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Welcome to Workout Lunatic, this is your home for Workout, Fitness and Safe Supplement Guides.

Who We Are

We here at Workout Lunatic, thrive to provide you with the best information about workout and fitness regimes, safe supplement guides, everything health related that’ll help you to live a happy and healthy life. 

Our team is full of fitness enthusiasts with vast experience and knows what’s right and will work when it comes to tough life changing decisions, and will help you have the better versions of yourselves. 

Here at Workout Lunatic our main Goal is to provide you with healthier living options and every information we provide is from experts who know what you might be struggling with and know what’s right for you. 

The priority here is to put the readers first, this allows us to improve that little bit more, the content we produce is thoroughly researched, tested and has been backed up with experts’ opinions, this is so important to us because we deal with people’s health and we should be absolutely sure on what we’re producing. 

We also provide the latest most up to date information on everything that we put on this website. 

If your goal is to stay healthy in a way that fits your lifestyle then Workout Lunatic is the right place for you. 

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Workout Lunatic Executive Board (Team)

Linda Walter

Linda Walter

Co-Founder and Editor

Linda is a fitness trainer and a health coach and has over 10 years of coaching experience under her belt. She has helped over thousands of people to achieve their fitness goals and helped thousands of women to shed excess weight and get into shape with her personalized workout and diet plans.

Linda’s main goal is to help people live a healthier life even after passing their prime.

Email: [email protected]

Michael Elgin


Michael is a former fitness coach and a nutritionist, he has helped over hundred clients to achieve their diet goals through his stellar nutrition guide.

His main priority is to not force his clients to do this and that, instead he creates a custom plan that’ll fit your lifestyle.

He is also a soccer coach for a local school in Newark and while he is free, he spends his time researching for new meal plans and visits the gym.

Email: [email protected]

Our Marketing Team

Amy Lane

Marketing Director

Amy with her decade old experience knows exactly what will be perfect and what the people are looking for while spending time at the gym/fitness facility.

She is also a dancer and teaches Zumba dance at her place every week and posts tips about Zumba Dancing on social media platforms everyday.

Email: [email protected]

Calvin Waldron

Social Media Manager

Calvin spends most of his day either on Twitter or Instagram tweeting and responding to DM’s almost all the time.

He trains 4-6 days a week and plays Basketball whenever he’s got time, also he never gives up on his food, to be exact he’s a foodaholic, his main goal is to try out the best restaurants throughout the country while he can.

Email: [email protected]

Cindy Dye

Content Editor

Cindy is a Vlogger and has her own channel on Youtube that she started in 2016.

She became a Vegan a few years ago due to personal reasons and she’s continued it ever since.
Cindy is also a part-time runner and has taken part in many marathon competitions.

Email: [email protected]


Elizabeth Bailey

Our main workout Author and professional coach for a gym (AFPA Certified)

Liza in 2013 had her worst time of her life where she gained 159lbs in a matter of months due to excessive eating habits. 

From then on she started hitting the GYM and getting help from professional fitness coaches and today she’s perfect as she’ll ever be.

After getting back to her normal life she decided to help others who are struggling like she did and from then on she became a Fitness coach and nutritionist to help everyone live a happy and healthy life, she’s also a Coach for a GYM in New Rochelle.

Email: [email protected]

Rosalia Johanson

Main writer (NASM certified)

Rosa is a Personal Trainer and Health Coach with years of experience.

Rosa’s main goal is to help people get a clear idea about what misinformation and hype regarding health and fitness really is, this has been her aim for the 10years.

Not only that, she’s appetite to help people live an energetic and healthy life is second to none, Rosa is also a great fan of finding various natural paths to healing and wellness.

Email: [email protected]

And Also, “This website contains user-generated content.” We bring other expertise to publish useful content.

Sheila Christiansen


Sheila is an experienced content specialist and a health and fitness enthusiast. She’s always trying out new online-based dieting programs, supplements, and exercises so that she can provide the customers with every info they need without allowing them to get robbed.

Joselin also thrives to provide her readers with the most up-to-date information. Because of this, she makes sure that she makes additional research before actually starting the content piece.  All that she wants with her content is to help people embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Email: [email protected]

And Also, “This website contains user-generated content.” We bring other expertise to publish useful content.

From The Mouth’s of Our Readers(Testimonials)

“Your product reviews are so great and your approach to reviewing the products is something else. I’ve seen some great sites similar to yours and you’re right up there with the best! Great Content KEEP IT UP.”​


“I landed on your page to check out the Katy Hearn Challenge Reviews and I was extremely surprised how information on that seasonal challenge were, the review had everything I came for, TYSM!”

Our Philosophy & Mission

As I said Before Our Goal is to provide our readers with Top-Notch content with information that is understandable and easy for our valuable readers to read regarding everything fitness and health related, and the most important priority of ours is to make the decisions you take easier. 

Workout Lunatic: Your #1 Resource to Fitness, Workouts, Supplements & More

“We would love to hear from you guys. Every feedback you leave is much appreciated”

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