentors have designed the entire body fx system. All of them are professionals and experts in their field. So, here are the mentors of the body fx program: 

John Abdo

Besides being a trainer, he’s also known as an Olympic trainer. He designed the 6-minute body for body dx. 

He is also a writer. The national hall of fame respected him for his brilliant contribution to the health and fitness industry. 

Jennifer Nicole Lee

She is a superwoman and a fitness trainer. She made the JNL Fusion series for body fx. 

She had lost around 70 pounds after the birth of her second child and still became MISS BIKINI AMERICA. 

She also has the tags of American Sexiest Fitness Mom, Best Celebrity Bikini Babes of 2011, and she is also known as one of the top three females in the fitness industry. 

Jaana Kunitz

she is a former Latin dancer, is one of the co-founder of body fx. Jaana made the Fusion 8 series for body fx. 

In her 25 years of dancing career, she has won many competitions and became a famous Latin dancer within the first few years of her career. 

Lloyd Dickenson

As a celebrity trainer and musician, Lloyd knows how to get into shape with rhythms. He created the rhythm fit for the body fx. He is mostly known for training celebrities.

Rachel Hall

Rachel Hall is a famous dancer and fitness trainer. She created the Ultraband for body fx. 

Her workout style is a combination of rhythms and resistance training. She is also a well-known certified personal trainer. 

Tsha Marie

The creator of DA YO, Tsha Marie is a famous YOGI (yoga expert) and professional dancer. She also works on mindfulness and relaxation. Her program DA YO helped Body FX to enter a completely new and unique fitness genre. 

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How Does the Body Fx Program Work? 

body fx official website

Basically, the body fx is an app-based workout program. Unlike other workout programs, this is different. 

Body FX is the Netflix of workouts. You’ll see a huge library of streaming workouts. You’ll find tutorials on HIIT, Yoga, basic workout, bodyweight training, weight training, pilates, and other fun workouts like dance fitness, challenge workout, and so on. 

There are workouts designed according to stages as well. Suppose you are a beginner; you can start with the beginner program. You’ll learn how to exercise from scratch. 

There are a series of intermediate and advanced workouts as well. 

You can choose a course based on your fitness goal. So, you have to follow the workout and email coaching every day. And for dieting, you have to follow their diet plan. With time, you’ll definitely see better results. 

Does Body FX Really Work? 

No doubt it does! 

An expert fitness coach has designed this complete program. This app’s workouts help you burn more calories and lose weight faster. 

The app provides

  • Diet programs will help you stick with a healthy diet plan every day. 
  • The email coaching will keep motivating you, and you’ll learn how to lose weight effectively. 
  • The workout series will help you with proper workout.
  • The workout calendar will help you to track your progress.

This way, the body fx program works. Thousands of people are losing weight with the help of this program (even you will too). 

What Does the Body Fx Program Include? 

Body FX Workout programs image

Body FX offers a variety of workouts and 200+ in-depth videos and everything in HD quality. With the subscription of Body FX, you’ll never get out of workouts!

After subscribing, you won’t be able to believe your eyes! Here is everything you’ll get after subscribing. 

Challenge Workouts

Though, this segment is not recommended for beginners. But, if you know all the basic exercises then you can try the challenge workouts. 

I just loved all those challenges. Sometimes, I found it difficult. But after completing the challenge, AH, the satisfaction level was unbeatable. 

There are also monthly challenges with a different community, e-coaching. Once you achieve a milestone, you’ll win amazing prizes like supplements, merchandise, or a sponsored trip to Miami. 

It really helped me to stay active with the program. If you are getting this program, make sure you try it! 

Clean Cuisine

In order to live a healthy life, having a healthy weight is essential. Clean cuisine is a series of UNLIMITED meal plans and recipes you can follow for the rest of your life. 

There are plenty of options so that you won’t get bored and it’s a huge advantage for people like me who hate to stick with a few meals for months! 

There are meals like overnight oats, healthy snacks, green machine shake, egg muffins, flat belly water, creamy tuna salad and so on. 

The best part is that all the meal plans come with recipes, and it’s superb and easy to cook. 

Basically, I hate to cook, but it never irritates me because it takes less time for real and all the meals are delicious!

Friendly Online Community

Have you ever been in a situation where you have faced such a problem, and you don’t have anyone to ask for help? Then you mail the authority and get an incomplete reply after 72 hours. 

