5 Day Apple Diet Plan For Weight Loss: Are They Really Good?

5 Day Apple Diet Plan for Weight Loss: Are They Really Good?

Last Updated on July, 2024

An apple a day keeps the doctor away” we all have heard this in our childhood. Our parents, teachers (literally everyone) told us to have apples more often.

To be very honest, I was never a big fan of apples.

But when I got to know about the 5 day apple diet plan and found out, I could lose up to 11 pounds within 5 days. I couldn’t hold myself from trying it.

With tons of research and my personal experience, you will learn everything about the apple diet in this article.

So, keep reading to discover if it is worth a try or not! 

What is An Apple Diet Plan?

The Apple diet plan is a type of weight loss diet plan with an apple with every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks). Ideally, we should eat 3-7 apples a day while following this diet. 


Well, don’t be!

Basically, it’s a 3-7 day based diet plan (mostly known as the 5 day apple diet plan).

In this program, you will have mostly apples, and for some meals, you can have:

  • Veggies
  • Fruits
  • Meat (like chicken breast pieces)
  • Dairy
  • Fish

Along with apples.

While following this diet plan, you can consume up to 1200 calories a day (low calorie diet).

It’s one of the most effective diet plans to lose weight faster (within 5 days!!).

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Does the Apple Diet Really Work?

Girl Eating an Apple

Surprisingly, yes! The Apple diet works!

It’s a popular diet plan for losing weight faster or switching to a healthy diet.

As you can see, this is a very low calorie diet that creates a calorie deficit in your body. Because of low calorie intake, your body starts burning fat, whereas apples tie up the fat molecules and end up preventing fat absorption. (1)

I have seen people losing up to 9 pounds, whereas losing 3-4 pounds after following this diet seems normal. 

Can You Lose Weight By Only Eating Apples?

You see, apples are full of good nutrients and high-fibre and bioactive compounds. Apple has enormous health benefits. (2)

When you eat apples, your body gets

  • good high dietary fibre (weight-loss-friendly)
  • Friendly bacteria in the gut (balances weight)
  • Filling as it’s a watery fruit (reduces food craving and appetite)
  • Very few calories (a large apple may have up to 130 calories whereas a small may have 78 calories)

Considering all these facts, Yes, only apples can help you lose weight quickly.

However, the only problem is, the result isn’t sustainable in the long run.

How Does the Apple Diet Work?

Apple Diet

As you already know, the apple diet plan works! The core element behind this diet plan’s effectiveness is:

  • Low calorie diet plan
  • Having apples with every meal
  • Plenty of water and light exercises

As you will have a lesser calorie intake than your body needs, you will get into starvation mode. This is when it will start melting stored stubborn body fat.

Because of having apples, the dietary fiber bound fat molecules. And, instead of fat absorption, the fiber forces to release the fat.

How Do Drinking Water And Exercise Help?

Like all other diet plans, if you exercise and drink plenty of water, you will burn calories and see better results faster. 

Things You Should Know About Apple Diet Work

Do Apples Promote Weight Loss?

As I have said earlier, having apples may help weight loss.

However, if you want to see better results, I highly recommend following calorie restrictions, exercising, and drinking plenty of water.

And, if you don’t follow any restrictions, don’t count your daily calorie intake, then you may gain weight as well (due to the healthy carbohydrates). 

Check how apples help you lose weight & get healthy:

How Many Apples Should You Consume to Lose Weight Fast? 

The main problem with this 5 day apple diet plan is no prior study.

According to a survey on two groups of women,

  • Group A was on 3 apples everyday
  • Group B was on oat cookies every day.

In between those two groups, group “A” saw 2.68 lbs weight loss, whereas group “B” saw a weight loss of 1.94 lbs after 3 months.

Based on this, many people think having 3 apples a day can really help lose weight. However, there is no scientific evidence on it.

I have seen people having 3-7 apples a day while following the apple diet in my research.

What Happens if You Eat Apples Every day? 

Well, if you want to try it for once, the apple diet is a good option.

But if you are making it your lifestyle, it won’t be a healthy way to lose weight. (3)

Overeating apple may cause you-

  • Digestive issues like bloating and constipation
  • Blood sugar fluctuations
  • Lowers insulin sensitivity
  • May gain body weight
  • Damage your teeth

Also, there is a controversy that the fruitarian diet took the life of Steve Jobs.

