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7 Delicious Metabolism Boosting Recipes to Lose Weight

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Last Updated on Eat as you want and still lose weight! Well, it’s true! There are many mouthwatering dishes out there that can help you lose weight while eating. Also, a few ingredients can make your food more delicious and helps you with losing a few more pounds. In this article, I will share everything … Read more

17 Best Foods That Boost Your Metabolism Fast + More Tips

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Last Updated on All of us have that one friend who can eat ANYTHING and NEVER gain a single pound. You know who I’m talking about- the one who’s been blessed with a fast metabolism. But if your inherent slow metabolism has been holding you back from achieving the body weight you’ve always wanted, I’m … Read more

How to Gain Weight With a Fast Metabolism? Secret Revealed

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Last Updated on Being underweight is super demotivating, and it lowers your self-esteem. On the other hand, it has deadly side effects.  Then again, being underweight with a fast metabolism is more like a curse! Whatever you do, you won’t gain weight. The same thing happened to me. Despite eating and taking enough rest, I … Read more

Dual Efficient Metabolism Diet Plan: What Should You Eat?

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Last Updated on Dual efficient metabolism, aka mesomorph, is the rarest metabolic type. People with dual efficient dual metabolism have both blessing and curse.  Curse: Weight gain faster  Blessing: Weight loss faster Now, how can you lose weight faster?  Which diet plan will help you stay at your ideal body weight?  In this article, I … Read more

Metabolic Confusion Diet Plans For Endomorphs: Full Menu

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Last Updated on Do you gain weight faster instead of losing? If yes, possibilities are you have an endomorph body type.  Many think endomorphs cannot lose weight which isn’t true! Following metabolic confusion strategically can help you to lose weight.  In this article, I will share everything about metabolic confusion for endomorphs you should know … Read more

14 Day Lemon Water Diet Review: What Is It & Does It Work?

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Last Updated on The lemon water diet is one of the most underrated challenges that really works!  It’s super flexible and can be followed with any diet plan as well. Also, the benefits of lemon are huge. From removing toxins to prevent CANCER to weight loss, lemon works for everything! That’s why I decided to … Read more

Metabolic Typing Diet: Does Eating According to The Unique Metabolic Type Promote Weight Loss?

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Last Updated on Metabolic Typing Diets is a diet that’s kinda different from most other diets. The concept of this Diet is based on Metabolism. According to its creators, your Metabolism is unique to you. The whole idea is, know your unique metabolic type and eat accordingly. According to the creators’ claims, which boosts your … Read more