310 Nutrition Shake Review (2024 Upd.) Legit Or Just A Scam?

310 Nutrition Shake Review (2024 Upd.) Legit or Just a Scam?

Last Updated on June, 2024

A meal replacement supplement is a drink that helps lose weight and provides many essential nutrients. Not only do they support weight loss, but meal replacement shakes also offer essential amino acids, many essential vitamins, and minerals. 

Thanks to their rising popularity, many brands have started manufacturing meal replacements. This is a good thing for consumers since they get more and more options. One such option, in particular, that’s quite popular is the 310 shake.

310 Nutrition is known for its various health benefits and great health supplements. But, what exactly makes them good? If you’re looking to find out more about 310 shakes, continue reading to check out our detailed 310 Meal Replacement Shakes Review based on personal experience.

What is 310 Nutrition?

Before getting into detail about their meal replacement products, it’s important to know more about the brand. That said, 310 Nutrition has been around back since 2012, founded by CEO Tim Sharif. They’ve been growing bigger and bigger ever since then.

At first, it started as a small project. The founders created a single bag of vanilla shakes with just some ingredients and formulators.

This led to the inspiration to make more and better shakes to help others with weight management, fitness, and leading a healthier lifestyle.

310 meal replacement shake

Now, they’re one of the biggest names in the health and nutrition industry, with over a million products sold as of now. Their main selling point is none other than the 310 meal replacement shakes they offer, which you can learn more about below.

310 meal replacement shake
310 Nutrition
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Everything You Should Know About the 310 Shake

Now that you’re familiar with the brand’s beginnings, let’s move on to their meal replacement shakes. That said, here’s everything you need to know about a 310 shake before choosing to buy:

Nutritional Value

310 shakes are loaded with natural ingredients, making them quite healthy and especially good for weight loss and other fitness-related purposes. All of the ingredients in the formula combined offer 110 calories per serving

In each of these servings, you’ll also find 15 grams of protein along with only 7g of total carbs, out of which 5 grams is dietary fiber.

There’s no sugar in the mix, and you’ll find only 2g total fats. It’s got potassium, iron, and other micronutrients too.

Variety in Flavors

One of the biggest selling points of 310 shakes is that they’ve got all the options you could ask for when it comes to flavors. There are 15 flavors available for their organic meal replacement shake on their official website. This is more than enough for anyone to find what they like.

All of the official flavors listed on the site are chocolate, peppermint swirl, gingerbread, toasted coconut, chocolate icing, vanilla cake, salted caramel, horchata, pumpkin spice, s’mores, vanilla, chocolate mint, cookies & cream, mocha, and unflavored.

They all have a unique taste to them and taste delicious. There are 310 shake bundles available in official stores that let you purchase different flavors to try each one out at a low price. If you’re interested in trying out the variety for yourself, these packs are a good way to go about it.

310 Shake Ingredients

Since you know more about the flavors and nutrition, the next question on your mind might be about where they come from in the first place. That said, 310 shakes are loaded with different ingredients, which give them their charm. Here they are, as listed exactly on the product:

“310 Tri-Plex Blend™ (Organic Pea Protein Isolate, Organic Brown Rice Protein Concentrate, Organic Pumpkin Protein), 310 Organic Fiber Superfood Blend (FiberSMART® Organic Soluble Tapioca Fiber, Organic Alfalfa Powder, Organic Apple Powder, Organic Beet Root Powder, Organic Broccoli Powder, Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder, Organic Chlorella Powder, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Spinach Powder, Organic Spirulina Powder, and Organic Turmeric Powder), Organic Coconut Creamer (Organic coconut oil, organic rice syrup solids, organic pea protein, contains 2% or less of each of the following: sodium citrate, tricalcium phosphate, organic sunflower lecithin), Organic Flavors, Non-GMO Ticaloid® Ultrasmooth Powder (Guar Gum, Gum Acacia, and Xanthan Gum), Himalayan Pink Salt, Stevia, Monk Fruit Extract. Contains: Tree nut (Coconut).”

some Ingredients

The whole formula revolves around ingredients that promote weight loss and healthy eating. Pea, pumpkin, brown rice protein, all these are plant-based proteins, and keep the shake vegan. They’re also great sources of iron and help with weight loss and muscle growth.

Using stevia to replace sugar is also a great move since it’s sweeter but much safer at the same time. It’s great for blood sugar levels and reduces calorie intake

But, on the other hand, there’s also xanthan gum in the mix, which can be harmful if consumed too often.

On top of the xanthan gum, there’s coconut in the mixture too. While this is generally healthy and has many benefits, some people might be allergic to it.

This makes 310 shakes unsafe for those allergic to tree nuts. There’s also no whey protein isolate, which might disappoint some.

310 Shake Prices

Now that you know all the important details about the 310 shake and what it has to offer, the last most important thing is to know what price it’s available at. That said, there are a few different options, which means that the price can vary entirely. 