I have been there, and I know how terrible it feels. It takes all the motivation and excitement in vain, and the next thing, you never follow that again! 

But, with Body FX, my experience was different. The program offers a private Facebook community where you can ask about any problem you have, and you’ll get an immediate response. 

Sometimes, I didn’t have to post my problem, I just searched it on the group, and there were plenty of threads regarding my problem. 

Also, other posts and expert replies really helped me to learn a lot about fitness. 

Daily Email Coaching

Daily email coaching is a great way to learn new things from the mentors and get personalized solution as well. 

Through daily email coaching, you’ll learn a lot about fitness, how to lose weight, and many other things every day. 

Then again, you can also mail them back describing your issue, and the mentor Jaana Kunitz will reply to you back. She even helps with personalized plans, tips, and guidance if needed. 

So, as long as you are a premium member, you can stay connected with the mentors. 

Figure 8 Basic

As you can already see, figure 8 is a series of workouts. The instructor Jaana Kunitz formed this exercise with her years of experience in Latin dance. It’s a really fun workout. 

However, figure 8 basic is more like a foundation course. In this course, you’ll learn all the basics for the more advanced section called figure 8 ultimate. 

It’s a combination of steady-state cardio and core workouts. 

In figure 8 basic, you’ll learn three core, signature moves, layering, rhythm toning, abs workout, dance drills, core workouts, upside and lower side body sculpt, stretch and flex, and one-on-one workouts. 

Figure 8 Ultimate

Once you have completed the basics (which will be done in a week), you’ll be promoted to this stage. Figure 8 ultimate is like a high-intensity workout. 

Here you’ll learn all the intense workouts, but you’ll enjoy every second of doing it, trust me! But, the ultimate guide has a tougher schedule than the basic one!

In figure 8, you’ll learn workouts like plyo, broadway body burn, and abs extreme. 

Figure 8 Pro

This is the advanced level of this series. Here everything gets tougher and hard to follow. But still, once you have completed the first two segments, the challenge will be more fun for you. 

In the figure 8 pro, you’ll have cardio, dance plyo, and dance max drills in high intensity. You will burn a lot of calories and fat in this segment. 

But don’t just jump into the pro skipping the other two series. This requires more energy. 

Figure 8 Express

Once you get into the figure 8 workout world, the possibilities are you’ll follow this for a long time. But the truth is, it takes time (at least 30 minutes). 

But, there will be days when you won’t have much time in hand. Considering this fact, Jaana Kunitz has launched the figure 8 express. It’s a short version of the figure 8 series that you can follow on your busiest days. 

The figure 8 express requires a maximum of 9 minutes from your busy day. But it’s still going to be as effective as other programs are. 

In figure 8 express, you can learn dance moves like samba, salsa, Paso, merengue, jive, bolero, and rumba. Besides, there will be videos on core and signature moves, warm-ups, abs training, cool-down, toning rhythms, and layering. 

6-Minute Body

6-Minute Body fx programs

Don’t have much time to workout every day? 

Don’t worry, John Abdo has your back! He introduced a series of workouts that takes only 6 minutes but offers faster weight loss, balanced hormones, and improved flexibility.

There are 6 minutes workouts for almost everything like abs, core, upper body, lower body, arms, back, legs, shoulders, chests, calves, biceps, butt, triceps, and thigh. You’ll find all these in 1-minute form. 

This is not the end. There are also 6-minute solutions for warm up, cool down, relaxation, faster calorie burn, and a six-pack. 

So, if you are in a rush, don’t worry! You can still follow your exercise! 

Jaana Rhythms

Jaana Rhythms is also a dance-based workout. This is also a fun workout. It combines disco, hip-hop, Latin, and belly dance. 

By following this program, you’ll lose weight while dancing. This will also lift your mood. 

This segment will have a disco, belly dance, hip hop, and Latin dance tutorial. You’ll also learn all the core moves, signature moves, layering, back view, and sculpt.

Jaana Rhythms Express 

As figure 8 expresses, this is also the short version of Jaana rhythms. This takes a maximum of 13 minutes from your busiest day without losing any efficiency. 

The workout series contains drills on belly dance, hip-hop, disco, Latin, sculpt, Paso, merengue, and samba. You will also find videos on core moves, signature moves, layering, warm-ups, and cool-down. 

So, if you have completed the Jaana Rhythm, make sure you check this out during your busy days. 