While doing his biopic, Ashton followed his diet for a few days and landed in the hospital.

However, I am not discouraging you from eating apples every day; just stay within the limit. Don’t let an apple cost your life. 

How Much Weight Can You Lose With This Apple Diet?

Well, there is no fixed amount. It entirely depends on your metabolism and body type.

Many people have seen a weight loss of 6 lbs while following a 5 day apple diet plan. Then again, some people have seen 4 lbs lost in 3 days. 

Also, some people have seen massive weight loss of 11.02 pounds within 5 days only.

So, as you can see, the result varies from person to person. 

Variety of Apple Diet Plans People Follow? 

The apple diet is not a certified or complete proof diet program and that’s why there is no detailed guide available.

Some like to take a complete fruitarian diet, whereas some add a few proteins and good fats like low fat milk, yoghourt, etc.

However, people mostly follow:

  • 3-day apple diet
  • 5 day apple diet
  • 7-day apple diet

In between, the 5 day apple diet plan is the most common one. 

How Can You Follow an Apple Diet? 

Girl Eating an Apple

Following the apple diet isn’t as strict as it seems.Please make sure you have apples with every meal while following calorie restrictions.

For example, if you want to take the apple diet for 3 days, you can have: 


Breakfast – 2 medium-sized apple

Lunch – 1 apple

Dinner – 3 small or 2 large-sized apple

Day- 2

Breakfast – 1 large apple with low fat yogurt

Lunch –  1 apple and greens salad with fresh vegetable juices

Dinner – Whole grain bread, baked salmon, and fresh fruit juice

Day- 3

Breakfast – 1 apple with boiled egg and whole grain bread with skim milk

Lunch – Avocado salad with low fat yogurt

Dinner – Baked fish, leafy green salad with fresh fruit juices

If you desire snacks, consider having a small apple as it’s the ideal healthy snack.

For 3 days, you can follow a meal plan like this.

If you are looking for the 5 day apple diet plan, scroll down and read my experience. 

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Things You Should Consider Before Starting the Apple Diet

Apple Diet Plan

Well, there are a few things you should keep in mind/go through before beginning the apple diet. It’s essential if you don’t want to pass out or face any health condition

  • If you have any health condition, if you are under medication, or suspect a health issue, consider consulting with a physician before starting
  • Stay away from this program if you are a pregnant, breastfeeding mother or have serious medical issues (like liver, kidney, or heart problems)
  • Have plenty of water, stay hydrated while following the apple diet
  • Get proper sleep
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Exercise regularly (like weight training, cardio, etc.)
  • Avoid processed foods, packaged fruit juices and stick with healthy meals
  • Use olive oil or rice bran oil only for cooking

So, if you want to lose weight with this diet plan, consider these things.

Is Eating Apples Everyday Good For Your Digestive System? 

Well, Yes! Eating an apple every day is suitable for your digestive system. (4)

Apple contains insoluble fibres (the fibre that doesn’t absorb water) that help food move quickly towards the digestive system). 

Is the Apple Diet Effective?

Apple Diet for weight loss

You see, the Apple diet is a very low calorie diet. In this period, you are only allowed to have healthy foods.

For the shorter run, the apple diet is effective, no doubt!

But, the problem is, once you step out from this diet, you will gain weight (that you have lost) faster.

So, if you are looking for long-term results, it’s not effective at all.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Diet Plan 

Like all other diet plans, the apple diet has advantages and disadvantages. So, here are the following:


Full of fibre, multivitamins, and essential minerals (like vitamin C)
Detoxify your body
It gives your body essential fibres
Great if you want to start a healthy lifestyle
Shows weight loss faster
Burns fat faster
Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol level


You will regain more quickly once you stop following this diet
You may feel disturbed and experience mood swings more often
You may feel weak because of low calorie intake
Less protein and good fat intake
You may experience gastric hyperacidity
Not preferable for blood sugar or diabetic patients (as apple has too much natural sugar)

What Do Others Say About the Apple Diet Plan? 

While researching, I found mixed responses from the users.

Well, no doubt, whether it’s 1 lb or 11 lbs, everyone loses with this diet.