Generally speaking, these shakes are available in two packs on the official website. One of these packs offers 14 servings, while the other offers 28. The former costs $39.99 while the latter costs $69.99, making it a cheaper option in terms of value for money.

Considering this, you only have to pay $2.49/$2.85 per serving, depending on which one you get. That’s quite a low price. These prices can go down to $29.99 for the 14 serving pack or $52.49 for the 28 serving pack if you get a subscription on the 310 site.

If you intend to make 310 shakes your main option and wish to order them regularly, we recommend that you get the subscription. That way, it’s much more affordable in the long run and comes with other various benefits as well, costing you less while giving you more.

310 meal replacement shake
310 Nutrition
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Our Experience With 310 Meal Replacement Shakes

310 Shake in a glass

You know some of the most important details about 310 shakes now. But, there are still a few things left to cover, which come down to personal experience with the 310 shake. That said, here’s some more info on what these things are and what we feel about them

Taste and Texture

One important detail which depends on your taste buds is the taste of a meal replacement shake. Nobody wants to drink something gross often, do they? That’s why meal replacement shakes must taste great because you’re meant to drink them regularly.

That said, in our experience, 310 shakes taste good. We’ve tried many different flavors out and loved most of them. They all have a sweet taste thanks to the stevia and have a pleasant feel. As we said earlier, they have a little something for everyone to enjoy.

For example, if you have a sweet tooth and want something that feels like dessert, most of their flavors will do fine. Our personal favorite for this is chocolate mint or s’mores. But, if you’re into something less sweet, salted caramel and the plain unflavoured variant have a great taste too.

As for the texture, that’s a completely different story. Most people like their meal replacement shakes to be creamy and thick, but that’s where a 310 shake might let you down. They’re quite thin and have a watery feel, which is understandable given the low calorie and fats.

If you’re looking for a thinner drink with various flavors, 310 meal replacement shakes are one of the best options for you.

Those looking for something creamier might have to add extra ingredients, though, or look for other options entirely.

Convenience and Ease of Use

One thing we loved about a 310 shake is just how easy it is to work with. There’s no need for blenders or anything else. 

They’re convenient meal replacements that are truly versatile, and you can easily take them around with you. You don’t even need a blender to prepare them properly.

Just put a scoop of the powder in a blender, and then mix a liquid of your choice with it thoroughly. That alone will be enough to prepare a 310 shake easily, meaning you need water and some of the powdered meal replacement with you.

We found it easy to clean too. Since the texture is a little watery, not thick and creamy, it doesn’t stick to your bottle. You’ll be able to easily rinse any container clean once you’re done drinking the shake. 

If you have experience with stubborn meal replacement shake stains as we do, you know just how nice this is.

How Filling is a 310 Shake?

It would be best to remember that a meal replacement shake should be quite filling. For example, if they’re supposed to help you lose weight, they should make it so that you aren’t hungry often. Only then can they help you with a weight loss program and fitness goals.

This is where our experience with 310 shakes went a little downhill. If you haven’t already guessed this when we talked about the texture and nutritional value, then let us make it clear that these shakes aren’t the most filling. 

Whenever we drank them, we felt hungry again after 2-2½ hours at most. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad, though. But, it does mean that they’re much more fitting as a partial meal replacement than a complete meal replacement.

310 meal replacement shake and powder in a spoon

If you’re looking for meal replacements that’ll fill you up for a long time, you’re going to have to add extra ingredients into the mixture or look for other meal replacement products. Otherwise, a 310 shake might leave you feeling hungry after just a little while.

310 Shake Side Effects

After trying out a 310 shake, we didn’t feel as if there were any problems. It felt completely fine and pleasant without issues arising later on. Even after trying them out daily for a while, nothing was out of the ordinary or harmful.

Thanks to all of the organic ingredients, lack of harmful fats, sugars, or carbs, and healthy protein, 310 meal replacement shakes are quite safe. They lack most allergens, too, since they’re soy-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

As mentioned in the ingredients list, they do contain coconuts, though. Anyone with an allergy to coconuts or tree nuts, in general, should steer clear of the meal replacement since it’ll be unsafe for them to consume.

To cut the story short, we had no problems from a health perspective regarding 310 shakes. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be the same for everyone. While the ingredients are safe for most, we strongly recommend that those with tree nut allergies steer clear of this shake.

Are 310 Shakes Safe and Healthy?

310 meal replacement shake in a table

Speaking of our experience, our next main topic to discuss is just how healthy a 310 shake is for anyone looking to try it. As you can see above, we had no issues with them whatsoever. But are they generally safe for others?

First, just because a shake is completely organic and natural doesn’t automatically make it healthy. There can be some ingredients that cause more problems than even artificial ones. 310 shakes aren’t like that, though. They’re quite safe in nearly all aspects.

They lack most major allergies, such as dairy, soy, gluten, and more. The shake’s healthy blend of ingredients makes it a good option for most people. But, it does include artificial sweeteners, namely xanthan gum.