JNL Fusion Basic

Jennifer Nicole Lee, aka JNL, is the instructor of this program. She is a very important instructor in this program. JNL Fusion is a series of her workouts. 

The workout contains 30 seconds of strength training and 30 seconds of cardio. It helps you to achieve a fit, slim and sexy figure faster. 

This is the basic program. In this segment, you’ll have to follow basic moves, kiss my abs express, shoulder shredder, bicep builder, total upper body, lower body last, lean legs, TKO fat blast, fusion stretch, and crazy circuit cardio.

What makes this program unique is the 10-minute total body and the 14-day quick makeover. 

JNL Fusion Advanced

Once you have completed the basic segment, you can follow the JNL fusion advanced. This section is great for burning body fat faster. 

You’ll see more intense and difficult moves as it’s an advanced segment. So, I would highly recommend you finish the basic segment first. 

In this segment, you must follow workouts called kiss my abs (core strength and ab shredder), total body transformer, ballistic backside, speed, and agility. 

And there will be a special schedule to follow this workout. 


The Ultraband is a unique combination of resistance training and rhythm. The program focuses on strength training, and instead of weights, you’ll be using resistance bands. 

This workout is great for losing more fat and building lean and stronger muscles. 

In this segment, you’ll learn basics, ultimate upside body, lower side body core, and full body workout. Also, there’ll be a fitness guide too. 


da yo body fx programs

Da Yo is a combination of yoga, rhythms, and dance. Instead of regular yoga, it’s a unique combination that even burns more energy and fat than you can imagine. This program also promotes your mental health. 

In this program, you’ll learn the basics of yoga, breath meditation, moving meditation, flow basics and burn, stretch, flow burn, balance, sculpt, core, warrior flow, and core cardio.

How Much Does the Subscription Plan Cost?

Well, it costs the same as the standard NetFlix account, $15.99 a month. However, there is also a yearly package that costs around $134.99

So, you can pay on a monthly or yearly basis (according to your preference). 

The best thing is, you can claim a 30 days free trial, which is enough to determine if the program works or not! After that, you’ll be charged $15.99 each month, and it’ll automatically renew. 

If you don’t want to automatically renew, there is an option for disabling auto-renewal in your account settings. 

And, after the trial, if you are still unsatisfied, you can cancel the subscription with one click without paying a single cent. 

If you are just interested in a program, you can purchase that for a lifetime too. You can get any program within the price range of $27-$47. 

Or else, if you want to complete the bundle, that’s also possible. All their bundle offers come with all the ebooks, videos, and workout essentials. 

Here is the price and things you’ll get in their bundle packages: 

  • JNL Fusion System ($107): JNL basic and advanced in DVD and digital format, resistant band bundle, and corded jump rope (for cordless jump rope, you’ve to pay $5 more). 
  • Figure 8 System ($99): Figure 8 basic and unlimited in digital and DVD format and a resistant band bundle. 
  • 6-Minute Body ($76): Complete 6-minute body in digital and DVD format and a resistant band bundle. 

All these bundle packages come with a 60-day no-questions-asked moneyback guarantee. 


What Are the Body FX Workouts Based on?

exercising women

Well, it’s not exactly based on, but I found these two series are the app’s main attraction. 

However, these workouts are mainly based on dance moves. 

It’s a fun workout, and many people like it. But, if you don’t like to dance, there are still plenty of other options in the app. 

I am also someone who isn’t a big fan of dance workouts. But, once I learned how a dancer’s body is always on-point, I couldn’t wait to try it. 

So, here is my experience with these two programs.

Figure 8 Method

Figure 8 by Janana was the first program that I have tried. In the beginning, it was quite awkward for me to dance alone. But within a few days, I started liking it. 

To be very honest, it skyrocketed my mood. I dance, I make mistakes, I laugh. I am happy being me! But I must admit, the steep learning curve was tough. 

My deep observation shows that the program is completely based on Latin dance moves like salsa, jive, Paso, etc. 

And I have noticed a lot more similarities with dynamic core cardio training, which focuses on shortening or lengthening muscles to control movements. 

It’s an effective form of exercise. I have seen many athletes having this type of exercise in their cardio routines. 

This new form of exercise is great for firing up the core muscles and uses your body movements to keep you fit. 

However, this is a completely different workout. It’s fun and not like regular workouts. 

You can even try this when you are bored doing other workouts. 