However, once you stop following this diet and get back to your regular diet, you will regain the weight within no time. That’s the biggest downside.

Also, some people have said that they felt pretty tired and sleepy while following this diet. 

My Personal Experience With the Apple Diet

Out of curiosity, I tried this apple diet, and I wanted to see whether it works for me or not.

After doing deep research, I gathered all the necessary information and decided to try the 5 day apple diet.

As I had no eating disorders or stomach and sugar-related problems, I prepared my meal plan for the morning the next day.

Before starting, my weight was 89.2 lbs.

While preparing the plan:

  • Always count the calorie of each meal
  • Don’t go over 1200 for one day
  • Try to have one apple before major meals (it’ll help you to eat less)
  • Add nutritious fruits (like citrus fruits)
  • Stick with healthy oils (like olive oil)

So, here is the meal plan I followed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner:

Day- 1

Breakfast– 1 apple (large)

Lunch– 2 apples (medium)

Dinner– 2 apples (large)

Day- 2

Breakfast – whole grain brand with boiled egg, 1 apple (small)

Lunch– 1 apple, green leafy veggies salad, fresh fruit juice

Dinner– baked fish and fresh apple juice

Day- 3

Breakfast: whole grain bread, scrambled egg with a cup of green tea

Lunch– 1 apple, 1 bowl vegetable clear soup post-lunch: fresh tender coconut water

Dinner- leafy green salad with home-made light salad dressing and 1 big apple


Breakfast- 1 apple, one bowl of oatmeal, 1 cup low fat milk

Lunch– 1 apple, chicken breast, grilled vegetable, and fresh vegetable juice

Dinner– Baked Salmon with brown rice and 1 big apple


Breakfast– 2 apples, 1 cup of skim meal

Lunch– 1 apple and greens salad with half a beetroot and fresh fruit juices

Dinner- 2 apples and low fat yogurt

So, this was the meal plan I followed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Besides this, I also did the HIIT workout for 25 minutes for 3 days.

How Was the Result? 

After 5 days, when I checked my weight, It was 82.6 lbs.

So, Yes! I lost 6.6 pounds within 5 days, and I was pretty satisfied with the result.

However, on the 2nd day of the diet, I was 87.9 lbs; that’s when I realised this diet would really help me with losing weight faster.

Should You Follow This Exact Meal Plan? 

If you want, you can follow this food plan. However, it’s not mandatory.

You can also add other healthy foods like fish, peanut butter, tofu, and other nutritious fruits. 

Do I Recommend it? 

If you just want to lose some, wait for a while, then go for it.

However, if you are looking for something long-lasting, DON’T follow it!


After 5 days, I was pretty satisfied with the result, and I shifted to my regular diet. I didn’t eat extra, and there was nothing like overeating or sleeping all day long.

Still, after 5 days, I gained 6.9 pounds more! 0.3 pounds more than the previous!

Also, during all these 5 days, I felt exhausted and experienced headaches and dizziness.

So, yes! If you want something long-lasting, this isn’t the right program you should follow. 

The Best Alternative of Apple Diet Plan: Metabolic Cooking 

Metabolic Cooking Cookbook

After regaining weight again, I was pretty sad, and I didn’t want to get into something like this ever again.

While looking around, I found metabolic cooking. Metabolic cooking is a diet cooking guide with over 250 delicious recipes that helps you to lose weight faster.

Also, the program is 65% off, and it’s super affordable. I purchased it and started following it. I must say, most of the meals were super easy to cook and delicious as well. 

All the ingredients promote weight loss. Also, the grocery list is beneficial. 

Surprisingly, in the last 10 days, I lost around 3.3 pounds.

I highly recommend metabolic cooking to people who want to lose weight and enjoy sustainable results.

Final Verdict on the Apple Diet Plan

The Apple diet is quite popular because of its effectiveness and faster results. Many people follow this diet program to hack into a healthy lifestyle.

Then again, if you only rely on apples, don’t follow calorie restriction, and exercise regularly, then you may end up gaining weight.

Also, the weight you lose will regain soon once you stop following this diet.

So, if you are looking for sustainable results and want to build healthy habits, then a program like Metabolic cooking will be the best solution for you. 


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