It also lacks some important micronutrients and includes one major allergen in the form of tree nuts (coconut). If you’re allergic to this, it immediately makes 310 shakes unfit for you, which can be quite disappointing because there are so many things the shake does well.

So, as we’ve covered already, a 310 shake is healthy for most, including us. It has many nutrients and is especially great for weight loss. It has low net carbs and even a very low-fat value. There’s no sugar in it at all either. It’s also vegan and lacks gluten.

But, those that have problems with artificial sweeteners or those allergic to tree nuts will have to look for other meal replacement shakes instead. The final verdict is that 310 shakes are a great and healthy option that shouldn’t cause any issues except for a few people.

What We Like About 310 Shakes?

Since it’s a review based on our personal experience, we feel it’s important that we specifically go through some of the things we loved most about the 310 shakes. That said, here’s a brief rundown of each of these things so you know how a 310 meal replacement can help you too:

Organic and Safe Ingredients: One of the most likable things about 310 shakes is its list of ingredients. There are a lot of organic and plant-based goods which make it a very healthy vegan meal replacement shake.

Protein Intake: While the lack of whey protein is a little disappointing, it has many other healthy sources of protein and is great for building muscles and weight loss because of this. Its nutritional value makes it suitable enough for it to act as a protein powder supplement. (1)

It’s Ideal for Weight Loss: One of the things that anyone would love about these shakes is that they’re exceptional as diet drinks. There are only 110 calories per serving with a very low amount of fat and carbs. You don’t have to worry about bulking up while drinking these as they’re excellent for losing weight.

Variety in Flavors: Another thing that we found great was just about many flavors are available for 310 shakes. There’s no need to worry about getting tired of the same taste. There are 15 flavors to choose from, and each one is delicious in its way, meaning you’ll never get tired.

It’s Paleo and Keto Friendly: Thanks to the set of natural and organic ingredients inside of these meal replacements and their exact nutritional value, 310 shakes are completely paleo-friendly and keto-friendly. Anyone on these diets can drink them without worry.

Light On Your Wallet: Whether you have a subscription on their website or not, 310 shakes are by no means expensive. They’re quite affordable. With under $3 a serving or even less, it’s a great option for those on a tight budget looking to get a trustable meal replacement shake.

What Don’t We Like?

Now that we’ve talked about some of the things we loved the most during our time with the 310 shakes, it’s only fair that we also discuss some things we weren’t huge fans of. 

That said, here’s a rundown similar to the one above regarding the things we dislike about these shakes:

They Aren’t That Filling: To us, it came as a huge disappointment that a 310 meal replacement isn’t very filling.

Nearly everything else about the supplement is great. But, the fact that you feel hungry so soon after drinking one serving was a letdown for us.

310 meal replacement shake on the table

Not That Many Nutrients: One thing that came to mind while working with this shake is that the nutrients are very low. While it’s generally a great shake for weight loss, it’s not good enough for those that want something to replace full meals.

Thin Texture: This might not be a huge problem for some people, but we’re huge fans of creamy textures. Since a 310 shake will usually have a runny, watery texture, it’s something that we didn’t like while trying the supplement out.

What Do Others Think About the 310 Shake?

If you’re tired of what we have to say and want some others’ opinion on the matter too, you can find all you need below. Here are some general customer reviews we’ve found for 310 shakes from people that tried them once or drink them regularly: 

Here’s a happy customer who has had a satisfying overall experience with a 310 shake.

310 Shake user review 1

As mentioned, price isn’t an issue with these shakes and here’s a happy customer indicating that.

310 Shake user review 2

Here’s a customer who has had a relatively bad experience.

310 Shake Alternatives

ample meal shake
Garden of Life Raw Organic Meals on the floor

There’s no doubt that these shakes are pretty good, but there’s also no doubt that there are some better options out there as well. If you’ve gone through all the things that we and others have had to say but don’t like what the 310 shake has to offer, there’s no need to worry.

You’ll find many other great options out there, such as Ample and Garden of Life. If you’re worried about how filling the shake is, artificial ingredients, exceptional taste, texture, and allergens, then Ample is a great choice. It’s also available in vegan and keto-friendly variations.

If you want something more filling with organic ingredients, flavor variety, creamier texture, more nutrition, and other benefits, then the Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal Replacement Shake is a good option for you too. Either of these has many benefits, and millions love them.


If you’re looking for a nice meal replacement shake that can fill you up for a couple of hours at a very affordable price, there’s no need to look any further than 310 meal replacement shakes. They’re cheap in terms of price but premium in quality while offering many benefits.

You’ve gone through our detailed review and know what we think about 310 shakes. Now, it’s up to you to decide what you think about 310 meal replacements yourself and then decide whether or not they’re worth purchasing.

Regardless of whether you choose 310 shakes or one of the alternatives we mentioned, you’ll be more than satisfied if you keep our words in mind.

310 Nutrition
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These shakes aren’t the most filling

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