You will enjoy it for sure!

JNL Fusion

JNL Fusion workouts were completely different from Figure 8. I must admit, these were really effective workouts. 

All the workouts are designed in a way that they’ll burn more calories and keep you fit. 

I really liked the combination of 30 seconds of cardio and 30 seconds of strength training. These are simple workouts you can do every day. It takes around 10 minutes to complete one. 

If today is your full body workout day,you can follow the 10-minute total body segment, and you are all set! 

Just like this, short but highly effective workouts are available for every body part. 

So, if you are into regular exercise and don’t have enough time, I think the JNL fusion is the perfect match for you. 

Are the Workouts for Both Men and Women

man and women exercising

So, here is a common confusion that almost everyone faces! And, it’s okay! 

When you see most of the workout videos made by women, you’ll think it’s for women. And, it’s true, many of their workout videos are made for women.

But, there are plenty of others for men too. 

For example, the 6-minute series by John Abdo! It’s a great program for men. Besides, men try all the programs of Body FX too. 

I have seen many other body fx members who are male following the JNL fusion, Fusion 8, and Jaana Rhythms in the Facebook group of Body FX. 

So, yes, males and females both can follow the body fx system workouts. 

The Nutrition Guide of Body FX

Besides the clean cuisine, you’ll also get a nutrition guide by body fx. These detailed nutritional guides will help you keep your nutrition plan in check. 

There’ll be a lot of educational content on what you should cut off, how to make your meal plan, the ideal time of having meals, and so on. 

Also, you’ll find meal ideas with the recipe, which are delicious and easy to cook. 

To be honest, I really liked their nutritional guide.

It helped me to plan my diet and the diet program helped me to get healthy meal ideas. Those were really easy to cook, delicious, and took less time. 

One thing that I absolutely loved about this guide is that it’s 100% beginner-friendly.

The App

women using phone

When it comes to apps for a physical fitness program, most of the apps are gross! 

That app crashes, charges you multiple times, has no option for disabling auto-renewing subscription, very few subscription payments method, and there are plenty of other complaints. 

But, I had a completely different experience with body fx home fitness. It’s been four months since I used the app, and my experience with body fx home fitness was smooth as butter. 

There were no lagging issues, no app crashes, and regular updates kept the app on point. And the interactive interface makes this app awesome for beginners. 

Besides, the app is for android and apple devices. The body fx workouts are also available for apple tv, google Chromecast, Roku, and amazon fire tv. It helps you to learn and exercise at the same time while watching on a big screen.

Also, you can use it on the web version and mobile app. You can also download the videos on your mobile device to watch them anywhere offline (no internet required).

Is Body FX Worth Subscribing? (My Personal Experience)

Yes, it is! In the last 4 months, I lost 21 lbs and feel a lot more confident and in a better mood. Here is why I highly recommend the program- 

  • Affordable app subscriptions. 
  • The workouts are fun. 
  • These are highly effective and help to lose weight faster. 
  • The diet plans are easy to cook and delicious too. 
  • It helped me to get into better physical shape. 
  • Available streaming on multiple devices. 
  • Monthly challenges to keep me motivated.
  • Helpful e-coaching and online community. 

So, yes! I would highly recommend the Body FX program. 

Pros and Cons of Body FX

Lastly, if you are still confused about whether you should get the subscription or not, please go through the pros and cons; it’ll help you to make a decision faster. 


200+ contents from famous fitness model and coach
Affordable app subscriptions plan
Free Trial Period
Detailed nutritional guides and diet program
All the workouts can be done from anywhere. No gym access required
Apps available for all devices (including TVs)


Figure 8 pro has complex choreography.
Some workout require equipment like light dumbbells and resistance bands.

Final Words 

The body fx is a complete solution. With a variety of workouts, meal plan and affordable pricing, this is a great option. 

I would highly recommend this to everyone who’s looking for a one-stop fitness solution. Also, the body fx comes with a free trial period. 

So, I would highly recommend you to try the free trial and see how it works for you! 


Best for men & women
Body FX
Meal & Workouts




Overall Score


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200+ contents from famous fitness model and coach
Affordable app subscriptions plan
Free Trial Period
Detailed nutritional guides and diet program
All the workouts can be done from anywhere. No gym access required
Apps available for all devices (including TVs)
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of April
Figure 8 pro has complex choreography.
Some workout require equipment like light dumbbells and resistance bands.

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